How well do you know your Astros’ trivia?

The Astros go to spring training with such an overall young and inexperienced team – you would think it would be difficult to come up with a few challenging trivia questions.

Well, you would be wrong…..

“Current” below refers to Astros in camp – 40 man roster plus non-roster-invitees.

#1 – Two current Astros are tied for having the most career home runs as Astros.  Who are they?

#2 – Who has appeared in more major league games – Chad Qualls or the following 11 pitchers  cumulatively – Scott Feldman, Jerome Williams, Dallas Keuchel, Lucas Harrell, Brad Peacock, Josh Fields, Brett Oberholtzer, Chia-Jen Lo, Kevin ChapmanJarred Cosart and Josh Zeid(Is Dan P being obvious or is this a sucker’s bet?)

#3 – Which current Astro has the most career RBI’s as an Astro?

#4 – After Qualls with 51 saves – who has the next most career saves of current Astros? Pete Moylan, Matt Albers, Jesse Crain, Josh Fields or Jerome Williams?

#5 – Who has more career steals – Jose Altuve or Dexter Fowler?

#6 – Scott Feldman has the most career wins for any current pitcher (51). Which two pitchers are tied for the second most career wins (no matter what team)?

#7 – Which current pitcher has the most career wins as an Astro?

#8 – Between the 40 man roster and the non-roster invitees, the Astros brought 64 players to training camp this season. How many of them are 30 years old or older?

#9 – On the Astros 40 man roster – how many of the every day players have had birthday number 30?

#10 – The Astros 40 man roster includes 6 first round (or supplemental first  round) picks – most of them made by other teams. How many can you name?

Hope you enjoyed this little quiz – it emphaiszes just how inexperienced the Astros are and how this team is practically starting from scratch. Chip will be posting the questions with the answers in the next day or two.


36 comments on “How well do you know your Astros’ trivia?

  1. Hint – Question #1
    One of the guys is a sure thing to make the team – the other guy has a good chance of not making the team and would certainly not make it if most of the bloggers here had a say.
    (I’ll drop hints every so often).


  2. No hints on #2 – but on #3 – I will say it was someone who looked good when he first came up and kind of slipped each season since.


  3. 1. Castro & carter
    2. Qualls
    3. JDM
    4. Fields
    5. Fowler
    6. Williams & qualms
    7. Harrell
    8. 7
    9. 1
    10. Castro, White, williams, Matty d, wojo, and ??? Springer,appeal, correa, deshields, Folty and Wallace aren’t on the 40 right?


  4. Devin – good job – I won’t grade you – but overall good job.
    And yes – the guys you mention on the bottom are not on the 40 man – but are on the NRI non-roster-invite list


  5. #1 – Wallace & Carter #2 – Qualls #3 – J. D. # 4 – Fields #5 – Fowler # 6 – Qualls & Crain # 7 – Qualls #8 – 7 # 9 – 0 (unless Corporan is considered every day player) # 10 – Fields, White, Wojciechowski, Williams, Castro, Matty D,

    I cheated and guessed like crazy, but still not sure of most answers.


    • Lots of cheating there Astro 45 – but if I can use baseball-reference to put together the questions – how can I get mad at others for doing it.

      I was using the general term for everyday players as opposed to pitchers – I did not literally mean somebody who played every day.


    • Great point Astro 45 – AAA is usually stuffed with older guys who are there “just in case” and a handful of real prospects.


  6. From my oldest son – Thomas….
    Just to throw my guesses out there. I did consult our roster to be reminded of some names but did not look up any info on them.

    1. Brett Wallace and Chris Carter
    2. 11 pitchers
    3. Jason Castro
    4. Albert
    5. Fowler
    6. Scott Feldman and Brad Peacock
    7. Dallas Keuchel
    8. 3
    9. 2
    10. J. Castro, J. Singleton, B. Oberholtzer, B. Peacock, J. Crain, and J. Villar


  7. From my third son – Adam –
    My turn.

    1) Carter and Castro

    2) 11 pitchers. To quote a Star Wars character, “It’s a trap!” This one made us want to guess Qualls.

    3) Gotta agree with Tom here. Castro. Unless it’s Qualls. :p

    4) Albers probably didn’t get many saves, so Fields?

