Happy Thanksgiving Astros’ fans, friends and family

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.” ~~Melody Beattie.

Hello friends and family. I trust you’re having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

Indeed, there is much to be grateful and thankful for this year. But the bigger picture is learning to be grateful and thankful as a way of life. Year-round. In your circumstances. As we get older, I have learned that we mellow and the important things become more clear. The clutter and inconsequential things simply begin to fall away.

We have many things to be grateful for in 2017. Just to share a few things with you and hopefully, you’ll return the favor.

I lost my dad this summer, but his legacy will live on. During a memorial service a few months ago, it was obvious he had an impact on countless lives. I was privileged to conduct the funeral and charged his many friends and family members to pick up his mantle.

My mom and dad were married for 64 years. She is 82 and still does Facebook and texts regularly. You may have a hard time keeping up with her, so we’re very blessed!

I won’t be blessed to be married for 64 years unfortunately, by I did ask the love of my life to spend the rest of our lives together recently. Elizabeth and I plan to be married next Easter weekend. She is a blessing to me and, I am happy to say that I am more me today than I have been in 50 years!

My three boys — #mythreesons — and daughter-in-law are spending Thanksgiving together with my mom and others in Natchitoches, the same home we built — with my dad — back in 1972. Those three guys — Josh (and his wife Kristina), Jason and Destin — continually make me a #prouddad. I am truly blessed beyond belief.

Elizabeth, Josh, Kristina and I are cooking lunch today and we’ll spend the afternoon watching football, sharing stories. Then, tonight, we’ll take out the cards on the big table for that favorite family game of Shanghai. Never heard of it? Google it, you may like it!

Yes, I am grateful for an Astros’ World Series win! More on that later!

Today, would love to know where you are, what you are eating and how you are spending the day.

Remember, despite the world that seems to be falling apart at times, although many around you would rather criticize, spread negativity or find fault…today, take a moment to be grateful for the little things.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!


44 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving Astros’ fans, friends and family

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Chip and to all that visit this fine forum. Chip, I got a graduate degree from NSU in 1972 when you and your parents built your home. I love Natchitoches. I live in Georgia now with my wife of 35 years. W e have two children who are grown. They were both born in Alexandria while I was teaching at LSUA. W e are home today with Sheila (my wife) preparing a large meal.
    As many of the participants here, I have been following the Astros since their birth. I saw them play in the old minor league stadium before the Astrodome was finished (I was in the ninth grade). What a joy this season was.

    I don’t write in very much, but I never miss reading the posts that you and Dan do. There are many regular participants here that know a lot about baseball and the Astros. I basically get my Astro news here, thanks to you, Dan, Old Pro, Mr. Bill, Kevin, Sarge etc.

    Once again, Happy Thanksgiving.

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you Chip and to all our friends on the blog.
    Wow, Chip a big year for you – I’m thankful to you for creating and continuing this place of repose.
    Found it fun to click on that link above the comments which tied back to the Thanksgiving right after the three 100 loss seasons.
    The Astros list is a lot different today than it was back then, but my personal thankful list is quite a bit the same. I am still thankful that I live in the greatest land the world has ever known, despite its flaws and internal disputes. I am thankful that the family came through fine during Harvey and I’m thankful that I live in a place that reaches out to help those who did not do so well. I am thankful to have a job when so many do not, and I pray for those who are struggling. I am thankful that I did get to see the Astros finally make it to the promised land and think of all those loyal fans like my dad who did not make it this far. I am thankful that I have fellow fanatics who care so deeply about this team, deeply enough to lay their thoughts and hearts out on the line year round.
    This year my mother-in-law passed away, but her passing helped me find healing with my own mother. We celebrated Thanksgiving with her last weekend.
    Today we have two of four sons here for a wonderful lunch dinner (another son lives in Australia with his wife, but is close to our hearts and the fourth son, our oldest we will see next weekend with his wife and our grand daughter). My wife Mary’s father will join us for lunch today for his first Thanksgiving without his wife in 63 years. He can’t stay up late, but he had the discipline to get up the morning after the 7th game win and avoid all game summaries, take his shower and then watch the Astros finally win a championship. Of course he did have two championships from his younger days up north – the 1955 Dodgers and the 1969 Mets.
    So, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving wherever you may be.

