Happy Thanksgiving: Yes, Astros’ fans, too, can be thankful

by Dan Peschong

As most people know, the Thanksgiving holiday was born from a grand conspiracy of the National Football League and the Butterball corporation to televise three pro football games on a Thursday in late November to millions of people with nothing to do but eat turkey and fixin’s and to watch Uncle Fred snooze in the most comfortable chair in the TV room.

(Note – please ignore any rumors that in 1863 Abraham Lincoln declared this as a day to thank a benevolent God for all the blessings He had bestowed on this great land – in the middle of the greatest crisis this young country had ever seen).

So – today I want to throw out two top 10 lists – one includes things I am thankful for as an Astros’ fan and another list that is a bit more personal.

As an Astros fan I am thankful:

  1. That I don’t have to worry about those bothersome championship parades and the ensuing riots and looting that winning a World Series would inevitably bring.
  2. That I don’t have to type Jhonny every other day while blogging.
  3. That we do not have Rosanne Barr or Carl Lewis signed up to sing the National Anthem in 2014.
  4. That my team has only gone through its first 52 seasons without a World Series title – the Texas Rangers have gone their first 53 seasons without one.
  5. That I don’t have to fret about losing any of our “top” players to Free Agency.
  6. That the Astros’ pitchers don’t have to get worn out batting or running the bases (in about 90% of our games).
  7. That the team cannot lose more than 162 games in 2014.
  8. That I don’t have to re-live the 2011, 2012 and 2013 seasons…I hope.
  9. That the bad taste of the last few years has not completely wiped out my memories of better times (though it is getting close).
  10. That I still have Chip around to help keep my baseball sanity.

As a person I am thankful for:

  1. A benevolent God and all the blessings He has bestowed on this great land.
  2. The people whose job it is to protect this great nation here and overseas.
  3. My family and all the love they give to me every day.
  4. My friends and the comfort and support we exchange.
  5. The joy of music and the gift of singing that I have been given.
  6. A wonderful nation that with all its warts still has people beating on the doors to enter it. (Well they don’t all beat on the door – but that is an editorial for another time).
  7. A company that has appreciated my efforts for that last ¼ century and a job that can challenge me while paying me.
  8. Decent health and the ability to meet each day head-on.
  9. A lifestyle that allows me leisure time to enjoy and write about such fluff as baseball.
  10. Having Chip and my blogging friends around to help keep my baseball sanity.

So, it is your turn – take a shot at your own list and a wonderful holiday to you all.


35 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving: Yes, Astros’ fans, too, can be thankful

  1. Dan, good thoughts all, but I must admit, I skimmed right through the Astro fan list and went right to the important stuff. Your top ten aligns with mine closely, making trivial baseball issues irrelevant, at least for one day.

    Best to all for a healthy, peaceful holiday weekend, spent with family and best friends.


  2. My son Adam came up with a clever Astros fan list —–

    So, as an Astros fan, I am thankful:

    1) That we have one exciting franchise right now (Rockets – sorry Dynamo, soccer isn’t as big for me).

    2) That they met expectations unlike another franchise (sorry Texans. Actually I feel they owe us an apology).

    3) That true Astro fans can stand out in the crowd by naming 1 or more players on our roster.

    4) That the Astros still won more games than the Rockets and Texans combined (work with me here).

    5) That we have nowhere to go, but up…right?

    6) That we are finally rebuilding our farm system. Error: Snarky remark not found.

    7) That, unlike Matt Schaub, nobody knows who plays for the Astros, so they don’t have to worry about nutjobs showing up to their houses (although the FBI should flag all of the blog readers).

    8) That we have a team to complain about.

    9) That we aren’t Royals fans (I think they last made the playoffs some time before I was born).

    10) That we still have the Astrodome…oh wait.


  3. I am thankful for my health.
    I am thankful for my family, friends and dogs.
    I am thankful that no matter what happens in my life, I know God and my family love me.
    … And I am thankful for Luhnow’s plan–it just needs a tiny bit more time.


  4. I’m thankful that my health has been restored.
    That my grandson’s brain tumors are “stable”
    That I have a WONDERFUL husband, who has managed around here for the last 5 months, without complaining!
    That I have an outlet where I can discuss my Astros…..and I always feel welcome!
    That Luhnow will stick with the “plan”, and my guys will become a respectable team again.
    Most of all I’m thankful that I continue to have Gods grace upon my family.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone…….don’t forget to kiss the cook!


  5. I’m thankful for:
    My family, friends, and my precious little dogs
    My good health and the good health of my loved ones
    That I was fortunate to be born in this great country
    For the men and women who serve and have served our country ( my husband is handicapped veteran)
    That Chip was able to keep this blog going ( after the Chronicle)
    That we have a baseball team in our city to love and complain about
    My new RX350 ( Christmas present from my hubby)

    Becky, glad your back is better and your grandson is doing good.


    • Yes – Astro45 – I think these nutsy agreements will implode or bring on rebellion by the subscribers. Crane sure would have liked the $8 billion over 25 yrs…..


    • I thought the interesting part was how the provider would seek incremental fees for BOTH the Angels and the Dodgers. Different leagues, different fanbases. But same carrier fees smacked upon both. Not cool.

