2017 World Series: Game 6 live blog

A few years ago, you thought we’d be talking about Jarred Cosart, Mike Foltynewicz, Jason Castro, Jonathan Singleton or maybe even Max Stassi, Dexter Fowler or Josh Fields when the Astros’ next World Series rolled around.

Back in 2014, though, no one would have predicted — not even Sports Illustrated — that we’d be kicking around names like Alex Bregman, Justin Verlander, Brian McCann or Yuli Gurriel as heros in a 2017 World Series. To be sure, everyone knew Jose Altuve, George Springer, Dallas Keuchel and Carlos Correa would be part of the nucleus, but the formation of this team has been one of the great stories of MLB history.

How many players have come through the system who had “core” written on their locker, but now toil for other teams or not at all? The all-time roster is replete with either failures, disappointments or bridges to 2017.

Is there a particular player you just knew would be part of the inner core who is no longer with the team?

Verlander is one acquisition that few saw coming. Some wanted Sonny Gray this summer. Many just lost it when Jeff Luhnow couldn’t pick up Jose Quintana. Others thought Yu Darvish might be here. Some called for a strong addition to the bullpen that never came.

But here we are in Game 7. Yes, yes. I realize that technically it’s Game 6 of the 2017 World Series, but virtually every game has had the drama of a winner-take-all Game 7.

Most every pitcher with the possible exception of Dallas Keuchel will be available tonight. Keuchel would undoubtedly get a start in a possible real Game 7 Wednesday.

But for now, there is one game tonight. For all the marbles, at least for the Astros. Couple of questions to help get you started.

  • Which one player who didn’t work out, was traded or released since 2011 or so would you just absolutely love to have on this team?
  • Which player were you most wrong on? In other words, you just knew they would be a bust (and weren’t) or you knew they would be greatness and failed?
  • Who will be the hero the rest of the way, either tonight or tomorrow night?
  • Set us up for tonight. Where will you watch? Who will be watching with you? What snacks and beverages do you have at the ready?
  • Make your prediction now for tonight. And for the series.

FYI, we’ve had visitors from these countries during the month of October: St. Kitts, South Africa, Antiqua and Barbuda, the UK, Bermuda, Netherlands, Barbados, Ireland, Canada, Bhutan, Taiwan, Germany, Costa Rica, China, Venezuela, Switzerland and other nations.


80 comments on “2017 World Series: Game 6 live blog

  1. I’d sure like to have Martinez back. Thought it was a mistake to let him get away.
    I never expected Peacock shine like he has.
    I couldn’t begin to predict a hero.
    I’m watching alone, at least for a while. Hubby is parked in the garage
    greeting the trick-or-treat’ers.
    I’m nervous now so I can’t eat. All I have for later is alka seltzer.
    I reserve the right to stay silent. Don’t want to jinx anything.

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  2. They made Verlander work in the second in between a hump back single from Puig that fooled Springer. Fooled me too – it looked harder hit. JV at 30 pitches.


  3. You leave *8* guys on…..the most IMPORTANT game of your life???????????
    You have no idea how bat s**t crazy I am right now. I have no idea what they expect to do tomorrow, but I can tell you I’m glad my name isn’t A.J. Hinch.
    Do you just shout down at the your bullpen and scream “cain’t anybody play this game”??? There is not ONE guy in that bullpen I trust right now. NOT ONE! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


  4. We came into the series as underdogs. I never liked the idea of anyone talking like Verlander was our only hope, especially coming from the Dodgers.
    I still think the Astros have the team to win it in seven. We can do this. We are playing with a chipalatta on our shoulder! All night long I listened to the announcers pulling for the Dodgers and screaming when they scored runs. I hope the Astros put that to bed tomorrow.


  5. Roberts was smart pulling Rich Hill outta there when he did. Verlander did his part. A key hit or two out of Reddick would’ve definitely helped. Man I wish JV didn’t have trouble in he 6th.

    One thing to our advantage is that Jansen is spent.

    We’re going to find out what this young team is made if. I smell a championship!


  6. I believe that Maybin or Fisher should start ahead of Reddick. He just can’t seem to get out of his funk. Bull Pen did it’s job and the HR Musgrove gave up was a fastball away. Jerkwad Peterson just was able to get a bat on it. I don’t particularly like his “hotdogging” it all around the base pads. Looks like something Carlos Gomez would do.
    If the bats show up tomorrow, we’ll be celebrating a WS Championship. You can’t have as many chances that we had and not score so let’s go get them tomorrow. Biggest game in the career for LMJ.


  7. I have a novel idea…….why in the hell can’t this team play small ball??????????
    Why can’t they bunt? Why* WON’T* they bunt? I don’t get it. Playing NL ball and you don’t have that extra bat in your lineup…..you have to adjust! I’m sorry. I’m just so dang angry that our guys went to sleep in the MOST IMPORTANT game of their lives tonight. Yes, they get another chance tomorrow…..but the momentum has now swung the Dodgers way. They are starting Darvish, we are starting McCullers, who losses focus and starts walking people. Do you remember game 3???? They HAD their chance tonight with Verlander on the mound….and they went to sleep. *THIS* was the Astros year, not next year…..*THIS* year. Goodnight.


    • Becky, this is not directed at you, but just wanted to give my explanation as to why no “small ball.” I was going to comment earlier when Chip asked the same question.

      In the AL this year – Chicago had 35 sacrifice bunts to lead the league. Red Sox had only 9. In the NL, the Rockies had 62 and the Phillies 21. Astros had only 11 successful bunts all year.

      It is a big advantage in the playoffs for the “best” team in the NL. In NL home park, the NL team plays their normal team, and the AL team has to sit someone as DH and the pitcher bats. In the AL team home park, the AL team plays its normal team and the NL team swaps their pitcher for another bat.

      As an example only, but with McCann on 3rd and Verlander batting, the best play is for JV to strike out. If he bunts, unless it is perfect, he will probably ground into a double play.

      In 13 years, JV has 10 sacrifice bunts. In 10 years, Kershaw has 89. He had 18 in one of those years. Just an example.


  8. I’m sure I’m not going to say anything that hasn’t already been said here since game 6 was over but here goes nothing.
    What a game Justin Verlander threw for us last night. He wasn’t perfect but he gave us a fighters chance late in the game. Just like in game 2 of this series he made a couple of mistake pitches and the Dodgers made him pay.
    I’m disappointed as heck just like all of us are especially considering we squandered what I believe was our best chance ever of winning the World Series. Now that being said here is some faith that I have in this team. We worked so incredibly hard to win that crazy game 5 on Sunday night/Monday morning. That gave us a chance to have 2 opportunities to win one game.
    We are where we are the most comfortable right now. We are the underdog. I for one always like being the underdog because no one expects us to win. Listening to all the commentators after the game say that the Dodgers are going to win has to fuel our guys even more.
    I know we cannot expect Darvish to struggle like he did in game 3 but early runs would be super! LMJ will have to pitch the greatest game of his life tonight.
    Regardless of what happens we are relevant on the 1st of November and playing in the last MLB game of the year so that’s a compliment to how well this team has played all year. All the pressure is on the Dodgers because no one besides the Astros and their fans believes the Astros will win.

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