What’s more likely for the 2017 Astros?

Today let’s play a little game of “What’s more likely” looking at your crystal balls for the Astros’ 2017 season. The merry blogster will provide a baker’s dozen of questions and you will provide the answers.

What’s more likely…..

  1. The Astros make the playoff or they don’t make the playoffs?
  2. Dallas Keuchel or Lance McCullers Jr leads the team in wins?
  3. Evan Gattis or George Springer leads the team in home runs?
  4. Mike Fiers or Chris Devenski is in the starting rotation to begin the season?
  5. Astros home attendance is over or under 2.5 million? (It was 2.3 million last year)
  6. A.J. Reed, Preston Tucker or Tyler White gets the most MLB at-bats?
  7. Ken Giles, Luke Gregerson or someone else (Aroldis Chapman??) leads the team in saves?
  8. A.J. Hinch gets fired or gets his contract extended?
  9. Jason Castro, Max Stassi, Tyler Heineman or someone else is the backup catcher?
  10. The Astros win more or less than 6 of 19 games against the Texas Rangers?
  11. Carlos Correa or Jose Altuve has more RBIs? (They both had 96 this season)
  12. Alex Bregman or Yulieski Gurriel has more hits?
  13. The Astros sign a big name free agent or trade for a big name player in the off-season?

OK – your turn – enjoy!


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  1. I think it’s more likely:
    The Astros make the playoffs
    Dallas leads the team in wins
    Gattis hits more home runs
    Devenski is in the rotation
    Attendance is under 2.5
    Tucker gets the most major league at bats
    Giles gets the most saves
    Hinch gets his contract extended
    Someone else is the backup catcher
    Astros win more than six against the Rangers
    Correa has more RBIs
    Bregman has more hits
    The Astros trade for a big name player.
    I have very low confidence that my answers are correct, because I have no idea what they are thinking.

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  2. HMMMM
    The Astros don’t make the playoffs
    If DK leads in wins we definitely don’t make the playoffs
    Gattis hits more HR’s
    Fiers is a SP
    Attendance under 2.5 million
    Tyler White get more AB’s
    If Giles gets most saves once again not in the playoffs
    Hinch gets extension
    Someone else in backup catcher
    Astros win 7 against Rangers
    Altuve more RBIS
    Bregman more hits
    the Astros trade for a B player
    Uncle Jeff runs for Governor of Texas
    The Texans sign Fister to take over for Brock O


  3. 1. make the playoffs
    2. dk
    3. gattis
    4. fiers
    5. over
    6. reed
    7. giles
    8. extended
    9. stassi
    10. more than 6
    11. correa
    12. bregman
    13. tough one here, i prefer sign without losing prospects, but the pool is shallow so ill go with trade.


  4. * The Astros make the playoff or they don’t make the playoffs? *

    I think they will surprise us – and go to the world series. Wipe that shocked look off your face. I still believe. It is our time.


  5. * Dallas Keuchel or Lance McCullers Jr leads the team in wins? *

    I think Joe Musgrove, Chris Devenski, and LMJ tie with 17 apiece. I think Dallas will win 12-15 – if he pitches at all.


    • I’m ready to pop the champagne Mr. Bill – considering all the guys who started games this season were a combined 57-59 – I’ll take between 63 and 66 wins out of only four of the starters any day.


      • I am just looking at the Cubs 2016 regular season win totals: 19 for Lester, 18 for Arrieta, 16 for Hendricks, and 15 for Hammel. We can do this – especially if the bullpen hangs in there for us, and we don’t proliferate in blown holds or blown saves. Remember, this is 2017, the year of the Astro.


  6. * Evan Gattis or George Springer leads the team in home runs? *

    Neither. I think Carlos Correa turns into the monster he has the capability of being, and he and he hits 30 or more. Gattis will be injured, or will slump again, and will be lucky to hit 25. Springer will quit swinging for the fences, and start piling up doubles instead.


