Whatcha Think?

Our previous post allowed you to chime in what you would rather happen between a couple baseball-related options. Today we twist that a little and ask you what you think will happen with a number of baseball questions going forward.

  1. Carlos Correa is offered 10 yrs/$290 MM by a pennant contender like the Los Angeles Dodgers and is also offered 10 yrs/$300 MM by a not yet contender like the Detroit Tigers. Which one does he take?
  2. It is the end of February and a good chunk of Spring Training has been missed. The baseball owners and the players association work through most of their issues. They are hung up on one issue, arbitration and they are one service year apart. Who blinks?
  3. It has been talked to death a bit, but how do you think the team fills the hole at shortstop?
  4. The Astros are about to enter the season and Lance McCullers needs another month or two of recovery. They have Justin Verlander, Framber Valdez, Luis Garcia and Jose Urquidy in the top 4 spots. Who do you think fills the fifth spot? Jake Odorizzi, Cristian Javier or a youngster like Peter Solomon or Shawn Dubin?
  5. The Astros after failing to re-sign Correa, decide to fill the shortstop spot from within, freeing up some cash for another move. Will they pursue a veteran outfielder, a veteran third baseman (so they can slide Alex Bregman over), a late-inning reliever or another potential starting pitcher?
  6. Will the Astros seek to trade Jake Odorizzi before the season, during the season, or not at all?
  7. The Astros are contending at the trade deadline, but their rotation is a little shaky due to some injuries and some spots of underperforming. Do they go for a big splash deadline trade ala Verlander or Zack Greinke or not?
  8. Assuming Verlander, McCullers, Valdez, Garcia, Urquidy, and Javier are the starting rotation and long reliever and Odorizzi is gone…. Who do you think is first man up from the minors if the need arises?
  9. The Astros start the season with Kyle Tucker, Chas McCormick, and Michael Brantley in the outfield, with Jose Siri as the fourth outfielder. Yordan Alvarez and Aledmys Diaz get some spot starts in left. While Jake Meyers is still getting ready, McCormick and Siri struggle mightily. Do you think the Astros will wait it out, give more starts to Alvarez and Diaz, bring someone up like Pedro Leon?
  10. Billy Bean, Oakland A’s VP and GM calls up James Click and is feeling him out on a set of prospects in return for 3B Matt Chapman, who even in a down year still hit 27 HRs and knocked in 72 runs. Chapman has two seasons of arbitration left and is expected to pull in about $10 MM this season and more in 2023. Do you think James Click hangs up, gives Bean a bad list of prospects or seriously pursues Chapman?

Go ahead and put those thinking caps on. Can’t wait to see what you think.


31 comments on “Whatcha Think?

  1. There’s too much to discuss in one comment, so I’ll start with number 1. The disclaimer is who really knows what’s going on in Carlos’ head and what influence his wife will have on the decision. Let’s be honest – the difference in those two numbers isn’t significant (even factoring taxes) unless Carlos is planning to buy fleets of airplanes. I’m not sure it’s framed correctly though. Unless a player is signing to play in the particular city where they really want to be it doesn’t make sense to sign a ten year deal. In your scenario I think whichever team offered the better opt-out terms would be more likely to get Correa. My take is that Detroit is more likely to make runs at the division title over the next five years than the Dodgers due to contracts currently on the books and divisional opponents. After that, who knows. If I’m Correa and I’m getting those offers, though, I’m asking Boras to go to other teams with a $5 year, $200M offer.


  2. 1. Correa/Boras would accept neither offer.
    2. I honestly don’t care if they play. I have zero empathy for either side.
    3. They sign Correa for 3 to 5 years at 40 a year.
    4. I don’t see a new guy taking the job from Javier. Odorizzi is gone.
    5. More pen. And an outfielder for a year or two.
    6. See above.
    7. The Astros will certainly try to pick up a guy that might put them over the top.
    8. Tough question. How about Jonathan Bermudez?
    9. They wait it out unless the team is falling way behind or a Space Cowboy is tearing it up.
    10. No, because I do not think Bregman is a shortstop.


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  3. 4. The answer in the past was “who did we commit the most money.” So my guess is Odorizzi to start. 5. A reliever. 6. “Seek.” Constantly, always, any time. 7. Yes because next year could be assume a down year with all the possible vacancies. 8. I hope Whitley, but maybe Solomon. 9. I think they wait it out for at least a month. Unless they trade Siri back to Apple. 10. I think he would seriously consider him, but will not give away much in top prospects.


