Astros’ fans: This one’s for you!

The Astro fans have been under a cloud since January 2020. A dark cloud, not of their making, hung over them since IT occurred. There has been total frustration for nearly 3 years as we were unable to enjoy the first and only World Championship in Astros’ history. The fans have had to hear it from every other fan base, even those whose teams were not that clean themselves.

Well, this is a season and a championship that the cynics and trolls cannot take away, and they cannot tarnish with the dark paint of scandal. Yes, the Astros did it for Dusty Baker, and they did it for themselves, but they also did it for a great fan base that has hung in there through all sorts of adversity. We can be proud of a team that did not ever give up this year and showed that great pitching, great defense, and enough offense equals a championship.

It is amazing that some of the biggest question marks coming into this season became the biggest exclamation points.

  • Jeremy Pena had to fill huge shoes and, with some ups and downs, did just that throughout the season. Then when the team reached the playoffs, which so often was Carlos Who’s time, he put the pedal to the metal and won both the ALCS and World Series MVP. What an unbelievable blessing he has been to this team!
  • Justin Verlander missed two seasons of baseball other than one start in 2020 and, at age 39, put up an incredible comeback season that likely gave him a third Cy Young award and, finally, his first World Series win.
  • Alex Bregman, after a near MVP season in 2019, had struggled through injuries for two seasons that made him look like a pale imitation of himself. He struggled early in 2022 but ended up with a fine season and was a key hitter throughout the postseason.
  • Lance McCullers Jr. had to battle back from a 2021 playoff injury and gave the team a shot in the arm towards the end of the 2022 season and into the playoffs. He had one bad start in the World Series but, overall, was a strong contributor.
  • Framber Valdez had been good in the 2021 season, but his terrible pitching in the playoffs left people questioning whether he could hold up when things got tight. He was great in 2022 and one of their most reliable pitchers in the playoffs.
  • Bryan Abreu had shown a great arm and promise, but a lot of folks thought 2022 was his last shot to prove his worth. Well, he certainly showed what he was made of as he became a beast out of the bullpen down the stretch and throughout the playoffs,
  • Rafael Montero looked like a throw-in in the Kendall Graveman trade after a few appearances and an injury that ended 2021 for him. He became an extremely reliable leveraged reliever for the team and the main eighth-inning man.
  • Ryan Pressly had been a very reliable cog for the team, but certainly, there were questions about whether the Astros should shell out for a big-armed classic closer to cruise through the season and the playoffs. He was critical to their success as he shut down all comers in a postseason for the ages.
  • Dusty Baker – Admit it, we complained about his resting folks and his lineups and his pitching changes, but he guided them all the way through, and they looked like the freshest team as they dispatched all comers.

But of course, this does not include all the other contributors to this championship. The unbelievable starting pitching of Cristian Javier. The solid contributions of Jose Urquidy and Luis Garcia. The unbelievable bookend home runs of Yordan Alvarez as his power won the first and the last playoff games for the Astros this season. Jose Altuve climbing back to the .300 mark for the first time since 2018. The wonderful handling of the pitching staff by Martin Maldonado and his smartness to crowd the place to start their winning rally in Game 6. Yuli and Chas contributed so much defensively and sometimes offensively in the playoffs. To Michael Brantley, who we missed so often – you earned a ring too. The contributions to the bullpen of a shutdown season by Ryne Stanek and fine support by former Phillie Hector Neris.

The Astros needed this and so much more to accomplish a championship. And you were a big part of this as you supported them through all the ups and downs of the 2022 marathon.

My mom got to see this. I wish my dad had. But thank you, Astros. Thank you for making us proud.


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    • MLB Network will have 2 hour condensed version with their own announcers a few times this week. I have already recorded the one they showed at 2 am this morning and I know they will show it at least once more today.


      • So good to hear from you, Sandy. I haven’t posted in years, so don’t know if you’re still here regularly or not. Don’t know about Becky either.


  1. Kyle Schwarber tried to bunt his way on with a 1-2 count and two outs in the top of the 8th. Did he realize he had no other chance against Abreu at that point? The Phillies scored 3 runs off 9 hits in the final three games of the World Series. Big hits and remarkable pitching won it for the Astros.

    Sarge, I think you’re stuck with Dusty next year. Maybe get some off season therapy. It might help.