  7. 1.Don’t make the playoffs. Lots of strength in East and Central. We may have to win West for a shot in 2017. 86 wins won’t get it done.
    2.More likely one of the two than the field if that’s what is being asked. If I had to put money on it in Vegas I’d say McHugh for consistency and durability reasons.
    3.Gattis…but I keep thinking Springer is going to really break out.
    4.Fiers (but you know I’d prefer Devenski)
    5.UNDER 2.5 million
    6.Tucker. If Gattis catches there is an opportunity for a lot of DH at bats…
    7.Push. I suspect we get a similar season with Giles, Gregerson, and Harris losing the closers job each a couple times.
    8.Fired. Despite what some would say Luhnow has to be pressured to win/improve the record now
    9.Someone else. I don’t think they like Stassi much…and his milb numbers paint the picture why. Castro will not be brought back to sit the pine. Heineman has no power and probably won’t get a chance.
    10.Law of averages says MORE
    11. Correa because he will have opportunity to clean up guys Altuve doesn’t drive in AND drive in Altuve AND himself
    12.Bregman. He adjusted to pitchers more quickly than Gurriel and will get more cheapies too.
    13.I’m going to say sign. With the exception of Hamels we don’t really know of any big name trade targets that Luhnow has pursued and failed to get, do we? We do know he’s gone after some big FA but failed to get them. Maybe this is the offseason!


  8. * Mike Fiers or Chris Devenski is in the starting rotation to begin the season? *

    Mike who? Seriously, he will be traded away along with Tony Kemp and/or Tyler White this offseason for a left-handed hitting OF/1B guy the FO thinks can hit 25 HRs at the new MMP.


  9. * Astros home attendance is over or under 2.5 million? (It was 2.3 million last year) *

    Because we start strong, beat the Rangers more than they beat us, and stay in first place in the division over 50% of the year, attendance bounces back and exceeds 2.5 million by a mile.


  10. * Ken Giles, Luke Gregerson or someone else (Aroldis Chapman??) leads the team in saves? *

    Giles steps up early, gets over his wildness and wild-pitch tendencies, takes control, and leads the Astros in saves by a mi;e. Chapman leads the Cubs, Red Sox, Mets, or Yankees in saves.


  11. * A.J. Hinch gets fired or gets his contract extended? *

    The team – especially the bullpen, Correa, Gurriel, and our new 1B/OF/DH – make AJ look so good that he not only gets his contract extended, he wills MOY.


  12. * Jason Castro, Max Stassi, Tyler Heineman or someone else is the backup catcher? *

    Gattis is the backup catcher. We bring in someone else to be the starter, and Gattis is used – alas, unsuccessfully – to DH against LH pitchers.


  13. * The Astros win more or less than 6 of 19 games against the Texas Rangers? *

    The Astros find a way to win at least 11 games. It is time to do the Silver Boot Scootin’ Boogie.


  14. * Carlos Correa or Jose Altuve has more RBIs? (They both had 96 this season)*

    Correa. Altuve will never see 90 RBIs again. But that’s because he focuses exclusively on getting on base so that Correa, Gurriel, and our new 1B/OF/DH can drive him in. Jose’ will set a team record for runs scored.


  15. * Alex Bregman or Yulieski Gurriel has more hits? *

    Bregman has more singles, triples, BBs, and home runs. Gurriel has more doubles and runs batted in – because he bats behind Bregman, Altuve, and Correa.

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  16. Some of these questions will be much easier to answer in about 5 months. In the meantime, I’m thinking the Cubs are going to win three in a row at home, thus setting off a delirious weekend in Chicago.


  17. * The Astros sign a big name free agent or trade for a big name player in the off-season? *

    The Astros sign a free agent or trade for a LH hitting OF/1B/DH and a catcher. But neither is a ‘big name’.


  18. Congratulations, Jose Altuve, on being voted by the players as Sporting News’ MLB Player of the Year! Hard to believe that the only other Astro to ever win this award was Jeff Bagwell!

