Astros’ lineups: A work in progress for 2014


Bo Porter has his opening day lineup. Unless the trend changes from recent seasons, it will be the first of many this year.

The important thing is that some of the changes and modifications coming this year would seem to be obvious. Timing should be the only question.

And, if you believe Jeff Luhnow, the trade deadline won’t involve shipping away players like Chad Qualls, Dexter Fowler or others to stock up the minor league systems.

While some lineup positions may be more stable this season — for example, Fowler should handle leadoff most of the time as opposed to the 2013 revolving door (8 different players) — Porter may still find himself experimenting with platoons and younger replacements from Oklahoma City (we can always hope).

So, today’s exercise is to do some experimenting of our own. First, Bo’s lineup for Tuesday’s opener:

And Porter’s rotation to start the season: Scott Feldman, Brett Oberholtzer, Jarred Cosart, Lucas Harrell, Dallas Keuchel.

The last couple of Aprils have been busy for the Astros, primarily due to injuries. But elbow, back or freak injuries aside, this Astros’ roster and lineup will be due frequent updates — even upgrades — throughout the year.

For example, Houston plays 28 games in April and will hit the one-third point of the season on May 16. By that time this could be one lineup that Bo turns in when the Astros host the Rangers in mid-May.

And, by the end of May at least, Porter’s rotation may have evolved into: Cosart, Feldman, Oberholtzer, Keuchel, Michael Foltynewicz.

And, an optimistic approach might propose this lineup by the All Star break:

  • Fowler CF.
  • Grossman LF.
  • Springer RF.
  • Castro DH.
  • Jonathan Singleton 1B.
  • Max Stassi C.
  • Dominguez 3B.
  • Altuve 2B.
  • Trade acuisition¬†SS.

And, a rotation of: Cosart, Feldman, Oberholtzer, Foltynewicz, Alex White/Asher Wojciechowski.

Of course, this is all speculation, though¬†it’s not far-fetched, illogical, unreasonable wild imagination.

  • Do you like Bo’s start-of-the-season lineup?
  • What’s your lineup for the one-third marker?
  • Take a swing at the rotation: Who’s likely to have the staying power and what will it look like come the All Star break?
  • Which one of the up-and-coming players (with no MLB experience) could be game-changers in 2014?

One for daveb: Let the Bo Porter discussion begin


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It is difficult to judge managers when they do not have a lot to work with and the lot they do have is filled with inexperience. At the end, Brad Mills had diddly squat on the squad; Bo Porter in 2013 had double secret probation diddly squat jr. to manage.

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