    I don’t know if we win the series without Pena. Our shortstop did every single thing you might expect from a veteran HOF candidate. And Valdez? Those were two huge starts by our lefty.

    Seems we were hiding Abreu from much of the league during the regular season. In 10 post season appearances he went 11.1 innings. 19 K’s, no runs, 5 holds. He got a whole bunch of nail biting outs.

    So much more to talk about.

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  2. For all the belly-aching, I’m pretty pleased with our mid-season acquisitions. I don’t think they can afford Vasquez for 2023 and don’t think Mancini returns either, but without them both we may be still wondering if Dusty will ever get a ring.


    • Thanks Gary – before their rebuild I thought your team was going to take us out one of those years. Now I am afraid they are about to say “Vegas Baby” (which we went through with the Oilers). Good luck to you and your team when you are not playing ours…

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  3. * I’m not convinced Trey Mancini was able to handle the speed of the Astros pace of play. He was thrown from a slow moving train in Baltimore to an absolute bullet train in Houston.
    Now that he knows how he has to speed up his game in order to keep up, he might be a better player in the future.
    But, that $ 250,000 buyout of his $10,000,000 2023 option looms.
    * No other team knows how well Michael Brantley’s recovery is going. The Astros know. A fully recovered/re-signed Brantley fixes the Astros LF/DH dilemma for 2023.
    * Maldonado has a broken bone in his throwing hand, suffered on a HBP on August 28th. He also will have surgery next week for a hernia.
    * Alex Bregman is pretty sure he broke his left index finger on his slide into 2B in the 8th inning. He would have not been able to play in a game 7.


    • Well, if you are going to break a finger, I guess playing through the last half inning of the season without a ball hit to you is the minimum.
      Maldy is amazing – rub some dirt on it and keep playing.
      Could Brantley be the comeback kid next season?

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  4. Was just reading a bizarre fact – when Dusty managed his first game in April 1993 – the leadoff hitter for the opposing team was Geronimo Peña – Jeremy’s dad

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  5. Willy texted this from Luckenbach:

    Maybe I didn’t praise you … quite as often as I could have;
    Maybe I complained and hazed you …
    far more cruelly than I should have.
    If I seemed to be upset and stressed
    Guys, just know I’m not that smart …
    and you were always on my heart.
    You were always on my heart.

    Tell me … tell me that it’s not all just a dream!
    and give me … just give me one more chance to celebrate this team!

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  6. Mr. Bill, speaking of the Reptile, he gave up 2 hits in the 2022 post season, one of them as a reliever in game 1 of the Seattle series. In his two following starts, he gave up 1 hit total. In the post season he’s given up 3.9 hits per nine innings during his short career, and in the regular season, 5.7 per nine. Those are remarkable numbers. Lifetime, Nolan Ryan has the lowest HP9 with a 6.55 average. The second guy, named Koufax has a 6.79. Who knows what Javier will do going forward, but I don’t think he’ll be hanging out in the pen next year.


    • What happens with Javier may depend on what the FO decides we need – and can get – in CF. Chaz made a play on Realmuto’s smash to right center that we will all remember for years – but on the other hand … he led the team in Ks (10 in only 19 ABs) and provided zero EBHs or RBI. This was not exactly the kind of offensive contribution we need from a starting CF. This may force us to consider trading from our depth of starting pitching – if we can’t afford to pick up Nimmo or Judge in FA.


      • Mr. Bill – if you are going to trade from the wealth of pitching – it can’t be Javier – the guy is special. You would have to be looking at Luis Garcia or Jose Urquidy and even then that would be a tough decision.
        Chas had a bad WS hitting, but was better in the earlier rounds of the playoffs. Looking at his whole year, he did knock off 6% from his strike out rate. Still needs to improve that.
        In his two seasons his 162 game average is .250 BA/.323 OBP/ .752 OPS – 67 runs/20 HRs/67 RBIs – not great, but .242 BA/ .309 OBP/ .701 OPS is league average – so above average.
        If the only way to bring in a better CF is trade Javier, then I say no trade.


      • We don’t have to worry about Judge. The club is not going to entertain a contract anywhere close to what he’ll get elsewhere. Nimmo, I like him, and he sure would stretch out the lineup but he’s a health risk and likely will get more than what he’s worth. I’d be pleased to see him join the club though.