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  19. I think they make playoffs
    LMJ leads tm in wins
    Gattis leads tm in HR if GS becomes the monster leadoff man capable of being
    Is time for Chris ro shine
    Tm will shatter 2.3 “if” FO adds impact bats/sp this winter, tm plays more consistent
    Tyler gets more abs if not traded otherwise Reed
    If Castro retained he will backup
    They win more than 6 against Rangers
    Bregman hits more
    Would prefer they sign (not trade) for impact bat. Prob have to trade for SP. If they do nothing or sign B player shame on them


  20. * Yes they make the playoffs
    * LMJ if he remains healthy
    * Gattis if he’s the everyday catcher
    * Fiers but I hope not, rather have Devo (His theme song should be the Devo song “whip it”
    * Over if they can maintain a playoff winning %
    * Tucker only because he’s a lefty
    * Giles (why would Chapman ever want to come here?)
    * Extended if they make the playoffs, otherwise, “See Ya!”
    * Someone else
    * > 6 but if they don’t then see answer #8 and #5
    * CC due to his lineup position
    * Toss up but Bregman will hit for more power than Gurriel but I think Gurriel will get more hits
    * Sign a FA but not a big name (I don’t think they want to shell out 20MM a season

    BTW, Is it spring yet?


  21. If you look at who got our hits, scored our runs, and drove in our runs last year, you see how important a good year for Bregman, Gurriel, Gattis and somebody else [Tucker? our new FA outfielder or 1B man?] is for next year’s offense.

    Hits came overwhelmingly from 3 players [Altuve 216, Springer 168, and Correa 153]; the next highest hit total was from our utility guy, Marwin Gonzales [123]

    Runs came overwhelmingly from the same 3 [Springer 116, Altuve 108, Correa 76]; the next highest total came from our back-up catcher, Gattis [58], and our utlility guy [Gonzales, 55]

    RBIs came overwhelmingly from the same 3 [96 Altuve, 96 Correa, 82 Springer]. After that the highest total we had was from our back-up catcher [Gattis 72] and from a guy who hit .206 [Colby Rasmus, with 54]


    • We have some reason to be excited about a leap forward in runs through one player in particular – Bregman. He was third on the team [behind Springer and Altuve], in runs scored per plate appearance. And Correa and Gurriel could be expected to do a whole lot better in that regard if someone after them in the order had even a decent BA/OBP/OPS RBI year. That is why we need someone to get .275/.335/.780 or better in the 6th spot and someone [Gattis?] to get .250/.325/.725 or better in the 7th spot. It would also help to get a speedy guy like Kemp in the 9 spot, if he could hit .260/.325/.650 or better.


      • I don’t want a soft .650 OPS with marginal defensive ability in our lineup. If we want to be elite, that’s not enough from any spot in the lineup.


      • I’d rather it be .750 or better, but we are talking the 9-hole, and to me it’s more important to get walks and base hits to turn the line-up over and give Springer/Bregman/Altuve/Correa/Gurriel a fresh chance at a real rally than about an occasional solo dinger that would raise the player’s personal OPS but not much else.


      • The .650 OPS wouldn’t deter me on a guy like Kemp. You don’t want him trying to slug. The question would be…what’s his SB/CS look like and how many pitches per at bat is he seeing in the 9 hole?


      • Kemp is 106/47 lifetime stealing bases in professional baseball. That sucks. He’s a mediocre outfielder defensively. He is not a hitter. If we are willing to put that kind of a ballplayer in our starting line up as a corner outfielder, or for that matter, a second baseman, or a catcher, we’ll never be the best team in baseball, unless we somehow come up with the most elite rotation and pen in the game. Our expectations are too low!


      • If we’re going to start someone with a .650 OPS you might as well as start Marisnick who has more power, plays better D and is a better baserunner than Kemp. I’m not advocating starting Marisnick, just starting him before Kemp.


      • JFSF surged to an .588 OPS with a big September. He’s not in any conversation for starter that I’m having. Kemp may improve. I’m concerned about those base stealing numbers dave cited, however. Regardless, I would prefer a different, better hitter in LF…but am not closing the door on Kemp. He’s gotten it done at every level and I think he can figure out how to contribute to a winning team at this level.


      • I’m not starting Marisnick unless the options are him and Tony Kemp. Kemp is a horrible defender and base stealer. He is a well below average defensive OFer and if you’re only options are him and JFSF then it’s a no-brainer…Jake is your man.