    5) Fowler. Although steal attempts might change my answer.

    6) peacock and Qualls.

    7) Andy Petitte. Or maybe I’m misremembering that one.

    8) 5

    9) 1

    10) Arod, Barry Bonds, that Springer kid, Michael Jordan, that kid from Rookie of the Year, Tracy McGrady (I hear he’s a pitcher now!), and…oh that was all 6.

    Did I get a zero?


  8. My son Adam – sent this out this morning and I thought it was brilliantly funny – it would help to have seen the SNL skits parodying Jeopardy with Sean Connery as a celebrity guest and it also helps to know that my son Thomas is an insanely possessed UT fan – before you read this.

    Yes, after looking at our guesses, Dad feels like Alex Trebek (Will ferrel).

    Adam (Sean Connery): I’ll take Ass Troll history for $500.

    Dad: That’s Astros History Mr. Connery. Sigh. Who was the first Astro to hit 30 Home Runs and 30 Doubles in a season?

    Tom: Yea! UT is up 58-40! The Eyes of Texas are upon you!

    Dad: Tom, do you have an answer to the question?

    Tom: People rip on Rick Barnes, but he’s turning this club around.

    Dad: And so we move on to final jeopardy. Name a player on the Astros’ current roster. Any name will do. You can just guess a first name. Matt for example. Write down Matt. And pencils down. Let’s see how you did. Tom, you wrote Go Horns Go! And you wagered Mac Brown’s salary. Thankfully the charity you were playing for was actually a Nigerian Scam. And Adam, let’s see what you got. You drew a picture of what appears to be a Sharknado hitting my car. And your wager is…what is this?

    Adam: It’s a dome-dog. I saved it as a souvenir from a game 15 years ago.

    Dad: That’s all the time we have. To our viewers at home, just remember that you chose to watch this rather than watch the Rangers-Astros game. Make of that what you will.


  9. Dan P – looking up trivia, I came across some interesting info especially concerning the “bench players”. In 2013, it looks like 8 Astros played 1st base, 4 – 2B, 4 SS, 6 – 3rd, 6 – catchers & 20 – DH. One would think the line up in 2014 would have a lot more stability. (Catchers were due to injury)


    • Astro 45 – let’s face it – outside the catcher position – the many people playing certain positions was tied to performance (or lack there of)……
      Man – 20 DH’s and probably only Carter (and maybe Castro) put up good numbers as a DH….


  10. No Astros DH with more than 10 at bats hit higher than .219. Castro’s avg was .219 w/ a .270 OBP. Carter hit . 209 as a DH with a .307 OBP and 10 HR. The rest of the team was horrible at DH.


    • So the Question follows: Since the Astros were horrible at DH last year, did they go get someone to improve that this year? No. They have used the Houston Texans Fix It method: Stick Derek Newton back out there and have the worst record in the league.


      • It is always possible that the guys could improve with more experience or it is possible that this is the definition of insanity doing the same thing and expecting a different result….


  11. If they send Springlerton down to OKC to start the year, they will have Grossman, Hoes, Dominguez, Villar, Altuve, AAA 1B and Castro and Carter. Thats eight of the nine players that lost 111 games last year and the last 15 in a row. Only Fowler is added and we have the same manager and hitting coach.
    Improvement by the same guys that lost 111 game is absolutely the only hope we have, and still we could improve by 11 wins and lose 100 and have the worst team in baseball for the fourth year in a row.


    • OK for truth in advertising – those guys had a lot to do with the 15 in a row – but Grossman, Hoes and Villar played less than 1/2 the games – so I can’t drop the whole 111 on them.


  12. Any team that leaves Florida WITHOUT Ankiel, Pena, Bedard & Wallace, will be better than one that leave Florida with them. Probably not 25 games better, but still better.


      • Humber was one of the worst pitchers in baseball last year. Sad part is there were several people who were fooled by his great spring… I was one of those saying it was a fluke. He’s never even had a good year in AAA. Thing to consider… he went from A to the majors in second year after being drafted and was a dominant pitcher in college. Just a thing to think about with Appel.


  13. And one more trivia hunting nugget. L. J. Hoes played 2nd and 3rd in the minors. His numbers are about as bad as Villar. So he could be an emergency backup on the infield.


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