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  3. Happy Tday again all My Chipsters, congrats Chip. I’m thankful everyday I get up and still have my parents, My awesome wife, and our great kids and new Grand daughter. Since no would could make it to Colorado this year, my wife and I are helping at the community dinner here, we will feed about 2700 of our friends and neighbors! Go Stros!

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  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all World Series Champs fans everywhere on Earth.

    To Karen back there in Louisiana, I send my best. You and I exchanged emails over a period of months several years ago. I enjoyed and benefited from them immensely. You were so kind. With all my heart, I hope you are doing well this holiday.

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  5. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and congratulations Chip. May you and Elizabeth enjoy many more thanksgivings together.
    I’m thankful for a lot of things. My country, my family and friends, my health
    my Astros championship and I’m forever greatful to Chip for creating this blog
    Where the best of Astros fans are. And Dan, with a busy life but who always finds the time to give us something new to think about. I start my day each morning with a cup of coffee and this blog. We’ve been together through the darkest days of this team and the brightest. I cherish each and every one of you.

    We will be having dinner this evening as a family. My favorite holiday.

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    • I just wanted to add how crushed I was when Chip told us he was leaving the sports section of that un- named newspaper that we all used to visit.
      I told him I understood but would miss him terribly. He told me not to worry because he had a surprise for us.
      It was the best surprise ever and I really, really appreciate the hard work that he and Dan put forth for us.
      Thanks again Guys.

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  6. I extend my best wishes for a day of Thanksgiving to my friends here on Chipallatta! Everyday, I open the website and peruse the musings of the sages here. I do not comment myself, everyday, but I do enjoy the fact that there are Astro fanatics just as proud of their home team as I am. Peace, happiness, and good appetites!

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  7. Mrs. 1op will cook all day and we eat late. Our oldest daughter and her family are here and she helps cook. It is a very traditional turkey dinner with dishes from both sides of the family included.
    Our youngest son is here with his son and we hunted together for the first time ever this morning.
    My son-in-law got his first buck ever yesterday and we are so proud of him, as he just started hunting last fall.
    Another son has his entire family in the woods at their deer camp and our other daughter is having Thanksgiving dinner at her in-laws, out of town.
    All of us are in Oklahoma for this holiday for the first time ever. I never thought that would happen.
    I am thankful for our peace and hopeful for peace for all.
    I am thankful that I was alive to be a World Chapionship Fan.
    I am thankful for all the gifts we receive from God.
    I am thankful for all of you and especially for Becky’s health and I wish all of you a great holiday, wherever you are and whomever you can share it with.
    I wish that all of you are so blessed that tomorrow you can stay home with your family, too, and not need to go out into the mire.

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  8. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am currently listening to 790 am replay game 7 from the World Series!! I cooked and my boys are cleaning up! Our youngest son (34) still lives in Houston, and today is his VERY favorite food of all time, so I cooked all the usual Turkey and sides. I’m so glad you have found this wonderful woman to grow old with Chip, you need to give her a kiss on the cheek for all of us, for making you so happy❤
    Today I am thankful for:
    Doctors who know how to treat cancer….especially my doctor Dr. Khory!
    My family are all healthy.
    My husband who has walked this walk with me when I was lost.
    My brother Van who was my big brother for 69yrs. I loved him so much.
    My sister Jenny who holds my hand when I cry.We are all that’s left of our family.
    My beloved friends on this blog, who have stopped so many, many times and prayed for me. My Lord heard you, and so did I.
    Old Pro……you have lifted me up in more ways than you will ever know my friend. Thank you sir.
    I’m thankful for this wonderful crazy team we have loved for so long!
    For Luhnow for bringing Verlander to us just when we needed him so much!
    For A.J. Hinch for knowing how to let this team be who they are! Warts and all!
    For a guy named Chip and his side kick Dan for always giving us something to chew on every week……especially in the dark days of Winter!!
    Have a warm and blessed day with your families….don’t eat too much and don’t forget to kiss the cook! Much love to all of you!! Becky⚾

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  9. Lots to be thankful for but too numerous to name them all. But I am thankful that we have this forum and all of the wonderful people who add their opinions, commentary, and two cents worth that make it all worth while. Hope for a wonderful day for all as we wind down the 2017 year. Looking forward to new and exciting things for next year. I will officially be a “retired ” person but plan to still be active as I start the New Year with a ski trip to Lake Tahoe. Also looking forward to another year of Astros baseball and I hope to get to Houston sometime during the season to catch a few games. Best wishes to all and stay safe.

