2020 Astros: Would you rather…

Today we play that time-honored game of Would You Rather, where you the loyal readers of this blog get to choose your answer to either/or questions and explain your reasoning.

Would you rather…….

  1. Have the Yankees and Red Sox crash and burn during the regular season or have the Astros bury them in the playoffs?
  2. Have George Springer put up such a transcendent season that there is no way the Astros can re-sign him or have him put up a so-so or injury-riddled year that allows the team a shot at him in free agency?
  3. Have Austin Pruitt move into a Charlie Morton-lite 5th starter role for the short term or have Josh James step up as a more up and down long term solution in that same role?
  4. Have Dusty Baker brought back for 2021 or have A.J. Hinch return to the manager’s spot? (I know this is unfair without seeing them play under Baker, but what does your heart say?)
  5. Have the Astros score 10 runs in 1 inning against Mike Fiers or have the first 6 hitters bunt down the first baseline and run his a$$ over?
  6. Have Michael Brantley or Yuli Gurriel sign an extension?
  7. Have Alex Bregman or Jose Altuve or Carlos Correa or George Springer or Brantley or Gurriel or Yordan Alvarez or Justin Verlander or Zack Greinke be the team MVP in 2020?
  8. Have Yordan Alvarez hit 50 HRs or have Kyle Tucker produce 80 RBIs?
  9. Have Bryan Abreu grab a rotation spot or take over a high leverage spot in the bullpen?
  10. Have full houses booing the Astros on the road or quiet as a mouse Miami Marlin-like crowds?
  11. Have Bregman finally hit .300 or have Altuve finally get 100 RBIs?
  12. Have the Astros win the World Series over the Washington Nationals or over the Los Angeles Dodgers?
  13. Have your daughter bring home a boyfriend with Jeff Bagwell’s beard or Gurriel’s hair cut?
  14. Have Lance McCullers pitch an effective 130 innings in 2020 or have Roberto Osuna save 90% of his opportunities?
  15. Have Brandon Taubman, Jeff Luhnow or A.J. Hinch never work in MLB again?

Your turn to answer these or to come up with your own set of “would you rathers”…..


123 comments on “2020 Astros: Would you rather…

  1. I wanted to share a story concerning many of the things listed above. My wife thinks Music is Magic. She started a Kindergarten/1st Grade Choir at church. She had 4 show up. One was a boy who, according to his mother, had Asperger. Others in the church said “he may wander off, he does not pay attention,” I could go on and on. Within a month, this 5 year old boy sang a solo in Big Church. He sand it perfectly. After the service, my wife said to me “Who determines what is NORMAL in children.”

    Thanks to all of you above for sharing your stories. Even 1OP and Ranger was heart warming.


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