New Years’ resolutions with the best team in the world

Usually, when a new year comes around, human nature tends to push the inhabitants of planet Earth to make resolutions that we really need to attain, but rarely do.

But what type of resolutions do you expect from a team that was so good, they basically cruised to the championship and returned almost all the main contributors?

You may think this is a difficult task, but you should never underestimate the ability of this blog to nitpick on the Mona Lisa.

Proposed Resolutions for 2023

Cristian JavierDude, you were amazing last season, especially in the playoffs. This year you will go from part-time swingman to #2 in the rotation. In your 25 starts, you averaged 5.4 innings per start. Please, resolve to up that number closer to 6 IP/start. Maybe a few fewer walks and strikeouts.

Jeremy PenaYou were one of the top rookies in the AL, and you ably filled the shoes of an All Star, especially when winning both the ALCS and World Series MVPs. Two numbers stand out for improvement from 2022 for you 22 walks (3.9% of PAs) and 135 Ks (24.2% of PAs). Please, resolve to lay off those low and outside sliders and move both those numbers in the right direction. Maybe watch some Alex Bregman films.

Kyle Tucker and Yordan AlvarezYou guys were the left-handed power kids that carried the team through tough times. And even with Yordan’s big swat to overturn Game 6 and Kyle’s two WS home runs, you both struggled in the ALCS and WS. Please, resolve to do a better job on the high heat that the Yanks and Phils used to slow you down.

Rafael MonteroYou had a career year in 2022 while pulling down a meager (by MLB veteran standards) $2.725 million. You now have cashed in with $11.5 MM per season for the next three seasons. Please resolve to not try to “earn” that extra money by doing anything more than you did in 2022. We don’t need you overthrowing or throwing out that arm.

Jose AbreuWelcome, Jose. You will be filling some big shoes with your own large shoes.  A couple dimensions to throw out there – you come from Guaranteed Rate Field, which, left to right is 330’ – 375’ – 400’ – 375’ – 335’. You are coming to Minute Maid Park, which, left to right, is 315’ – 362’ (and I believe this is where the stands turn back after the Crawford Boxes – I think it is only about 340’ to the front of the CBs in left center ) – 409’ – 370’ – 326’. Please, resolve to not over-pull the ball trying to dunk balls into the CBs and end up like Trey Mancini, who turned early success into an inability to get any kind of hit.

Alex Bregman – After a couple of health hindered seasons, you were almost as good in 2022 as in your peak years of 2018 and 2019. In your 88 games before the All Star break, you were slashing a so-so .238 BA / .356 OBP/ .764 OPS, but stepped it up after the break in 67 games with a .287/.379/.894 slash. Please, resolve to ignore the calendar and get your season rolling earlier this season.

Michael BrantleyIn your 4 seasons (when well), you have slashed a consistent and robust .306 BA/ .368 OBP/ .832 OPS. Please resolve to avoid those injuries, which are the only things that have slowed you down. (Oh, and maybe learn something from Yordan about hitting lefties as a lefty).

Luis Garcia / Jose UrquidyYou were both good in 2022, but a step down from 2021. Please resolve to make the adjustments to keep you as consistent performers in the rotation.

Lance McCullers Jr.I’ll jump to the chase here. Please resolve to stay on the field.

Ryan PresslyAfter decades of bullpens imploding, exploding, and all sorts of ploding in the playoffs – this was the absolute best relief work the Astros have ever had in the playoffs, and you were the anchor. Please, resolve….to keep it up.

There are quite a few players left off this list because now it is your turn. What resolutions would you like to pass out to players on the 2023 Astros?


27 comments on “New Years’ resolutions with the best team in the world

  1. I just watched Bryan Abreu strike out the side in the 7th inning of the game 4 no-hitter. I especially enjoyed the 100 MPH heater that painted the outside corner for strike 3 against Harper. Bryan, please show up in shape, ready to take on more closer opportunities. And if you still want to be a starter, just keep pitching like you did in 2022. Your chance will come one day.


  2. Chas McCormick- Try to get a little better at the plateAs a .250 hitter you add a lot more value. try to see that ball better out of the pitcher’s hand.
    Justin Dirden- Get yourself ready. this is the year you must make an impression because it is the last year you remain protected. Work on hitting LH pitching. Your LH/RH splits are way too far apart. This is the year you can break out. Your size and age are great. Your lack of experience is the thing holding you back. It is time to hit better against older pitchers.


    This is the Astros top 30 prospect list from 2018, the year Jeremy Pena was drafted. In 2019 Pena first appeared on the list as the #17 prospect.
    Take in the names on that 2018 list. It is amazing to see who is a star and who is gone, especially in regards to where they were on the 2018 prospect list.


    • Captain Bligh! It’s time to remind Jake Meyers that he’s got no guaranteed job with the Astros in 2023. He really needs to come into Spring Training 2023 and hit ML pitchers. And unfortunately, Jake’s one shot in the 2022 post season resulted in two over matched at bats where he waved at strike three both times, and then never to be seen again. Jake, you might not have a future with the Astros, but there are 29 other teams out there.


    • First of all, he is a LH bat and throws right handed.
      Second of all, he has two option years remaining.
      Thirdly, his agent may have done a really good job selling the Astros on the changes Madris made in 2022 in AAA to raise his numbers, especially in Durham for the Rays.
      Finally, he gives the Astros depth in the outfield at the top level of the minors, which is actually right there in the Houston area. He has not had much of a look in his career and might have latched on to a gravy train if he should take off offensively.