      This perfectly highlights why the ALastros cannot legitimately compete against the Rangers. Free on Fox and SAME market. Let that sink in for a moment…


    • But there is a huge difference here. The Dodgers went out and spent 100’s of millions on long term player contracts before the money was there. The Astros are rebuilding from the ground up and if they get a decent tv deal, should be able to pay down the debt by the time the youngsters are ready for contracts and if they manage to keep Luhnow, should have a good farm system, to supplement the Correa’s, Appels, Springer, etc.
      If the Dodger’s fans don’t want to pay $6-8 a month just to watch one game a day for 6 months of the year, those contracts will get old quick. Especially if the TV comany goes bankrupt.


      • That’s a big if, sir. Real big. And, frankly, it’s not likely to happen. The more likely scenario is…, well, you figure it out. No matter how you slice it, and not to be negative guy, I smell long-term mediocrity.


      • It is pretty funny that the guy who thinks it is a likely scenario that Crane will move the Astros and that MLB will miraculously award us a NL expansion team does not think we can build on high draft picks.


      • I didn’t say that the Astros can’t build on high draft picks. I just don’t think they’ll ever be able to compete year-in-and-year-out. Building something moderately interesting with exciting young players is wholly different than actually competing for a division title.

        And keep in mind that what my prediction is and what my hope is are two different things. Yes, I hope Crane goes bust, and it forces a move. Drastic? Yes. If that happens, there is little doubt that Houston will get a new franchise, and a NL franchise to boot.

        What I predict will happen is this: 1) the marriage between the Astros, Rockets, and Comcast ends in divorce, and 2) Crane, with little to no leverage and no time, will be forced to take a crappy deal, probably with Fox, or worse, a one-off streaming package — both sure to hamper the Astros competitiveness payroll-wise. 3) the team will be mired in mediocrity for decades to come.

        Building a young team, on the cheap. Check. Signing impact FAs, re-upping young studs’ contracts once they mature into bona-fide pros, being in the hunt year over year…. not going to happen, in my opinion.


    • It is really quiet – but remember that Luhnow really plays things quiet – seemed like every one of his trades popped up with no leak before hand.


  6. True Dan, but it’s getting late! Surly Crane can’t expect the Houston fans to be patient forever. I want to see something pretty dang soon.


  7. “Yes, I hope Crane goes bust, and it forces a move. Drastic? Yes. If that happens, there is little doubt that Houston will get a new franchise, and a NL franchise to boot.”

    Come on bopert. I respect your dogged stance on the dysfunctional Crane operation to date. But there is little chance, hardly a miniscule chance, that if Crane went bust, this club would move. We’re not exactly the Yankees of New York, but this 50 plus year old franchise will not be departing Houston, regardless of how Crane impacts it. Quite simply, the MLB owners group would not let it happen. They want stability and the fourth largest city in the US remains one of the better markets in the game, if run properly. And the owners group will see to it that Crane is out of the picture if need be, without relocating the Astros to another market.

    As I noted last week, you need to hope for expansion to 32 teams. with both new franchises going to the AL and Houston back to the NL. It’s a far more realistic and simplistic outcome than your plan.


    • Yeah, that’s what they were saying in Cleveland when Art Modell got his undies in a twist. Ditto for the renowned Brooklyn Dodgers.

      It happens. Franchise owners CAN, and DO, bolt town. It’s their prerogative.

      Do we bring up the Houston Oilers? 1997 wasn’t that long ago my friends.

      Is it likely? Not really. But, it DOES happen.

      And don’t be fooled, Crane is in deep DEEP doo-doo financially without a “a decent TV deal” (oldpro’s words, and my Big IF retort).

      Who says the other owners could stop such a move? It’s Crane’s team, not theirs. Are there provisions in place preventing owners from leaving town? I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

      PS — I was clear to delineate what I THINK will happen, and what I HOPE will happen. Again, I think Crane will be forced.to make a deal, and it will be piddly. Why? Because he has a crappy product and no leverage; and will be just enough to keep the team in Houston. But they won’t be competitive in the AL West.

      THAT”S the likely outcome — ongoing mediocrity, with the Rangers dominating the regional market. Been saying this for well over a year now…


  8. What i”d lie to know Bo is if you are thankful for anything… you somehow always avoid the subject of the blog and go back to the same tired subject.


  9. i’m thankful we can all express our opinions….even bopert. thats what america is about isnt it? i am thankful that we still have that freedom (and many others) that men and women have fought and died for. i am thankful there are still people who are dedicated enough to sacrifice even their lives to keep the rest of us safe and protect our liberties. i seldom ever agree with bo and frankly do not look forward to seeing his comments and wish he would support his beliefs with more facts and less emotion, but i support his right to throw it out there.


    • Yes, he has the absolute right to express his opinion – but it would be nice if he ever wrote relative to the subject presented. Not everything is about Jim Crane and moving the team.
      I would be thankful if one-note bopert wrote about a second note….


  10. You know, in Bo I see a dedicated fan whose heart was broken with the move to the NL.
    Bo doesn’t live in the Houston area but USED to travel here a few times a year to MMP.
    I feel his pain and frustration and think he is dealing with it in this way, and he may be right on. Who really knows?


  11. Thanks Sandy, you nailed it.

    And I AM thankful. I am thankful for my health, my son, my friends/fam, for amateur wrestling (my favorite hobby), and most of all — for my salvation through Jesus’ blood.

    I started a fledgling software company, and our product is set to release this month. I am immensely grateful for all the support I’ve gotten along the way.

    I’m just NOT thankful for what happened to my beloved Stros. Not one lick. I strongly feel that it’s all ruined. That’s my take.

    Sorry if my opinions bring y’all down.


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