  22. After a good start by Ramon Laureano, the Astros’ contingent on AFL’s Glendale Desert Dog’s team has really been awful. Laureano has gone into a deep freeze, and so has every other Astro hitter or pitcher with the exception of David Paulino [who has only pitched 1 inning], Laureano’s BA is down to .297. Stubbs is hitting .229. Tanielu is .173.

    Our pitchers aren’t faring much better. Martes has a 7.27 ERA with a 1.96 WHIP [8.2 IP, 7 Ks, 5 BBs]. Rogelio Armenteros has a 22.09 ERA with a 3.00 WHIP [3.2 IP, 4 Ks, 3 BBs], and Jacob Dorris has great K numbers but horrible control [4.1 IP, 8 Ks, but 6 BBs].

    Ugh, I hate it when our best young players look so bad against their peers.


    • Big year coming up for Laureano. He’s hit high prospect pitching well. Maybe he’s just due for a break. One thing for certain. There are not many guys in his way. If he excels early in Corpus, we might see him in Houston in 2017.

      On another note, I’ve seen no comment on three of our guys being Gold Glove finalists. I respect this award, because managers and coaches have a real say in this one. I think that feedback means more than DWAR. Springer is one of the best outfielders in the game, with or without a high DWAR. Ironically, Altuve is not in the concideration for GG this year after winning one in 2015.


  23. Dang……I would be over the MOON if Ryan would can Steve Sparks!! Reading the comments you guys have posted about Ashby…..it doesn’t appear he will be missed!


  24. A post from a friend after last night’s excellent WS Game 3:

    “Such a great game. Made all the better by playing under National League rules (in other words, real baseball). Bunts, double switches, hit and runs, great pitching and defense. No knock on the Tribe, or the talent level in the AL (which has been superior on the whole over the last decade plus), but give me NL rules and no DH any day…”

    So what does that have to do with this topic? Plenty. Listen, Jim Crane is a greedy bastard. He stole the heritage of the franchise for a meager $70mil bribe. 50 years in the NL — kiss that goodbye while you kiss Selig’s arse. The fan base is tepid and sparse. And Jimmy will not spend to get the requisite pieces in place.

    Thus expect more mediocrity. And expect more crappy AL play. THAT’S the future of this franchise.

    Whether or not Devenski makes the rotation next year is irrelevant… The source problem is Jimmy ‘s overt greed.

    Go Tribe!


    • I thought I would miss NL baseball. I haven’t. I’ve seen lots of great games played on the field without having to watch pitchers not hit but take up space at the plate.
      I’ve seen Jim Crane increase his payroll steadily and not yet to the level I think he can get.
      I saw them make the playoffs which you said they would NEVER do. I saw them be competitive despite crucial injuries to their starting rotation.
      Crane still needs to prove himself like Luhnow and others but it is not like they are in some awful situation right now.


      • Totally agree. They are in a great situation for 2017.

        But they are running out of time. Soon the salary bells will toll. For example, Altuve, with Boros as his agent, will command SICK money, and that’s just one position player. Will Keuchel get paid what he’s worth? Will Springer and Correa sign long-term deals? Will the bullpen get bolstered with a

        Admittedly, these are questions for 2018 and beyond.

        But here’s my point:
        But what about 2017? Will Jimmy open his wallet and make a run?

        My take:
        Don’t bet on it. Greed rules!

        Look at the patterns. Look at last year at the trade deadline. And WATCH what happens next year. This will be the true bellwether for what Astros fans can expect henceforth (mediocrity).


      • There isn’t really anyone to open the wallet for in 2017. Cespedes, I guess, but his act has run thin with this crowd. The year to spend was 2016…and Luhnow either couldn’t or wouldn’t make do so.


    • BW, if you were the GM of the Houston Astros and you had a $135 million MLB payroll budget from Jimmy for 2017, what would you do with that money? Who would you go after and who would you trade for and who is available in your organization to be traded?
      This is what we blog about.
      I know how you feel about Crane. I want to know how you would get this team into the playoffs next season and I won’t challenge your choices because I asked about your opinion.


      • See, this is exactly the oversight that I am trying to point out to Astros fans. IF the Astros have a payroll of $135mil next year. !IF!