        Although I want to get younger, we might go back to Brantley where he can share most of the season with Yordan with hope he’ll stay well at least until we see if any of the AAA guys want an outfield job bad enough. And of course Jake will still be snooping around which is bad for Chas.

        As Dan notes, Chas really is better than league average in center. And he has improved at recognizing pitches, even though he’s never had a fulltime job. But I don’t think he’s ever going to be given the fulltime job in Houston. He’ll have to go somewhere else for that.

        But back to Javier. He’s an untouchable on this club at this point. He’s the biggest reason why we don’t need to pay Verlander in 2023. And don’t forget Hunter Brown. We’ve got 6 solid starters without JV. That’s still the deepest rotation in MLB.


  7. Tucker did not have a career year, nor did he have a remarkable post season. But I can’t imagine this club not having him out in rightfield for years to come. At 25, he’s already played 51 post season games for us. He’s as smart as anyone on the field. And he’s a rare 5 tool guy in anyone’s outfield. We get three more years from Tucker, but if there is an essential extension, he’s the guy to get it done with.


  8. I don’t know how Pressly got through that 5 out save in game 5. That was the essential win of the series at that point. First he had to bail out Montero in the 8th. Then he needed some help in the 9th. He sure got that help, and from two somewhat unlikely sources. All the more beautiful. Pressly went 11 innings in the 2022 playoffs and gave up 4 hits, no earned runs. None. I’m not sure if we win it all without him either.


  9. This World Series was, for me, the definition of a ‘team’ win. There was no single dominant offensive force – but multiple players had a moment or two of timely contribution.

    Here is how the offense went in the WS:
    [Note regarding reserves: Diaz was hitless in 8 ABs with 4 Ks; Hensley had 2 hits in 7 ABs, no EBH, no RBIs, & no runs scored, and struck out 4 times; Vazquez also had 2 hits in 7 ABs, no EBHs, 1 important RBI, no runs scored, and struck out 3 times]

    Altuve – .308/.333/.718, 2 2B, 1 BB, no HR, no RBI, 3 Ks, 5 R
    Pena – .400/.423/1.023, 2 2B, 1BB, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 7 Ks, 5 R
    Alvarez – .130/.231/.505, 1 2B, 2BB, 1 HR, 6 RBI, 8 Ks, 4 R
    Bregs – .238/.385/.908, 3 2B, 4 BB, 1 HR, 4 RBI, 4 Ks, 4 R
    Tuck – .190/.280/.804, 1 2B, 3 BB, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 5 Ks, 2 R
    Yuli – .316/.350/.718, 1 2B, 1 BB, 0 HR,1 RBI, 1 K, 1 R
    Mancini – .111/.111/.222, 0 2B, 0 BB, 0 HR, 0 RBI, 4K, 0 R
    Maldy – .200/.250/.450, 0 2B, 1 HBP, 0 HR, 0 RBI, 4K, 0 R
    Chaz – .211/.318/.529, 0 2B, 0 BB, 0 HR, 0 RBI, 10K, 1 R

    The team as a greater whole – and the pitching staff – won this Series.


  10. There is already dynasty talk. Please, folks out there, refrain until and unless it actually happens. We got in major trouble before due to pride and bravado. I warned then and I warn now. Yes, I’m a nag and nags are not popular. I am not worried about being popular. Only worried for this extraordinary team.


  11. My brother texted me….

    “Carlos Correa is going to ride in the parade. The organization wants him to carry Pena’s jock strap in the follow-up car….


  12. * Maldonado and Brantley get their WS rings at age 35.
    * Expanded playoffs will mean bigger checks for teams and players involved.
    * Don’t understand why the big hoopla over Crane nixxing the Urquidy/Contreras deal. Crane has more knowledge of Verlander’s plans than anyone else. Losing JV on top of trading Urquidy would have put the Astros shopping in an expensive starting pitcher market this off season.
    * With the high-price ticketed sellouts from the playoffs, the Astros have higher revenues from this year to continue meeting payroll needs next year.
    * Naming an offseason roster comes quickly: one week from today. There will be tons of Astros news between now and then.


