ALDS: Good start in first two games

Dan P is writing on his phone on the road, so this will be short and sweet today.

The Astros could not have asked for a better start to their 2021 playoffs. They won two games in very different ways to stand on the cusp of a fifth straight trip to the ALCS. They rode a terrific outing by Lance McCullers in the first game and slowly ground out six runs to methodically strangle the life out of the White Sox. They allowed the Pale Hose to get a lead in the second game, came back to tie it, and buried them with a five-run rally late.

The Astros deep offense (for everyone not named Martin Maldonado) was on full display. Kyle Tucker and Yuli Gurriel were shut out in the first game and came back huge in the second game. Yordan Alvarez showed what scary is all about with some bullets to the outfield and beyond. Alex Bregman is hitting, Jose Altuve was getting on and getting home, Carlos Correa was clutch and Michael Brantley, while not on fire, had a huge hit and 2 RBIs. Even the two-headed CF of Chas McCormick and Jake Meyers both knocked in a run in their first playoff exposure.

Lance was as good as you could expect on the pitching side, while Framber Valdez was shaky. The bullpen sometimes having more traffic than you want to hold the rope with Phil Maton, of all people having the most significant moment.

Defense gets short shrift in talking about the Astros, but the defense led by Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa and Kyle Tucker, especially in the second game, was a difference-maker.

Will this show play as well on the road? We shall see come Sunday.


89 comments on “ALDS: Good start in first two games

  1. LA Russia has always been the one manager who manages to start cr@p.
    No excuse for all that drama except he got it handed to him and he was throwing a temper tantrum. Bulltook care of business, the rest of the team did what they needed to do! Strom didn’t sound real concerned about Lance but taking a look at I when they get back home.
    Atlanta moves on and I’m crossing my fingers the Giants take care of the Dodgers! 5 times in 5 years. …AWESOME!!!

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  2. * We talked a lot about being a contender. I think being one of two AL teams left qualifies as being a contender.
    * This isn’t just a dream matchup for us as Astros fans. I believe this is a dream matchup for MLB also.
    * I’m worried about LMJ’s forearm issue. Glad we have Greinke.
    * Thinking that Urquidy has had plenty of rest.


  3. WHS/WHM:

    What Ryan Tapera said: ‘They obviously have a reputation for doing some sketchy stuff over there . . . .’

    What he meant: ‘Can someone please give me a ride home – I’m big time drunk!’

    What Tony LaRussa said: “They should have the guts to admit that they did it. Why they did it, I don’t understand.”

    What he meant: ‘Can someone give me a wipe – I’ve soiled myself again, and I’ve got the guts to admit it, but why I did it, or when I did it, or how I did it, I haven’t got the faintest clue.’


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