  4. 1. I think Correa initially turns down both of those offers.
    2. I think neither side blinks and arbitration stays the same.
    3. I think the Astros sign a current free agent SS.
    4. The way the roster is currently constructed, I think Odorizzi would be the fifth starter if LMJ can’t go.
    5. I think they would try for a veteran third baseman and move Bregman to SS, if he is 100% healthy.

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  5. 1. Neither, Correa wants to be a Yankee IMO.
    2. Owners at this juncture.
    3. Either Correa on a short term deal, or Peña . I just don’t see them signing Story or a gap filler.
    4. Probably Odorizzi if he’s not traded beforehand. Otherwise Javier.
    5. Another reliever.
    6. He’ll be traded unless we lose a couple of pitchers and he has to fill in.
    7. Depends on who’s available, salary space, but I’d think a good journeyman pitcher.
    8. Solomon
    9. Wait till Meyers can make the scene.
    10. A list of prospects. Could you move Chapman to 1st in 2023? Just don’t know how he fits in with Bergman at third. Also depends awhats going on at SS.

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  6. 6. I think the new CBA will free up more money for upper tier teams under the luxury tax line. I think Odorizzi’s main problem with the Astros has moved on.
    I think Odorizzi stays. Just my uninformed opinion.
    7. I don’t think the Astros make a splashy move for a starting pitcher at the deadline.
    8. In this scenario, I believe the next man up is the guy who is on the 40-man, who is closest to pitching in his rotation slot and who is doing well in the upper minors.
    9. In this scenario, I think the Astros wait out Meyers’ rehab and go with Chas in CF.
    10. I think Click listens to Beane, makes a counter-proposal and then listens again. Trading with Oakland is a long shot because of The Laureano Syndrome and the inter-divisional consequences .

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    • I can’t leave #8 alone. There is a solid future for you sir in politics. Answer a question with a bunch of words that when strung together, say different things to different people. EXCELLENT post. (I am so envious.)

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      • I think thee giveth me way too much credit.
        The Astros are going to have more players available who need a 40-man slot than they will have room for. So, the pitcher should already be on the 40-man.
        Bielak, Solomon, Bermudez, Ivey and Dubin are all on the 40-man already and would probably be in Sugarland’s rotation.
        The pitcher they will bring up to pitch a game for an injured guy will have to closely align with his regular days off and be close to being synchonized with the need. That is GM 101, in my book.
        Finally, the guy has to be pitching well in his league, if they want to have a chance at winning his start. Why bring up a guy who is getting beat up in the minors?

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      • OP, they did bring up Tyler Ivey, last season, even though he was having a bad year… remember, he got hammered by the Rangers… then he was injured.

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  7. 1. I believe Carlos wants to be the “leader” of the club so he will choose one that will pay him but, at the same time, will allow him to become the face of the franchise. That rules out out the Dodgers, Yankees, Giants, and Padres. So, IMHO, the Cubs and Tigers have the leg up. To summarize, he will accept a club with a 50/50 win percentage to get the money and the fame.

    2. The owners will blink over arbitration and service time because they have lost a good bit of money since 2020 and it is time to get that back into their pockets.

    3. Introducing, for 2022, the starting shortstop for your Houston Astros… Jeremy Pena.

    4. Filling out the fifth spot, in the Season Opening starting pitching rotation, is Christian Javier.

    5. A veteran outfielder will be signed by the club.

    6. The club will try to trade Odorizzi and I believe they will during the pre-season.

    7. They will always try to upgrade the starting rotation.

    8. Solomon will be the first man up. He has already had a taste of the show.

    9. They will wait it out.

    10. Click will give Bean a list of bad prospects. The Astros have already been down that road with Oakland. Can you say Chris Carter? Hit a lot of homeruns but strikes out too much.

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  8. My uneducated guesses are:
    1. Carlos will go where his wife wants to go, because happy wife = happy life.
    2. Owners will blink because they have more to lose if the season is delayed.
    3. Andrelton Simmons or some other MLB experienced SS on a contract that fits our budget.
    4. Odorizzi is being paid to fill that spot.
    5. Astros will wait until the July trade deadline to see what holes need to be filled.
    6. Astros will trade Odorizzi before or during the season if their top five starters are healthy and they can get similar production from someone else cheaper.
    7. Not a big splash trade because Astros will not want to trade any of their top prospects. Maybe a medium or some small splashes.
    8. Would love to see Josh James make a comeback.
    9. Wait it out and use Alvarez in LF, Tucker in CF and Brantley in RF.
    10. Click will not seriously pursue Chapman because the A’s will want our top prospects we would not be willing to give up.