        IF they increase the payroll to $135mil, they’d have the 17th highest payroll. THEN they can maybe make a move for a 2nd-tier corner infielder, or bolster their bullpen with an A-tier stopper . Maybe.

        Why not $135mil this year??

        Personally, I think they need to bump the payroll to the Seattle Mariners range ($155mil) to be in position to make a legit run.

        But my point is, and has always been, that Crane simply won’t open his wallet. He hasn’t yet, has he? (Excellent Gurriel signing notwithstanding.)

        Observe what happens in 2017. A great young nucleus. Tons of players getting paid far less than their worth. A golden opportunity to acquire a couple missing pieces to complete the team…. and nada.

        Just watch. I predict a paltry payroll, relatively speaking, in 2017. I predict that 2017 will be remembered as the year of missed opportunity. And I predict that in 2018 and beyond the fans will finally figure out that they’ve been rooked by Jimmy and Jeffy.


      • I once had a NL team that I loved. I STILL have an AL team that I like. Go Tribe! It IS cool to see WS games in Wrigley.


    • While I am FAR from a Crane cheerleader, he did NOT steal the heritage of the club. Bud Selig demanded that WHOEVER bought the Astros HAD to accept the change to the (spit) American League. Bopert could have been the one to buy the club but still it would have moved to the AL…


      • That’s patently false. Selig could “demand” all he wanted, and clearly he served his own interests, but at the end of the day, the ownership owned the choice. That’s the reason for the $70mil bribe.


      • Yes – he could have refused and missed out on a second franchise after missing out on the Rangers. We could have had more of Drayton ownership with no look to the future.
        And I would also like to address this greed issue. If you think any of these billionaire owners got to be billionaires or stay billionaires without putting a high value on money you are living in a very different and imaginary world from the rest of us.

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      • I have to say your comment is patently false. Anybody else could have bought the team but whoever did HAD to accept the move to the other league as a condition to gain the acceptance of the purchase. That, my friend, is the reason behind the “bribe”. No one else wanted to purchase the team because of its poor condition.


  25. Jeff Luhnow says, in hindsight, that he WOULD HAVE done more at trade deadline:


    Don’t pay attention to what Jimmy and Jeffy claim they’ll do, but what they actually do. After all, which team went out there and actually bucked up for the missing pieces to make a run? That would be our “rivals” (Selig’s words, not mine) the Texas Rangers.

    Jimmy and Jeffy. Don’t be fooled. They’re greed ruled!


    • Again only one of us said that the Astros would NEVER make the playoffs under Crane – so your credibility with me is like Crane’s with you.


      • I admit that last year (2015) was quite remarkable — especially with a payroll around $93mil, 25th out of 30 teams. This year, the payroll was 23rd out of 30 teams, and they, predictably, didn’t open the wallets when they needed to.

        PS — I never said that they’d never make the playoffs; I said they’d be doomed to ongoing mediocrity. And that is exactly what they’ve been every year, except one, since Jimmy took Selig’s bribe.


      • That’s what I remember Billy – and in my book making the playoffs one year and being in contention in September the next is contending – unless I am writing revisionist history as bo likes to do.


    • bopert, if you read the article it says had he known keuchel and LMJ would be out for the season in august he would have done more. fact is it was AFTER the deadline that these injuries took them away. at the time he was absolutely correct in rejecting the high cost asked for players. Look at what the rangers traded to get these guys. maybe a decent move for a year, maybe two if they are lucky, then age and salary drags them down and 3 of their top 5 prospects gone, no thanks. and stand by on that greed thing as the budget is yet to be set for 2017.


      • Lucroy WOULD HAVE (key words) been a fantastic addition. His salary was only $2.7mil last year, and $4mil this year. But who went after him? The Rangers. And they didn’t trade away too much to get him either. The Beltran trade was stoopid, stoopid, stoopid. Bottom line: there were a host of ways to improve the ballclub before the trade deadline. And what actually transpired? Who made the moves, and who didn’t make the moves?

