Astros 2019: You have one wish

You’ve lived and died with your Astros over the years. In many cases that fanaticism covers many seasons. The Astros have just finished two years of some of their most successful baseball. They’ve won the whole enchilada. They’ve won more than 100 games two seasons in a row. They set a club record for wins in a season. After winning it all they made the ALCS before bowing out against the odds-on favorite to win it all – the Boston Red Sox.

It has been an awesome ride, but as the organization turns towards the offseason — and the changes required heading into 2019 — the fans do, also. So, here is your assignment for today. Other than wishing for a team result like a World Series win, what is the one individual wish you have for the team before or during 2019?

Here are some choices, but you are welcome to a wish of your own:

Again, you have one wish. What would it be?


139 comments on “Astros 2019: You have one wish

  1. Oh, forgot to mention the fact Roberts is prob gone once BoSox win the WS. Pls do quickly so Hot Stove season can get underway. Terrible WS without Astros, Cubs and they want to pay what’s his name $300 mil+, REALLY!!!


  2. Just watch Bregman with the MLB guys. I like him even more after that. He predicted RedSox 5-3. He says that batters need to concentrate more on putting the ball in play than trying to hit it out. Words from the wise.

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  3. Speaking about Roberts don’t you folks remember when that happened last year, and Rich Hill got so angry he threw his glove in anger??


    • Just listened to the explanation about Rich Hill, Roberts, and last night. The explanation makes less sense that what actually happened. I think Rich Hill remembers if no one else does.


  4. Can you imagine what it will be like to have the other team celebrate on your field *2* years in a row! Man….talk about salt in your wound. Yeah, Astrocolt45 it looks like Roberts will packing his bags after this game is over. Ya know,I wouldn’t mind having him for a side kick on the bench if our bench coach leaves…which he might. Let the trades begin!!!


  5. The 2018 baseball season has ended. The 2019 baseball season has started. Let the games begin. First things first. Five days to make up minds about free agents.
    Dan, I have a suggestion for a topic sometime:
    The Core Four-What it was at the end of 2015, what is it now and what does that tell us about the future?

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  6. Yep, now that the 2018 Baseball season has been over for a long, long, long, long time, let’s get started on 2019. Who is on the 40 man? Who is out there for Rule 5? Who are FA’s? Who gets a QO?


  7. Old pro – when you say Core Four are you saying the top four players for that season or the top four moving forward from that season (long term)


  8. $350 million?
    Some people think Bryce Harper might sign a deal like this.
    Bryce Harper was #46 in WAR amongst all position players in 2018 at 3.5.
    Two years ago his WAR was 3.0 and in 2014 it was 1.6. These stats are from Fangraphs. How does a guy who is reputed to be one of the best players in baseball have 3 down years out of the last five?
    Jose Altuve had more WAR this year on one leg than Bryce Harper did.


    • Harper is so tough to judge – but what it comes down to is a lot of people think he is the NL version of Mike Trout and in his best seasons you could argue he is – similarly coming up at 19 years old, rookie of the year, etc.
      But Trout has been tremendous and even improving over the last 5 seasons in a lineup that is not that good and Harper has been up and down (though his down is still pretty good)

      The other hand to Harper is this – looking at his “down” 2018

      Harper – 103 runs / 34 HRs / 100 RBIs / .249 BA / .393 OBP / .889 OPS
      Bregman – 105 runs / 31 HRs / 103 RBIs / .286 BA / .394 OBP / .926 OPS

      So the guy is talented, very talented – and he will get a big contract because he just turned 26 two weeks ago (very few players this good make it to FA at this age). But he is not a $350 million guy.

      If he is $350 million guy – Trout should become part owner of a club????

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      • Fangraphs has Bregman at 7.6 war because he was a much better hitter, a much better baserunner and a much better fielder. They rate Harper as a terrible outfielder this season and he is still only 26. Was he not trying? What is that going to look like in four years?
        Again, Fangraphs has 45 players who were more productive than Harper, including several on his own team.


      • Don’t get me wrong op – I would much much rather have Bregman than Harper – he is younger, under control for longer, a terrific fielder at a tougher, more important position and he has one of the best batting eyes I have seen.
        I’m just saying that Harper is not chopped liver – maybe he is feeling the pressure of being the guy who is supposed to be carrying an under performing team (which Trout has been doing for a number of years).


      • For some reason Harper does not impress me all that much. I’ve watched on You Tube videos of him having meltdowns, etc. He may get big bucks but I sure wouldn’t pay it. My others comments will wait for Dan’s post.

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    • Harper had an abysmal first half. Here are the splits:
      .214 / .365 / .468 with a .226 BABip over 94 games
      .300 / .400 / .538 with a .378 BABip over 65 games

      He led the NL in walks with 130. He was not hitting very well in the first half, was trying to force everything and chasing bad pitches, yet no one would pitch to him for the entire season. Also, Washington under performed the entire season. However, the real discussion should be about his health. He gets hurt far too often. I’d be shocked to see him sign with an NL team simply because the AL affords the luxury of giving him nights off but keeping the bat in the lineup.


  9. I’m actually glad the Red Sox won. They were clearly the superior team on paper and proved it on the field. I feel really good about JD Martinez, Mookie Betts, Steve Pearce, David Price, Nathan Eovaldi, Joe Kelly and even Alex Cora getting rings. I’m also pleased that the 2017 Astros and 2018 Red Sox philosophy of offense prevailed against the “True Outcome” philosophy of New York and Los Angeles. Putting the ball in play is so much better than going for the immediate gratification home run.
    I think this is going to be an interesting offseason for free agents especially. I’m not sure that the conventional wisdom that Machado, Harper, Kershaw and to a lesser extent Keuchel are in for big paydays. Perhaps a team with money and aspirations like the Phillies makes sense but as OP mentioned above Harper may be more hype than substance and Machado showed his selfish lazy style in the playoffs. He did showcase some things but not the right things. As great as Kershaw has been he -like Keuchel- is on the decline. He might get more years if he opts out of his contract but I doubt he gets more money.
    I hope the Astros don’t pursue anyone of consequence in FA. I would prefer they sink their $$$ into our own homegrown talent. I love Marwin and what he can bring to the table but Yuli could fill his role in the infield at second third and first and when and if Correa goes down again Bregman can slide to SS and we’re not going to miss much if anything except his superior defensive abilities at 3B. I saw enough of Straw to believe he’s a Jake in the making but with a bat. I’ll be sorely disappointed if White doesn’t shine at DH but I’m a little fearful that he might get complacent over the winter with Gattis almost surely gone and the job almost his by default.
    As for the core four, we already have Jose wrapped up but beyond Bregman there are questions. Until this season Correa would have been a no brainer but his fragility and lousy approach raised red flags for me. Springer is the intriguing one and since 2019 is his last before free agency his case is more urgent. His impact on the team in the clubhouse should not be dismissed. I often wonder what kind of numbers he would post if he applied his postseason approach to the entire regular season. I think my fourth core guy would be Cole. A relatively young durable top of the rotation guy is a precious commodity. Could James or Whitley evolve into that role? Seems risky to count on it.
    And one final thought; I think the Astros and Red Sox have demonstrated the clear superiority of American League baseball. Pitchers have to be tougher in the AL and I am so over all of the gnashing of teeth over the lost strategy choices resulting from inept pitchers having to hit. The AL was clearly the superior league last year and this year and I see that trend continuing.

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    • I really liked Pearce and Cora when they were with Houston. I liked them a lot less when we faced them this year, but am glad to see them both do well. It’s a shame we couldn’t have found a way to keep both.

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