  4. Seems that Rafael Devers is closing in on an 11 year, 331 million deal.
    He’s played 4 full seasons plus. So far he’s posted a 15.2 WAR. Defensively he’s a bit of a liability and is already carrying around 240 pounds on a 6 foot frame. Boston management has let themselves get backed up against the wall by their fanbase.

    Our guy has played 2 full seasons plus. His WAR to date is 12.8. He excels at all areas of the game. Getting any kind of an extension from Tucker will be a real long shot. He’ll make more money than Devers in a couple of years. We must to keep developing in house.


  5. The Astros are set for three years with one of the best hitting first basemen in baseball. Abreu had 183 hits in 2022.
    The Astros have the player named best 2B in MLB as their starter at that position for at least two more seasons and he has indicated he wants to stay here.
    The Astros have Jeremy Pena, the WS MVP, for at least five more years.
    The Astros have one of the best third baseman in MLB as their starter. He is a fitness freak and a tireless worker, who has stated his preference to remain in Houston.
    Does any other team in baseball have as good an infield as this? This is a dream come true.


    • No, there is no other such team in MLB. I agree completely. But, we could witness an exodus soon. The players association does not like their players to take lower offers. Obviously nor do the agents. We’re going to be an excellent team for the next few years, but if this new wave of decade long, lifetime contracts become the norm, our owner might not even try to keep up. At the same time, in 2030 and beyond, those of us still hanging around might witness a barrage of bad contracts, lamented by the free spending owners. Guys like Trout and and Pujols already come to mind. Devers is all set and the Beantown fans are delighted, but they’ve got no pitching. I hope I’m already long enough to see how this all works out!


      • If you manage to extend Altuve and Bregman before they become free agents, they won’t have to worry about offers from other teams.
        Bregman and Altuve have both already signed one extension and have indicated they would like a second one. That gives the Astros something to work with.
        Tucker’s situation is different. He turned down a deal and that tells the Astros a lot. They either need to find a way forward with him or tap everything they can from him in the next three years and get that value like they did from Correa and Springer. They need to have someone in the system to take his place by spring of 2026 if he decides to test the free agent waters.


    • Basically, the “weak” link of the infield is the guy who was the ALCS and WS MVP and who did a decent job replacing the best SS in team history and who has the most room to improve. That is strong.

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  6. Since the topic is resolutions, I resolve to give everyone more nutty songs this year:

    You say you want a resolution
    Well, you know
    We have the best team in the world
    You tell me that it’s evolution
    Well, you know
    We want more championship banners unfurled

    When Yordan shows he’s about baseball destruction
    Don’t you know that you can count me in
    Don’t you know we’re gonna be alright
    Alright, alright

    You say we’ve got our infield solution
    Well, you know
    We all loved the “Jeremy plan”
    We asked him for a contribution
    Well, you know
    He might hit more since shifts are banned

    But if you want pennants for Yankees with minds that hate
    I’ll tell you don’t bother me, you have to wait
    Don’t you know we’re gonna be alright
    Alright, alright

    You say you’ll change rotation constitution
    Well, you know
    We just changed the starter at the head
    You tell me JV was an institution
    Well, you know
    The budget is better with Valdez

    But if you go carrying pictures of Steve Cohen
    Those long-term contracts will bite you in the end
    Don’t you know we’re gonna be alright
    Alright, alright


  7. I’ve been peeking in at, the Mets blog, from time to time. It’s a troubled group at this point. Some are already fed up with Correa and his drama. I hope they get a decade of it.

    You know 1oldpro, I think we’ll be squeezing all we can out of Tucker for the next three years. But wouldn’t it be neat to see Jason Dirden sharing the outfield with both Alvarez and Tucker for a couple of years? We might well find out by summer if the kid is ready. And I would also not be surprised if Chas turned his game up a notch or two. One thought I have at this point. I don’t think it’s good for either Jake or Chas to have Dusty giving them both regular playing time in center. One needs to be the starter.

    But as you mentioned 1op, we could end up with both a marvelous infield and outfield for the next few years if Bregman and Altuve and the Astros cooperate.


    • If the Astros are smart enough to lead off with Altuve and then Bregman I’m going with Alvarez in the #3 spot for the Astros MVP because he will have Abreu protecting his six in the #4 spot.
      Then Tucker batting fifth followed by Pena and Brantley.


  8. Yesterday I told you what I thought about the Astros infield.
    Now I am going to tell you what I think about their outfield and DH.
    I think they will have a top three outfield. Alvarez proved he can play like an MVP candidate and will spend half his time in LF and half his time at DH. He is tied up for years with his new deal.
    Brantley is a .300 hitter and will prove it this year, now that his shoulder injury won’t be hampering his swing. I think he will share LF and DH with Yordan, with each getting plenty of rest in between ABs.
    The Astros RFer was named second team all-pro, meaning he is considered in the top six outfielders in MLB. He had a down year average wise and the lack of shifts could launch him into the top 3 outfielders in MLB this year. He is an Astro for at least 3 more seasons.
    Chas McCormick has just over 640 ABs in MLB, most of them on an irregular basis. If he could get consistent time in CF he could develop into a legitimate CFer. He certainly proved in the playoffs that the big stage was not too big for him. He has four more years of team control
    Finishing with:


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