        The bigger point: watch what happens in 2017, when there is a legit shot at making a run. Just observe…


      • You’re numbers are off, Bo. Lucroy made $3.4M in 2015 and $4.375 this year and will make $5.25M next year. In addition, the Rangers gave up 3 highly rated prospects in the Lucroy trade and it got them the same number of playoff wins as the Astros this year.


  26. Lucroy turned Luhnow down. He was NEVER going to come here, so it’s a moot point Bo. But…I agree that the Beltran trade was “stoopid”. The pickings will be pretty slim over the winter, unless you expect Luhnow to throw crazy money at Chapman, which I am against 100%. So who do you want this front office to go after Bo????

    As much as I am glad the Cubs have finally made it to the WS…..I’m an A.L. girl now so I’m pulling for the Indians!!


    • To be fair to Bopert the Astros were not on Lucroy’s no trade list. Thus, he would have had to come here if we acquired him, but seeing what the Rangers gave up I am now glad we didn’t.


  27. I once had a NL team that I loved. I mourned them and then moved on. I’m an AL girl now too. I wanted to pull for the Cubs but in my heart I want the Tribe to win.

    I’m not so sure not convinced it’s the lack of money that’s holding them down. I believe it’s the lack of baseball knowledge.

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  28. Sandy….I agree 1000 %.
    It was a sad day when the Astros were kicked to the curb by Selig. I cried real tears over that move. We were a NL team…. PERIOD. Having the AL rub our nose in it was almost unbearable. It felt like we would never win again, then the kids showed up and all of a sudden we were relevant again! And I *love* being relevant again!
    So….although I’m glad the Cubs made it…..I’m a “dyed in the wool” AL girl!
    Indians up 3 games to 2……GO TRIBE!!!

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  29. When I talked about the possibility of a Lourdes Gurriel signing by the Astros perhaps freeing up other prospects for a trade, this is the kind of thing I was talking about: https://whensidslidcronies.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/the-untouchable-julio/
    I thought maybe a look at Teheran’s profile and stats might help http://www.baseball-reference.com/players/t/teherju01.shtml#contracts.
    This trade is proposed by a Braves Blog.
    Adding a guy like Lourdes to your stable could enable you to make the trade to seal your rotation and leaves free agency to fill the other holes in the lineup, since position players can be had this offseason via FA.


    • 1OP, I would do that deal without hesitation. I don’t think our three guys would be enough though. But I’d give them someone else too. I’d also offer Feliz if that’s what it took to get the deal done. .


  30. Yes Becky, that was a pretty good, detailed article. And as OP has requested of Bopert/Bo Weaver/Basketball Weaver, I’m still awaiting his response. In the meantime, I’ll give mine.

    Valbuena, with his .800 plus OPS lefty bat and solid defense mostly solves our immediate need at first base. It also gives us a couple of in house options for leftfield with Gurriel or Bregman. So really, a Valbuena signing resolves two problem areas. And it gives us a solid infield both offensively and defensively at every position for the first time in recent memory.

    Yasiel Puig has to be considered somewhat of a high risk, but if he is showing any signs of maturity, Houston would be a good fit. I think the Dodgers will hold on to him. If not, ultimately, he’s going to be a presence somewhere. I’d trade for him, assuming he’ll go for guys other than the five already in the lineup that we don’t want to lose. An outfield of Gurriel/Bregman, Springer and Puig immediately turns a weakness into a strength.

    I’ve been thinking about Gio Gonzalez for some time now. If he’s fully healthy, I don’t think his 2016 season is indicative of what to expect from him going forward. Washington might take prospects. If we can get him and keep the ML lineup intact, I’d like to see that done. But more and more, I’m thinking what little quality pitching available is going to be well overvalued this winter. Based on our continued budget constraints, we might be starting the season with a rotation of guys already in house. But we might have what we need if McCullers and Keuchel are healthy, Musgrove settles in, McHugh gives us more of what we saw from him in 2015 and Devenski gets his shot. A lot of question marks, but pretty much every pitcher in this years winter market is a question mark. And if we get to the All Star break in good shape, that might be the better time to pick up the ace we’ll need for the post season.