  13. After speaking of Javier as a lock for the rotation, a couple of things need to happen. Montero needs to get resigned. Stanek had an excellent season, but he needs to cut his walk rate in half. He might not have a future here. So Click or whatever guy is in charge is going to have to tighten up the pen. I think we proved again that a lefty is not essential. We’ve got guys, but is Abreu now a lifer in the pen?


    • I suggest the Astros look at both Dubin and Whitley for their bullpen next year. It is time to stop wasting their youth in roles of starters when we could be developing them as good relievers by having them concentrate on their best pitches only and using their big pitches to get guys out. We have a rotation set and it is time to try to recover our investments in these two by putting them where they can be used like we used Abreu this year.
      With the relievers we already have under contract, we need to start blending young arms into our relief system, so we don’t have to go out and sign expensive relievers year after year.
      Somebody is going to pay Montero for 2 yrs at $5mil per year. Whitley and Dubin are already on the 40-man. Let’s start using their asset to out advantage. If they can’t get guys out, we need to know it now, not after another useless year.


      • I was thinking Montero would cost something in the range of Neris money. I hope we pay the price. I’ve got absolutely no confidence in Whitley. Dubin at 27 becomes a longer shot too. We’ve got a great opportunity to go deep again next year. It’s time to make the roster stronger than the 2022 version.


  14. Who is Korey Lee in the eyes of the F.O.? Is he regarded highly enough to let the best back-up catcher in baseball – Christian Vazquez -take his expensive contract and go?

    Because of the amount of money it involves, the F.O.’s looming backstop decision will probably have a significant effect on its seemingly more important CF and 1B decisions.


    • I don’t think Vazquez thinks he is a back up catcher. That is why he won’t be back. I would tend to agree with him.

      Lee would be my guy – a season of being assigned to catch 1 guy all year, and live in Maldy’s head. He is a better hitter now than Maldy has ever been, but you can’t under state what Maldy means to this rotation. I know the announcers were praising both Vazquez and Maldy in both series, but you can tell the difference defensively, it is visible. Maldy frames better, throws better, and I could see differences in some of the pitchers comfort levels. Javier had 2 early walks in the no hitter game – the first one I don’t think happens if Maldy is framing what was called ball 3 in that count.


      • If you look back to when Maldonado was 24, he wasn’t a bad hitter. He even had some success in the minors. I think if he were facing AAA pitchers nightly he’d be getting on base quite a bit. He’s overmatched by the velocity that pitchers have this day. I haven’t seen anything from Lee at Corpus or Sugarland that says he’s definitely a better hitter than Maldonado at the same age, but since we’re willing to accept sub-Mendoza level output from our catcher if the Astros feel like Lee won’t benefit enough from regular at bats at AAA you save the money and get what you can out of him next year.


  15. I don’t know how you keep Hunter Brown out of the rotation at this point. Maybe he takes the CJ role for the next year or two, starting some, multi-inning guy in others.

    The depth of this pitching staff is ridiculous. You almost want someone to get traded so they can actually have a spot. Urquidy just went 13-8 with a 3.94 ERA and may not make this rotation on opening day. I guess alot depends on JV at this point.

    Framber was great and could have just as easily been MVP. I am still convinced as I have always been that Javier is the best pitcher on this staff for at least the first 80 pitches. On pitch 81+ he can be had but even then it is not easy.

    I don’t concern myself on where Chas sits compared to other CFers. He is a spot in the lineup. The concern is how he fits with this lineup. If he is asked to bat 8th, play league average defense, all while playing for minimum salary, he should get another 120 games in CF. There are worse fates then your 8th hitter batting .235 with 12-15 HR (he might get to 20 with more regular time). If Gurriel, Brantley, Mancini are gone, and he starts to slowly creep up the batting order, he is not a good fit. The Astros should address 1B and LF first, see how that shakes out, before they make a plan for CF.

    If I am the Astros, I am trying to bring this team back intact. I believe Vazquez is heading back to the Red Sox, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Mancini resigns with his old team as well, but Brantley, Gurriel, JV, should all be back. One – don’t fix what ain’t broke, two – it’s not like there are options out there this offseason that don’t cost 35 mil a year. I think Montero will be gone, but the depth of this bullpen will cover that instead of us paying 15 million to a guy that may be a flash in the pan season (he may not be though, relievers are always tough creatures to figure out). Maybe it’s possible Montero is comfortable here, we know Dusty is comfortable with him, so I wouldn’t bemoan them if they do pay him.


