World Series 2017: Game 7 live blog

Well, here it is. The game for all the marbles. The last game of the major league baseball season. The game that makes you gasp. The game that causes your heart to miss a beat. The game A.J. Hinch can’t miss on. The game that could define a generation of Astros’ teams. The game, well, you get it.

It’s an important game! Beyond important.

Lance McCullers Jr. will get the call to throw the first pitch, but you know he won’t throw the last and there could be a dozen guys on the hill tonight in Dodger Stadium.

It was enough that the Astros got to the World Series in 2005. It isn’t enough in 2017. Houston, we need a win! Houston, we need that trophy! Houston, we must have that banner!

And to know a little about World Series Game 7s? No problem, check it out here.

Need a little background on McCullers? Got that too!

Wondering about how that Sports Illustrated prediction came to be? It’s right here.

And, worry not, SI is standing by its prediction. Today’s update is here.

MLB has compiled a list of 5 questions (and answers) that will impact Game 7. Check ’em out.

The Astros’ season is replete with heros. George Springer. Jose Altuve. Carlos Correa. Dallas Keuchel. Justin Verlander. Gotta love what Marwin Gonzalez, Brian McCann, Yuli Gurriel and that Alex Bregman guy have done though.

Regardless of the outcome tonight (or tomorrow morning), the off-season starts on Thursday. Houston will face a different set of questions then, but you can know that many of those questions will be carry-overs from the pit stops, detours and deficiencies that have been discovered — or at least exposed and exploited — during the playoffs and World Series.

But tonight’s the night! An explosive and incredible season ends tonight

You may never walk this way again, so enoy the game. Sound off often! Geaux Streauxs!


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