2017 World Series: Game 4 live blog

And, here we are! The Sports Illustrated Boys are on a roll!

I am amazed at the so-called national media which seems to know nothing about this Astros’ team.

For example, last night on MLB radio, they suggested now that the Astros’ bullpen would have to step up. Perhaps true, but in their mention of players, no one suggested that another tandem may be on the horizon.

No one — read: NO ONE — remembered or otherwise suggested that Charlie Morton could be followed tonight by Collin McHugh. Only that A.J. Hinch would now be forced to use Chris Devenski, Joe Musgrove, Ken Giles, Luke Gregerson and Will Harris.

As we get ready for Game 4, what are the most outlandish national media commentaries you’ve heard during the World Series?

And, do you remember when:

  • Many people wanted to remove George Springer from the lead off role?
  • Most people lost confidence in Ken Giles?
  • Many of you were begging Astros’ managers to move Springer to center and not let him languish in right?
  • First base was a problem position for the Astros?
  • We were debating whether Max Stassi or Jason Castro or Hank Conger would be the catcher on the next Astros’ playoff team?
  • Marwin Gonzalez was a Super Sub?

Let’s play ball! Two more wins! Two more wins!


88 comments on “2017 World Series: Game 4 live blog

  1. I’ve had a chance to sleep on this loss. I can now think fully rationally, without pointing fingers at any one person. God Bless him, but Hinch really screwed up the last 8 outs. Collin McHugh should have been given the ball. Harris could not get the couple of outs we needed from him. And of course, our former closer should not have been put into a high leverage situation. That was an unpardonable sin by our manager last night. Didn’t we all know the outcome before it happened? The old bugaboo came up again too. We did not hit. Team loss.

    Tonight, if we are in position, I would not rule out a save by LMJ. No sense in saving him for game seven. There’s no guarantee we’ll get there. So it’s pretty close to all hands on deck ( minus Giles, probably Liriano, and it seems Gregerson) from here on out. Things sure do change quickly. Those Trolley Dodgers are feeling pretty darn good about themselves right now.


  2. We are two wins away from winning it all. We could be one game away from winning it all. Truth to tell we could easily be one loss away from going home.
    Hinch is in a tough spot – he does not know who if anyone he can trust. However, my wife who knows nothing about baseball, but everything about human nature was screaming for him to pull Giles one pitch into the second batter. She could see the deer in a headlights look from the onset.
    I don’t know why he did not use McHugh. If it failed he could still fall back on normal bullpen.
    Game 5 is crucial now. You can’t count on winning two in LA.
    I sure wish Yuli did not do what he did. He did not look like the same guy last night.


    • Yeah Dan, if even our uninitiated loved ones can tell that our closer has lost any remaining confidence, why not the decision makers in the dugout? Is is a stubborn hope that he’ll suddenly find himself again?


  3. Love Yuli, you’re right he looked like a sad whipped puppy, shame it was a bone head thing to do, but geez I was hoping he and even the team could get past it, the media distraction made a difference.

    So if DK falters where do we go????


  4. And Hinch has said he’ll use Giles again if needed.
    Hinch was keeping the faith, though, saying after Game 2 that he thinks “Ken Giles is going to get another save in this series. I think he’s going to get some really big outs.”
    The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Remember the Rolaids relief commercial. If Giles gets to pitch again the song on the PA system should be “Suicide is Painless”.

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    • Well if DK isn’t up to par we still have McHugh. The situation with McHugh is similar to Woods last night. He hasn’t pitched is quite awhile.
      It worked out for the Dodgers last night.


  5. I understand everyone’s angst regarding Hinch using Giles again. He’s been horrible during the playoffs. I would just like to add that when everyone, and literally everyone, was screaming to move Springer out of the leadoff spot and give Marwin a day off, he stuck with them and both were huge in Game 2. There is no doubt we’re down 3-1 if not for Marwin and Springer’s heroics in Game 2. If he goes to Giles again in a high leverage situation I’ll be biting my nails like all of you, but I’ll still trust Hinch has a better pulse on his players than we do.


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