Encore? Winning one more would be encore enough

For everyone involved with this wonderfully insane World Series (Brought to you by You Tube Live and My Tube Dead), it feels like that the next win could not possibly overshadow what has come before.

Game 2 and it’s 7-6 eleven-inning see-saw was the greatest win in Astros history and one of the greatest games in World Series, until it was eclipsed four days later by the game of the century as the Astros came back three times (twice against the best pitcher in baseball not named Justin Verlander), lost a ninth inning three run lead and then won it in walk off fashion, 13-12.

So what could there be for an encore? Circus performers? Bigfoot in “person”? Jimmy Hoffa comes out of the witness protection program? The grassy knoll gunman revealed?

I suggested at work that the Astros would win game six 87-86 in fifty-four innings.

But perhaps it would be simpler and more healthy for the denizens of Houston if Mr. Verlander goes out there and dominates and his team that scored 13 runs in seven innings puts this Dodger team down like a sickly dog. Wouldn’t it be great to see one of those 2 1/2 hour 5-0 games. No red eyes (unless you want them). No heart attacks watching the bullpen meltdown. Just a good old fashioned whacking by a great team.

That is the kind of encore my doctor and I would prefer.


34 comments on “Encore? Winning one more would be encore enough

  1. Indeed Dilly Dilly to the room of pain for the Dodgers.
    Well its going to be 64 not a 104 so the balls will not carry tonight. I think JV is spectacular we win 4-2 and LMJ close the 9th. All hands on deck tonight expect Giles, Gregerson, Liriano,

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  2. My hunch is that Hinch will ride Verlander hard and put him away wet. In other words, I suspect that Lirian, Gregerson and Giles will be bypassed altogether. If the Dodgers do get to Verlander, it will be interesting to see what decisions Hinch makes.


  3. I suspect that if Verlander comes out with a lead – we may well be seeing McCullers coming in behind him. If he goes out with us trailing – not sure what we are talking about then.
    It is hard to say who the new “closer” is or who in the bullpen they trust. Devo spit the beat last game and was shaky in Game 2 but held on. Giles looked like he would rather throw up than throw a pitch. Gregerson got his out, but he is a home run waiting to happen. Harris had one good outing followed by one shaky. Peacock gutted his way through but has lost the feel for the slider. McHugh may or may not be available this quick after pitching. Liriano is scary and rusty. I assume Morton is held back for Game 7. Keuchel?
    So is McCullers (who might be the best future closer on the team) the present closer?


    • Obviously a game 7 becomes all hands on deck, but I think that big decision is who would be held back to start the game. If they’re planning Morton for the role, then you probably tell LMJ be ready to close it out tonight. If they think LMJ is going to start, then the closer situation gets murky.

      I like both LMJ and Morton because they’re curve guys…and the issue reported with baseballs is that the slickness is preventing the pitchers from getting enough spin using sliders. After seeing mostly fastballs and changeups so far, the heavy use of curves may be the right change of pace.


  4. Verlander alone controls our destiny from the mound anyway. And I think he’s completely comfortable with that. He’s got a nice cool night. Give him some runs to work with. Let him go until he says he’s done. We should play game 6 like it’s game 7.

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  5. After I said I’m glad I am not Hinch – I thought – well maybe he gets paid enough that I wish I were Hinch. Apparently, just like with Bo Porter, the terms of his contract are a secret – can’t find it anywhere. They adjusted his contract after the 2015 playoff run, but to what – can’t find it though a secret source (who is no doubt under indictment by Robert Mueller) said the contract runs through 2018.
    Anybody else know anything about his contract other than it is likely to get torn up this off-season?


  6. The way I see it, tonight has to be the night. It’s Verlander, period. His whole life has been building to this moment. May he be backed up by flying bats, and not because it’s Halloween. May every soul on that team play smart and sharp and shine. I’m looking for the words and right now I cannot find them.

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  7. Also, I think its time for Hinch to sit Reddick. As much as I like his defense and grit, Josh has consistently shown that he cant control his emotions when the games are huge. And the club is running low on Gatorade/water coolers in the dugout.

    11 Ks and a ton of GIDPs limits his value.

    Maybin is valuable coming off the bench to pinch-run, but sense that he’ll be more valuable as a starter tonight. He seems to be a little more clutch than Reddick.

    Ref: http://www.espn.com/mlb/player/stats/_/id/30195/josh-reddick


    • Follow your logic but just when you think they’e lost it they find themselves in a big way. I think Reddick just wants to win and is probably trying too hard. As Altuve told the infield after getting down 4-0, “hey guys lets just have some fun”. Regardless, lets hope we can put them away tonight.


      • Hinch has strongly stuck with his position players (e.g. Springer etc) just like Larry Dierker would stick with a starting pitcher. He didn’t remove Springer from the leadoff role when it seemed logical and fans/media were screaming for that move. Don’t expect him to remove Reddick or juggle the lineup any differently than he has. That’s just my two and a half cents.


  8. I found the source of the “Giles is being benched…” story — it was Bill Shaikin of the LA Times.

    Thing is, he was quoting Hinch on Game 5. Thus, the above-referenced ESPN article took Shaikin’s copy out of context.

    What would you do with a lead in the 9th if Verlander is spent??


  9. Houston is leading the Dodgers 3-2 and have an ace pitching for them. I wouldn’t want or expect Hinch to change things after a magnificent season. Reddick is the Astros RFer. One player slumping out of nine is not that unusual and Reddick is the kind of player who can have a three hit night when he comes out of a slump. Play your best players and Reddick has been one of our good players all year.
    Go Astros!

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  10. I’m sooo nervous I can’t stop eating the Halloween candy I bought for the kids! I’m chomping a big piece of bubble gum….put me in coach!
    Seriously I’m a nervous wreck😨

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  11. I’m not nervous I’m just numb. Less than two months till Christmas and we’re still playing baseball. The Astros with a chance to win the World Series. It just seems surreal.
    As Diane said, A.J. got us here so in him I trust to get the job done.


  12. I think the most logical move is to consider Morton for closer tonight, hold back McCullers for a potential Game 7 start with McHugh backing him up. McHugh was rusty Sunday but he has the composure and the curve to have some success. If we have a 3+ run lead then I would consider McCullers but if closer than that and he blows it then he’s not available for tomorrow’s start. I think Charlie could do the job.


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