For your discussion: Jeff Luhnow is the Anti-Christ

Reading the recent verbal attack by former Speaker of the House John Boehner on Ted Cruz, calling him “Lucifer in the flesh”, makes one wonder if Citizen Boehner had been reading some of the comments here about Astros’ GM Jeff Luhnow for inspiration.

There is a lot of frustration with the Astros GM after a very slow start to the season for “his” team and a series of moves that have been far more negative than positive lately. Cooler heads will say that this town saw the results of an early season knee jerk change across town when the Rockets unloaded Coach Kevin McHale 11 games into the season. That was also 11 games removed from a very strong run to the Western Conference Championship series. The results of that change was a season long slow slog to a last game play-in to the playoffs and an almost defenseless slaughter by the same team they fought bravely last season, a playoff series where they played worse with NBA MVP Steph Curry on the sidelines than when he played.

But enough digression, here, where do you stand on the very polarizing Mr. Luhnow?

  • Are you happy that the team went from the dregs of the earth (2013) to the playoffs in 2015?
  • Are you hacked off that the playoff team from last year seems to be the team that takes plays off this year?
  • Do you praise the brilliance that allowed him to grab Carlos Correa at a discount and used the money to also sign Lance McCullers Jr.?
  • Do you scoff at the idiocy of someone who drafted high school pitcher Brady Aiken instead of Carlos Rodon and Mark Appel instead of Kris Bryant?
  • Do you like the velvet touch that Luhnow’s manager choice A.J. Hinch showed during the 2015 season?
  • Do you hate the ham handed approach that Luhnow’s guy, Hinch, is showing so far in 2016?
  • Do you love how Luhnow took one of the worse minor league systems and turned it into a showcase in a few years?
  • Are you pulling out your hair as the minor league teams seem to be mirroring the struggles of the big club this season?
  • Were you happy when Luhnow promoted Correa, McCullers and Preston Tucker in moments of need in 2015?
  • Were you unhappy when young talent like Vincent Velasquez, Domingo Santana, Brett Phillips, Jacob Nottingham and Josh Hader were sent packing?
  • Were you happy when the Astros made the playoffs with one of the lowest payrolls in the majors?
  • Were you hacked off when the Astros held deserving players back (George Springer and Correa) until they could be controlled for another season?
  • Were you joyful when so many minor league pitchers were given chances to start games?
  • Were you unhappy when so few pitchers were allowed to pitch more than 5 innings?

And this could go on ad nauseam…..

Where do you stand on Jeff Luhnow and how hot is his seat? And how hot should it be?


235 comments on “For your discussion: Jeff Luhnow is the Anti-Christ

  1. This has GOT to be a good sign for me tomorrow! My doc is a big Astros fan too!
    You didn’t think I would pick a doc that wasn’t did you??!! Woo hoo! We win!!

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  2. By the way, for those clamoring to play Marisnick over Gomez, he is hitting .160 in Fresno with an OPS of .392. Even at his worst Gomez is a much better option than Marisnick. If anyone deserves a chance it’s Eury Perez who is hitting .340 with an .886 OPS.

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  3. I’m not all that excited after our 6-4 win. 5 hits last night makes for 7 total over two games with a last place Twins team. McHugh struggled again. Good to see the pen put up blanks though.

    That was indeed a magnificent shot by Springer last night. Over swinging is going to have that result every now and then. But I’d like to start seeing our guys start acting like “they’ve been there before” at some point. Earl Campbell said something to that effect when asked why he just gently dropped the ball in the end zone every time he scored.


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