  9. As usual some very thoughtful comments folks…. really enjoy them. Now I will give it a shot.

    1. I may be misreading it, but I see Carlos’ choice or Boras as his agent signaled that money is the most important thing to him, so I think he’s going where the biggest offer is. (But in reality AstroNut’s happy wife – happy life, may carry the day)
    2. The owners have more to lose, but they also have more to live on. I kind of believe that many of the players live more paycheck to paycheck and so more likely to give in when the time for paychecks is approaching – so I pick them to blink (though they may hold on just so they can say they didn’t lose this time).
    3. I believe the Astros will try again with Carlos and fail. They will then bring in a shorter term veteran and groom Pena for the spot
    4. I really hope LMJ is ready to go, but if not – I think Odorizzi is in the rotation
    5. I think the Astros will pursue some more bullpen help, specifically a lefty. This may be a trade rather than a signing.
    6. I think they will not try to trade Odorizzi before the season, but will let things play out to the trade deadline and then decide if they can afford that move. He’s here for pitching depth so I think they will stick with the plan, because you can lose a few starters in a hurry.
    7. I don’t think Click will go out and try and grab a big name pitcher at the deadline, unless….. if both Verlander and LMJ are out and they are bringing in a rental for the rest of the season only. Someone they don’t have to give the very best prospects for…
    8. I kind of like old pro’s answer to the next man up – they bring up someone who is matching up with the person went down as far as when they pitch. If more than one fits the bill they will go with the better one and being on the 40 man already will be a key. I did like Solomon in his short stay last season.
    9. I think the Astros would wait that outfield situation out. Baseball is streaky and you can’t make all your decisions based on 6 weeks or so of poor playing. (Unless Leon is just killing it at AAA).
    10. I just don’t see the Astros making the move for Chapman. because they’ve been hurting on the prospect side since all the trades and the loss of draft picks. And the A’s trading in the division will want more than if they trade outside the division.


  10. Hot takes –

    1 – Money. I think he ends up disappointed.

    2 – First world problems?

    3 – Correa in a contract that combines team goals with him saving face (maybe 6 year with an opt out?). Depends on the new CBA.

    4 – Odorizzi. Depending on how he does in that month will determine the path for him after that.

    5 – Pena gets the first look in ST. He has to win the job. I can see Bregman sliding over but I don’t know if the Astros can see it. As long as Correa is still out there I expect the Astros to be very mum on Bregman.

    6 – See 4.

    7 – Luhnow demonstrated a willingness to do it. We don’t know about Click’s thoughts on it yet. We know Crane will approve it as long as it stays under the luxury tax.

    8 – Cupboard is bare right now. Last time we saw Whitley he was getting throttled at AA and AAA. It’s getting close to put up or get out time for him, so I’m going to say him, he does have the best “arm” of the bunch. If we have to resort to Solomon or Dubin lets hope its on the short leash, emergency variety.

    9 – IDK that Leon is a major leaguer. Doesn’t matter what I think but I do think its unlikely he is anything more than a September call up even if he does actually hit for once this year. Unless a vet like Marisnick is brought back as a backup (wouldn’t surprise me if Pillar is brought in to compete for the starting job in CF) the team should just go with what they have, there are no significant upgrades out there with Marte off the board.

    10 – Can’t answer without knowing how Click feels about Bregman playing SS. It would be a cheaper option to go with Chapman/Bregman over Bregman/Correa, at least this year, but it would be a slight downgrade. I know, Chapman is widely considered the best 3B out there defensively, but a gold glover at 3B doesn’t help Bregman make Correa’esque plays at SS. We are just going to have to get used to this – without Correa it doesn’t matter if Bregman, Diaz, or Pena is playing SS, there won’t be any gold glove winning in Houston at SS this year. So, yea, I answer that call, and at least feel out Oakland on it.


  11. I once dearly loved ‘MLB’;
    till it vanished mysteriously.
    Did the owners go broke?
    Were the players too ‘WOKE’?
    Guess it’s bowling for dollars for me!


