2017 World Series: Game 3 live blog

The 2017 World Series is more than even.

After the insanity and madness of Game 2, the Astros awoke today in their own beds with three games in Houston ahead to tip the scales further after a 1-1 split in Los Angeles.

Yes, the Dodgers are human. They still may have the best team in baseball, but the Astros created holes in the dam of a team that has all the national media embarrassingly drooling on themselves.

This Astro team isn’t like those from previous years. Remember when Houston relished in small ball? A single, then a stolen base, followed by a bunt over to third and a sacrifice fly was the calling card of then-National League Houston. Now, it’s let’s see how far we can hit ’em Astros.

The boys have a new swagger and, face it, A.J. Hinch ain’t the same manager that ran the dugout in Arizona. Gotta appreciate him a little more after the first two games and sticking with the guys who brought him to his first World Series. As I posted last night, I heard A.J. talking about Ken Giles and his guys on MLB radio yesterday.

“I think he’s going to get some really big outs. I think when the crowd is standing in this ballpark over the next couple of games, if we can have the lead and he’s the right matchup, he’s going to get the last out.

“He’s done it awfully well this year, and again I reiterate, just because somebody has a bad day at work does not mean they need to be condemned and sent away.”

He stuck with George Springer and it paid off, perhaps more than with just Springer. Giles will clearly get another shot. The cork is out of the bottle, the horse has left the barn and the Astros may have tipped the scales in their favor with the late-inning heorics Wednesday.

I’ll leave you with one more quote from pre-game Wednesday. I’m not a huge Alex Rodriguez fan, but he seems sharp and eloquent in his commentary. While some pundits have clearly put the Dodgers in the team-to-beat role, Rodriguez said this prior to Wednesday’s game:

“The Houston Astros are– they have a juggernaut, both pitching and offensively. But this is not Dodgers, Astros, David versus Goliath. This is truly Goliath versus Goliath.”

Now is the time. This is the team. The Sports Illustrated Boys are primed and ready.

Bring on Game 3 of the 2017 World Series…and your thoughts, comments and insight.


111 comments on “2017 World Series: Game 3 live blog

    • The hidden gem of Astros 2017 and beyond… staying ahead with rest. You rest your studs, it’s a long season. You win your division handily but don’t over extend. Leave some in the tank for next year. Build a dynasty.

      You beat the vaunted Dodgers with little known, 13-2 Brad Peacock. One Sept article called him a “secret weapon.” You basically take out the heart of other clubs with scrubs!

      You teach Bregman on the job how to stare down a line drive. Take a washed up 3B and turn him into a first baseman. Take Marwin Gonzales and build your entire lineup around where he’s going to start, since he’s driving the gaps like never before. You get solid contributions from guys you’d never expect; McQ, the list goes on. Fill in the blacks.

      This season … and then you have Martes Paulino McCullers Armenteros Whitley returning? We will prevail in this series on pitching depth. I’ve never felt more comfortable in the hands of a General Manager.

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  1. Morton & McHugh for tomorrow. Hopefully the same results. A big W for the Astros. We have outhit the Dodgers big time. Need to outscore them big time also.


  2. Someone though Yuli was making fun of Darvish because his slanted eyes, and now MLB is investigating it, whether or not to discipline him. I’ve watched the video, and I didn’t see anything that would warrant that.


  3. Great game but guys if there’s any way you could score in the double digits tonight so I don’t have to sweat down the innings, I’d really appreciate it. So happy for the ‘Stros, so happy for Houston. Dodgers, surely you can see this is a Cinderella tale playing out. Play your part. Then we can say Holly would and did.

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  4. I guess Gurriel made some kind of gesture and called Darvish a little Chinese boy. He apologized after the game but may face disciplinary action. The broadcasters want MLB to suspend Correa Altuve Springer Keuchel and Verlander for the rest of the series or until they are assured of a 7th game.


  5. Al Kaline Jersey just saying, whaoo. Gurrirl apologized twice , Darvish issues a class act response, enough anger and hate in this country today , hopefully we can move forward and forgive,

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    • i hope they never use high definition and lip readers to decipher the nasty trash talk that goes on during NBA games. Might have to suspend the whole league.
      Gurriel did the right thing – Darvish was very gracious like Kevin said. Let’s hope that’s the end.


      • I doubt it because the “Media” thrives on garbage like this. I read where a sports writer from the Orange County Register told him that Davish thought Yuli should be suspended. Yet, we have no actual quotes from Darvish saying any such thing. He’s thus far taken the high ground. Reading some of the blogs just gets my blood boiling. Was it wrong, yes. Did Yuli apologize, yes. Let’s move on and play baseball. I can’t stand all of these self righteous people who all they live for is to find fault in all of the people you don’t like and then crucify them for it. Hey, Jerkwads, how about looking in the mirror.
        BTW, to my knowledge, there was only one perfect person who ever walked this earth and we know what the “PC” crowd did to him. OK I’ll get off of my soapbox now.

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  6. Dan, I’m at home and so this is my only avenue. I have no power and don’t know how to reach MLB high muckety-mucks. Tomorrow Geo HW Bush is scheduled to throw out first pitch. This is not the time, it will hurt MLB, the Astros, Houston, the Bush family. Can they change? It’s just not the time. Between you and Chip, can you do something?


  7. First, I am not making an excuse for Yuli and he apologized. Not familiar with Cuban customs, but in Mexico a heavy person is called “El Gordo” and other names that some would consider offensive. Many years ago I worked at a high school in the Rio Grande Valley for a few years. Most of the students were from Mexico and they called themselves “Mexicans.” We moved to Austin and I applied for a job. During one interview they asked me what I had been doing and I explained that it was a high school in the RGV and most of the students were “Mexicans.” The lady nearly fell out of her chair and let me know that the interview was over and no one should ever use that language.

    Different people have different viewpoints and customs.


    • Again, from another blog and it just illustrates a point. And I know this is not a political blog.

      Sorry to break your bubble but in Cuba, the term “chinito” is not derogatory at all. Couples even call each other chinito and chinita. Cubans don’t have that PC culture and there’s a considerable amount of Asian descendants as well as from other parts of the world, and we call them chinos, moros if they are of Arabic ancestry, Gallegos if they are spaniards and nobody bats an eye. I have a Filipino great grandmother, I’ve been called china all my life even though I also have Spanish and black ancestors. No big deal, just a cultural difference. I guess he has to go through some intensive PC training because here people get offended for everything, even if you can’t guess the gender they woke up identyfing with that morning.


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