Jeff Luhnow: Winning at his own game

The folks here at Chipalatta, both writers and readers, have been around the block a few times, some of us in horse-drawn carriages. We know that no World Series is ever won just because a team has made all the right moves along the way. We know that the Astros going out and trading for pitcher Zack Greinke (along with bringing back catcher Martin Maldonado and grabbing pitchers Joe Biagini and Aaron Sanchez) did not clinch a victory parade when they picked up the best pitcher to change teams at the deadline.

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How ’bout them Astros!!

Today feels like one of those Loel Passe moments. Loel was the main broadcaster for the Houston Buffs and was brought across to the Houston Colt .45s and then the Astros when Judge Roy Hofheinz and partners persuaded the MLB to hand them a franchise (so they would not start-up a competing league). Loel was a good old country boy and phrases like “he breezed him one more time”, “hot ziggity dog and sassafras tea” and “now you chuckin’ in there” would pour out as smooth and thick as that tea.

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Astros 2019: 2 tales of opportunity

One of the complaints about the Astros’ usage of Tyler White, especially in 2016 and 2017 was that the team did not really seem to be willing to give him a big shot. In 2016, he started off as an AL Player of the Week, then horribly slumped and was used sporadically in the second half. In 2017 he hit very well .279 BA/ .328 OBP/ .853 OPS, but was only given 61 ABs.

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