    • We didn’t have bowling for dollars here in Houston that I know of Mr. Bill, but we did have Dialing for Dollars. It was a local show, where they would interview celebrities coming through town, but the big draw for us kids was that they had cut up the Houston phone directory into chunks of phone numbers and they would pull out a snip of directory and based on the count (like 3 from the bottom) they would count up and call that number. The person on the other end would have to tell them the count and the amount to win the prize. The amount went up $10 each time. During the summer we got to watch it – because it was on during school hours. My family never got called and I don’t know anyone who ever did. Don Nelson hosted it with someone and before him it was Paul Schmitt….

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      • Ah yes. Janis Joplin made ‘Dialing for Dollars’ famous forever with the second verse from her classic ditty: ‘Mercedes Benz’. She said:
        Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a color TV;
        Dialing for Dollars is trying to find me;
        I wait for delivery each day until three;
        Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a color TV.

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  12. I walked last week on the ten acres next door. When I came to the pond that my son dug with a borrowed backhoe, I spooked up ten ducks that were swimming on it. Yep, that’s the same son who grew up playing baseball in Houston.
    When I got up at 7 am this morning I saw my three granddaughters loaded up with four bottles of milk to feed their four bottle calves. They were also feeding their show calves, show lamb, five dogs, three cats, 20 chickens. Then they fed themselves and headed to school.
    I went to the girls last 8-9th grade basketball game yesterday. It has been a tough year for them with new players, a new coach, covid-causing mayhem and they lost some heartbreakers. On the way to the game, there were at least a dozen geese out on our neighbors pond. It is like living in a movie around here. The girls were savages yesterday and whipped an undermanned opponent 43-2. It was similar to watching U of H beating East Carolina a couple of weeks ago.
    The girls played like a completely different team than the one I had seen earlier in the season.
    We live in the middle of the oil patch. The price of gas here is exactly twice what it was at the end of 2020. Since we live in a rural area, we have to drive farther than most people to get anything. But, there is one difference. The oil patch is going gangbusters. People here who had little to nothing going on during covid and cheap oil are working overtime now.
    On the other hand, we haven’t had rain in three months and this is not good because the ponds are supposed to fill up in the winter.
    That’s about all from the farm.

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    • Thanks for that 1OP. Plenty of visual stimulation. Those young ladies must have been playing some tight D.

      On the baseball side of things, seems that we’ll be seeing 14 teams in the playoffs, maybe in 2022. So many ramifications. First thing that comes to mind is that no team should let a starter throw more than 150 innings during the regular season. A 6 man rotation could be the norm before long.

      And how important will having the best record in the league really matter? Did not help LA or SF. Heck, build your post season roster at the deadline, get rested and heathy and be ready for the real season. Does a first round bye really matter all that much?

      We can all nap until the All Star break!

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      • The other team got their two points at the foul line.
        Their big problem is they did not have a very good person to get the ball down the court. That is the same problem our girls had the previous two years, nobody who could dribble the ball well.
        When the home team realized this they were hanging like sweatshirts on the other team’s players.
        By the fourth quarter, the refs had stopped calling anything against the visitors and you could see our girls teeth start to grind and they started picking up their defense at half court.
        The last game I went to our girls got beaten badly. I think they got together and worked out the problems they had in the locker room.
        Next year should be interesting.

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      • Years ago, after his team got beat by a similar score, the coach was asked “When did you realize you were overmatched?” His reply, “I knew we were in trouble when we got off the team bus and they started pressing us.”

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      • It’s been 20 years, but I officiated a HS basketball game where the home team pressed the entire game and won by close to triple digits. The visitors didn’t manage to break into double digits. It was awful. The team did the same thing the next two or three games and then their coach got fired for it. I’m pretty sure in Texas there is something about sportsmanship in the UIL code and beating opponents by those margins has nothing to do with sportsmanship.


  13. I was playing YMCA basketball many many moons ago when I was like 14 years old and we played another Y team that had some ringers on it (you know the kind who had bandages covering their mustaches and had kids in the stands). Well they pressed us on everything – I think at one point we couldn’t even get it over half court for 12 trips in a row and they were having a lay up drill. Beat us by 90+ points
    The next year playing their legitimate team we won.

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    • I can do you one better. When I was about 10 I got to play basketball for my church team. To be honest I really didn’t know much about the game or what I was supposed to do. My entire knowledge was playing horse or cow in my neighbors driveway. Anyway I got to play in one game and entered the game towards the end. In the ensuing play I was able to grab a rebound and put up a shot and it went in. I had scored my first basket. Unfortunately it was for the opposing team. And so ended my promising basketball career. When I moved to North Carolina I finally learned to play the game, although I still wasn’t any good, but I got a lot of exercise running up and down the court.

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