    I almost hate to say this, but we could do much worse than having Gattis and Castro behind the plate. If Castro does not find the free agent market all too embracing, I’d like to see him resigned, even if it’s for a couple of years. If Stubbs comes along at any point, someone will always need a Castro. He’ll be easy to move.

    We hit .218 with a .299 OBP and a .677 OPS from the 15 different guys who DH’ed for us in 2015. Let’s identify two or three guys already in house and let them own that role. OP likes Tucker, I like my nephew, and Gattis will be in that role, and probably Gurriel too. But let’s stop there.

    Tim, I’ll leave the pen in the hands of Luhnow. I’d love for him to shock me. This might be one area where he can make a huge impact.


  31. Dave you may be right on here. I know Uncle Jeff and Crane say the will spend, but it seems the FA market is lean for the big difference maker for the $$$$. Me personally, never been a fan of Puig or Cespedes, seem like bad chemistry guys.. I think were in a quagmire. Do we stand pat with some of our younger guys and hope they can learn to get on base/hit with Hudgens UGH, or loose some kids in the big trade?


  32. I keep thinking Dexter Fowler would be a good pick up, if he opts out in Chicago. He wouldn’t be ridiculous dollars. He would give you a leadoff hitter that would allow Springer to drop down in the order and give some protection to Correa. This would go a long way toward optimizing the batting order. I don’t remember that he left here on bad terms.

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    • Yeah, I want his bat in the lineup, but with all the praise heaped upon him this last month I fear he is too pricey for our FO. We’re getting Jon Jay (prediction) and Luhnow expects us to like it!


      • I don’t want Jay, but I can see it happening. If we don’t find a right fielder, Springer will be a centerfielder for someone else at some point not too far down the road.


  33. I know I’m just a girl…..but why don’t we see what we have in Devenski and Musgrove before we pull the string on a “too expensive” starter over the winter??
    Musgrove has only had a handful of starts, and Devenski only had a few starts before they moved him to the bullpen! Doncha wanna see if these two guys can pitch like we know they can, before you give up half the farm for Sale or Archer? And….what do you do with Musgrove if you bring in a guy like that…..send him back to AAA to toil away time, until he’s too old to trade? Man…. I don’t get it. And getting a guy like Jon Jay is just “settling”, like a guy I know who married a woman he wasn’t in love with, because nothing better was in the picture. WAIT to see who you have in our own system, or until you have EXACTLY who you want to go after! I would love to have Valbuena back, but not at over $18 million. Personally, I think he might resign at a more reasonable price with 3-4 years….at least I hope he does!!


  34. My fear is JL will go overboard getting a starting pitcher similar to what he did last year in the Giles trade.
    He’s already said the free agent market is better than advertised and he seems to be focused in that area.
    I really would like to see what we have in the pitching department before any big trades or signings.
    I like Valbuena at first but I would like to see an upgrade in LF. But then what do you do with Gurriel? DH?
    Giving the catching job to Gatos without a good backup is scary. Castro would be
    My best opinion at the right price. I don’t see him staying though, especially as the backup.

    Please Indians, please win tonight. Im ready to start planning for ST.

    Hope springs eternal. GO ASTROS


  35. I am rooting for the AL team in this WS, but I am still glad the Cubs fans got to see their team get a win at home. Lester was really, really good . . . well, except when the Indians got a runner on first.


  36. Some thoughts:
    I think Lourdes Gurriel has reached an agreement with a team and MLB has requested that the announcement be put off until after the series.
    The OTBG adage that good pitching beats good hitting has been quite evident in this year’s playoffs. I think the Astros need another real good starting pitcher to have a decent chance to go far in the playoffs.
    I wonder how many teams would like George Springer playing CF for them.
    The Cubs were a favorite to be a contender this year. Then they signed Lackey, Zobrist, Heyward and Fowler and traded for Chapman. With Maddon as their manager, if they get beaten by the Indians, that would just be crazy. But baseball is all about how your team played today and the Cubbies have not hit the ball and, particularly, have not handled sliders on the outside part of the plate and have looked a lot like the 2015 Astros, trying to jerk pitches and refusing to go oppo when Cleveland pitchers pour the ball on the outside half of the plate.
    Remember last year when Zobrist was so great at making Astros’ pitchers throw many pitches to him in his at-bats. He drove me nuts! He doesn’t seem near as efficient at that this year. Or is it that Cleveland pitchers refuse to nibble at the corners and are going right after him with better stuff?