    • If we let Verlander go, we still win 100 plus games. And if we’re not paying him 35 million a year over the next couple of years, we can lose Javier in the bullpen and still keep it a very tough group to beat. He belongs in the rotation.

      It’s time to replace Yuli. I love the guy, but we need to move on unless we are ready to settle for a defensive first baseman. And we do need to strengthen the offense. Bringing the team back intact means 6,7,8,9 are not going to provide a whole lot of punch. So I see an outfielder and a first baseman in our future. And likely Brantley too.


      • Replacing a pitcher that went 18-4 (the team went 20-6 in his starts) with an unknown in Brown (we don’t know what he is in a full season), thats hard. That is 14 games over .500 for a pitcher that might pitch .500. That is a 7 game swing from one guy. Maybe Brown is legit. Maybe he can go 15-10 as a rookie and provide no fall off.

        Pena is good. He still isn’t Correa. But he is good enough that it probably wasn’t a 7 game swing between the two.

        I get where you are with Gurriel. Younger is what we need, and that seems to be a spot that can do it. And one could argue that Yainer Diaz is a better option right now. Diaz has 400+ plus innings at 1B in the minors, with a good fielding percentage, but that is a small sample. We are pretty sure he is going to hit though. Outside of a AJ Reed/Jon Singleton type collapse Diaz should do better now as a rookie than Yuli did this year and will be cheaper. And Diaz does not have Reed or Singleton’s strikeout rate baggage in the minors so I think cautiously optimistic is a term I would use on where I am with him.

        There is no doubt Yuli’s bat is slowing. Not his bat per say but his eyes are. His exit velo was actually on par with his career but I think the down time is in his reaction. Even losing a fraction of a second there can spell the end.

        Do you want Diaz? What if Yuli is back on 2 or 3 million? Do you think he can manage to hit .260 next year?

        You probably could easily sway me to say open the season with Diaz. Of course, it only matters what the GM thinks, if we even know who that is or going to be.

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      • Steven, Javier went 11-9 and Lance 4-2. Then there is Brown. I’m not worried about winning 100 plus. There is so much that can be done with a couple of years worth of Verlander money if Crane is not bound to him.

        Diaz at first? Had not really thought of that option although I think he’ll be an Astro soon. This morning I was actually thinking two years worth of Jose Abreu. That’s not much younger, but he’s a guy does not get hurt, will hit with a high OBP and love the Crawford Boxes.

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      • The rumor mill is agreeing with you Abreu.

        I saw in two different places just today that it seems to be the best fit.


      • Before the Yankees extended to QO I was thinking Rizzo might fit the bill if they don’t want Gurriel back. You don’t lose anything defensively and add a bat that could really benefit from the home park.


  16. As for Jeremy Pena – most teams wouldn’t say a SS that hit .253 is a lock for their future. People will look at him and say – 22 walks in 558 times at the plate? Strikeout once a game? Hits a few homers? You just have the second coming of Khalil Greene is all.

    What I do like. He hits just as well in a 0-2 count as he does 3-1. He hits the same against all types of pitching, finesse, power, it doesn’t matter if the pitcher throws 89 or 98. He has all the tools. He probably shouldn’t have won the GG as the BEST defensive SS but there is no doubt that he is good. I think that is what Altuve was alluding too. And you have to be a confident young man for the world stage to not be too big.

    I think he ends up better than Khalil Greene.


    • In defense of Pena
      – He only played 30 games above A+ ball – all at AAA, none at AA before this season
      – After a couple bad months in the middle of the season – he seemed to hit his stride in Sept – Nov – The last month of the regular season he slashed .278 BA/.303 OBP/ .790 OPS and then of course in the 15 post season games – .345/.367/1.005
      – He looks like a stud – he looks like someone who will work hard, improve and hit in the clutch

      He definitely has to improve his batting eye – too many Ks and too few BBs as you pointed out. Even without that he will be better than Khalil Greene, but he needs to do that to reach his potential.


    • Pena is not done struggling, but he’ll continue to work his way out of his struggles. He consistently beat some pretty good pitchers in the post season and maintained his composure like a 10 year veteran. I’m not worried about him. If Click made the decision to let Correa leave then he has not gotten enough credit for having faith in Pena, although I have not heard Jeremy thank him for his trust!

