Houston Astros: 9 statistical oddities from 2017

After a great season like the Astros had in 2017, it is fun to look back at statistical oddities, because so many of them are on the positive side.

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2017 Rule 5 may be a ho-hummer for the Astros

Major League Baseball will hold its annual Rule 5 draft this Thursday and unlike other years this one may be a ho-ho-hummer for the Houston Astros. Without getting too detailed here – the Rule 5 draft allows a minor league player to be picked by another major league club, if they have spent either four or five years in the minors, depending on their age when they were drafted. The kicker is that the drafting club has to keep the player drafted on the 25 man major league roster for the full season or offer them back to the original club at half the $50,000 they paid for the player’s rights.

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