  37. “The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee is known to haunt a certain type of star: MLB players. Numerous names in baseball have reported happenings at this hotel, including Bryce Harper (whose table moved while he was sleeping), Adrian Beltre (who reported knocking and pounding noises and a TV and AC that randomly turned on and off), Edgar Renteria and Pablo Sandoval (who both left the hotel after ghost encounters), Jason Heyward, Justin Upton, Carlos Gomez, Josh Johnson, Dan Meyers, Chris Volstad, Brendan Ryan, Mike Cameron, Ji-Man Choi, and Michael Young. Not that it matters to these guys, but apparently the ghost belongs to former owner Charles Pfister, who’s probably mad that Houston Astros pitcher Doug Fister spells his name without a ‘P’.” Matt Sulem, The Daily Meal


  38. I never participated in the line of questions so…

    1.The Astros make the playoff or they don’t make the playoffs?

    No, they will not. They have too many holes to stay with the biggest of the big boys.

    2.Dallas Keuchel or Lance McCullers Jr leads the team in wins?

    I feel Musgrove or Devinski will lead the team in wins next season.

    3.Evan Gattis or George Springer leads the team in home runs?

    If Reed comes to camp in shape and has his hitting shoes on, he will lead the team in homeruns.

    4.Mike Fiers or Chris Devenski is in the starting rotation to begin the season?


    5.Astros home attendance is over or under 2.5 million? (It was 2.3 million last year)

    About the same for now.

    6.A.J. Reed, Preston Tucker or Tyler White gets the most MLB at-bats?

    See my answer to #3.

    7.Ken Giles, Luke Gregerson or someone else (Aroldis Chapman??) leads the team in saves?

    Giles. Gregorson remains the 8th inning man.

    8.A.J. Hinch gets fired or gets his contract extended?

    Hinch’s contract runs through 2018 so it remains status quo.

    9.Jason Castro, Max Stassi, Tyler Heineman or someone else is the backup catcher?

    Hopefully, the club can swing a deal for McCann and either him or Gattis back up each other.

    10.The Astros win more or less than 6 of 19 games against the Texas Rangers?

    Les than 6 wins. The Rangers have a psychological advantage.

    11.Carlos Correa or Jose Altuve has more RBIs? (They both had 96 this season)

    Correa because Altuve will be moved to a setup spot in the batting order.

    12.Alex Bregman or Yulieski Gurriel has more hits?

    Bregman wins this one.

    13.The Astros sign a big name free agent or trade for a big name player in the off-season?

    They will trade for a big name.


  39. Carlos Correa is now 22 years old. In his partial year of 2015 he hit .279/.345/.857 with 22 HRs, 68 RBIs, and .18 strikeout/plate appearance ratio. In 2016 he hit .274/.361/.811 with 20 HRs, 96 RBIs, and a .21 strikeout/plate appearance ratio.

    What is his ceiling in the next five years? Assuming no serious injury, what is his floor?


    • I think he’s a .300 hitter with 30 HR in each year as long as he doesn’t press and stays healthy. I would put his ceiling at Miguel Cabrera. Here are his 20, 21, and 22 stats:
      .268 / .325 / .468 12HR 62RBI
      .294 / .366 / .512 33HR 112RBI
      .323 / .385 / .561 33HR 116RBI

      I think you’re already seeing his floor. There are pitches he doesn’t handle and I think that gets into his head a bit. If the daily grind at SS doesn’t wear him down I think this becomes less of an issue physically for the next 5-8 years.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I feel the same way. I am salivating at the thought that in 2017 CC could get a whole year of hitting clean up behind Springer [or Fowler?], Bregman, and Altuve, and in front of a guy like Gurriel.

        Liked by 1 person

    • I think long term he probably ends up at third, but his ceiling is high enough that I doubt he is a career Astro. I don’t know about Cabrera high, Miggy is one of the 3-4 best hitters of our generation, but it’s no doubt high.


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