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  17. Next years starting pitching:
    Framber Valdez
    Luis Garcia
    Christian Javier
    Jose Urquidy
    Hunter Brown
    Justin Verlander (Free Agent)

    Ryan Pressly
    Hector Neris
    Rafael Montero (Free Agent)
    Ryan Stanek
    Phil Maton
    Bryan Abreu
    Will Smith (Free Agent

    On 40 Man Roster:
    Brandon Bielak
    Ronel Blanco
    Shawn Dubin
    Josh James
    Seth Martinez
    Parker Mushinski
    Enoli Paredes
    Blake Taylor
    Forrest Whitley
    Peter Solomon

    I’d say our pitching staff is in pretty good shape for next year. Hopefully, I didn’t get any of this wrong. I see that we’ll have Dusty and Click back for next year so that should be interesting.

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  18. Regarding Verlander, the question in my mind is not whether you try to bring him back but rather for how many years. You heard him in the post-game interview balk at the idea of only playing one more year. How many years does he want and will Crane pony up? My major concern for 2023’s rotation is that this is our sixth consecutive season going deep into the playoffs. Every extra week is mileage on the arms and less time to recover before spring training. The odds are someone will suffer an injury.

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    • I’m not Dusty’s biggest fan (as I have made pretty clear via multiple posts on this blog); BUT his ‘feel-good’ back story calmed down the haters for a little while. And obviously, none of the stuff he did ‘wrong’ over the course of the year hurt us bad enough to keep us out of the WS. So, I guess I’m okay with another year of His Dusty-ness. What are a few more facepalms and eyerolls at my age?

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    • I’m sure Baker is delighted with a one year deal, but rarely does a GM get a one year offer. Has it ever happened after winning everything? Sounds like Crane really does want to do something different.


    • I’d totally forgot about Will Smith – he was not great, but he did pitch better for us down the stretch than he had earlier in the year – but he was one of those pins and needles relievers….


    • Smith’s departure [and possibly Montero’s departure via free agency] opens the door for someone else in the 2023 bullpen.

      Who are the most-likely in-house candidates for the open spot?
      1. Seth Martinez?
      2. Enoli Paredes?
      3. JP France?
      4. Shawn Dubin?
      5. Nick Hernandez?
      6. Forrest Whitley?
      7. Jayden Murray?
      8. Spencer Arrighetti?
      9. Tyler Ivey?
      10. Misael Tamarez?



      • Dave, no cynicism intended. Will Smith’s departure is the best news I’ve heard since Kyle Tucker’s glove closed tightly around that pop foul for the final WS out. I think Montero just had his career year, so I’m okay if he goes looking for ‘green’-er pastures. I am looking forward to seeing what Martinez, Paredes, or one or more the others can provide – or what Click can obtain for our bullpen through Free Agency or trade.

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    • It’s interesting. On one hand – he is the GM of a world series team.

      On the other, he didn’t sign/trade for any of the current starters or pitchers. He inherited a WS winning roster, with his (only very slightly) creative contract with Verlander and two meh trade deadline to his name. Crane knows this.

      It’s perfectly acceptable for Click to have his chest out right now. He was part of bringing in Dusty. He resigned Verlander. He made the moves for a few bullpen pieces at the deadline last year, and he made good decisions in the offseason on guys like Montero, who I think I might have DFA’d instead of paying the couple mil he made. I assume he thinks he should at least enter the top half of GM salaries and have some job security. Maybe Crane doesn’t think the same given what he inherited.

      I think he will be back on a 3 year deal as well but it will end up being more a Crane face saving move because he was sliced and diced by almost every show on the MLB channel on sirius/XM today over it. Given the number of ex-GMs that have shows on that network though it makes sense.


  19. It’s been pretty mum around so far – haven’t seen that Verlander has opted out – and this is how it went last year.

    We can have all the team building philosophy debates in the world – we know this team has lost Correa, Springer, Cole, and not skipped a beat – it probably wins even without JV – but the Astros are going to do what they are going to do if we agree with it or not. And the silence is telling me that a deal is going to get done just like last year.

    I’ll guess – 3 yr, 96 million. It could easily be more (Scherzer got 40 mil a year). I think it is safe to assume this is where he wants to be, and it is safe to assume that Crane wants him here.


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