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  10. Happy day after Thanksgiving, y’all. We enjoyed turkey day at my in-laws with most of the family here in Charlotte, NC. Today I plan to rake a ton of leaves in their yard and try to avoid the stores. Stay safe if you’re on the roads this weekend!

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  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all at chipalatta!!! We in America have more to be thankful for than can be listed here. Chip, i lost my mom in july. she and dad (who passed many years ago) were married 60+ years, so i feel your pain. Mom was 92 when she passed, i am thankful to have had her for that many years. Everyone enjoy the holiday and stay safe.

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  12. This will not be popular, I know that. But for someone to use Thanksgiving Day to boast about their happiness at the probable price of someone else’s pain — I just don’t get it. And all of you who have gone along with it, I don’t get that either. I guess I do not understand what it means to be a Christian.


    • Diane, thank you for reminding us that for many people the ‘holidays’ that have been inserted into the American calendar can be sources of great pain for those whose health, financial circumstances, or family situations do not match up against the ‘ideal’ as visualized by the media. I wish we could fix it by all just getting together, singing a few choruses of ‘Lean on Me’, and sharing a few morsels of comfort food – or maybe by relying on the government or some big-name charitable foundation out there. Alas, it is not that easy. It’s real people, with real needs and real wounds. The best we can do is each one, reach one – and trust God to care more than we do.


    • I’m with you. I use Thanksgiving to for reflection and reiterate my gratitude for all that I *do* have, but I always end up feeling guilty because I know there are so many who aren’t as fortunate.


    • Diane, I had to get my septic system cleaned out yesterday because we have had so many extra people staying with us who are not fortunate to have a home. I hope the poop you tried to lay on me and everyone else who chooses not to judge someone on a great holiday got sucked out by the “dump truck” and disposed of.
      I’ll own up to my own offenses, but I don’t need anyone else trying to lay guilt on me for sharing happiness.
      I hope my post is direct enough to reflect how I feel about this.


      • OP, I apologize to you and any others I offended by including them as a “second team” in this. My problem was not primarily with you or the others and I should not have implied that it was. Chip has been gracious enough to communicate with me and I’ll leave it there.


  13. Just me though here. I spend 364 days a year feeling guilty for others less fortunate than my family . That’s why I work/donate my time to community groups and sending money to the charities I believe in. Please don’t question my Spirituality, because for one day I reflect on all the greatness in my life!


  14. I guess her whole post, just to me was like what???? Obviously i did not get the point at all sorry. It’s all good, Ihad an amazing Tday at the community dinner and Go Stros (-: DILLY DILLY


  15. Had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our table was made up of fellow ex pats and friends. We even let a couple from the UK join in. They kept asking for us to pass the chutney. We had to explain that it was actually an invaluable batch of cranberry sauce straight from the bog, that had been put up in Nantucket last month and sailed all the way down to our little outpost, just arriving last week on a 55′ schooner, owned by a couple that make the trip here every winter season.

    Much to be thankful for this year. We had Irma pass 30 miles north and Maria 40 miles south of us this past hurricane season, both unprecedented category 5 storms. Many of our neighboring islands were decimated. It will be a long rebuild for our region. Each island continues to assist each other in the recovery. Nevis was spared though. But we can’t forget Puerto Rico and The US Virgin Islands, and Barbuda and St. Maarten and Anguilla and St. Barths and The British Virgin Islands. They still need our help.

    As we sat around our long table the discussion turned to our many small farmers, who over a ten day period in September lost all of their above ground crops. With strong faith, they immediately planted again. We’ll see the fruits of their labor late this year, but soon. Our egg and chicken man is actually named Tyson. He had to start over too. Our fishermen were back in the water as soon as the swells died down. Even the guys that go up on Nevis Peak for wild pigs, their meat sweetened by eating mango all summer, braved the soggiest of conditions and unstable terrain as the result of over 25 inches of rain.

    The container ship from Miami is back to it’s regular schedule. Frozen foods are shipped. Even produce. But it’s great to know that we can be largely self sufficient. We have water and we have the ability to make electricity. Some of our neighbors were actually up on poles the morning after Maria, not waiting on our utility company. And yes, our Astros are the best baseball team on the planet.

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  16. Good morning friends. It seems as though I started a firestorm here and I regret that. I will carry on this discussion privately (as it should be) with Diane via email. In the future, you can email me directly with any professional or personal concerns. You can always reach me at chipalatta@yahoo.com. Thanks!


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