Considering the Astros’ weekend worries

Fans can’t help but feel like they are watching a real-life remake of the Tortoise or the Hare while following the 2019 Houston Astros.

“Why worry? We had six All Stars, more than any other team and that does not include Carlos Correa, who had an All Star season before it was rubbed out and Yordan Alvarez, who has been absolute beast since being called up.”

“Why worry? The other teams in the division are pretenders, not contenders.”

“Why worry? Nothing really matters until the playoffs. Just make sure you are playing well then.”

“Why worry? The Astros have a decent lead in the division and are not that far behind the best teams in the majors despite losing so many players to significant time to injuries.”

“Why worry? This front office can go out and add All-World pitchers like Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole or reclamation projects like Charlie Morton and Wade Miley at the wink of a trade deadline.”

“Why worry? This teams pointy-headed nerds are always finding some statistical edge that tells them to throw 4 seam fastballs in the lower right quadrant of the strike zone in the 4th inning with a 2 run lead and the bases loaded and 2 out with a 2-2 count on alternate Tuesdays to one-up the competition.”

But of course, we do worry. because the hare seems to stop frequently these days for a rest while the tortoises like the Texas Rangers and Oakland Athletics dig into that lead. What if this time the clock runs out on a Verlander type deal at the deadline? What if the magical arms at the back end of the bullpen become chronic strugglers? What if the back of the rotation becomes instant losses every time out? What if the offense continues to mix shut out stinkers into their performances? What if the wrong guy gets hurt in September with no time to come back?

So, after watching the Astros sleepwalk through a Thursday loss and shockingly watch the tortoise overcome an 8-4 Astros’ lead for a 9-8 walk-off win against them on Friday night, where are you on worries?

Too soon to worry?

Never too soon to worry?

The three biggest concerns I have about the Astros are…


96 comments on “Considering the Astros’ weekend worries

  1. This morning I noted that our guys don’t get down on themselves. How many of us thought we’d end up with a split after Friday nights 9-8 debacle? Not me. My nephew sucks. He’s on borrowed time. Our fast kid does not know how to stay on the bases. We dogged the crap out of Altuve the other night, and suddenly his OPS is over .80o. Rondon makes me cringe. Devenski has to go, as soon as we have a guy to take his place. Osuna is either being found out, or he’s just really bad right now. Vewill1, yes, I noted last week that our catcher is catching too many innings. We’ve got holes. We need more bats. We need more pitching. And yet, in spite of all, we’re in better shape than most clubs. I think we’ll figure out a way going forward.

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    • I think Osuna is a little off on his release point. He kept throwing fastballs up and in out of the zone when he did not mean to. Need to see what develops but I sure hope something develops pitching-wise because we can’t carry a below average or stinky #4 and #5 for very long


  2. Josh Rojas hit a 10th inning 2-run, walk off homer Sunday for Round Rock
    The guy, who isn’t even in the Astros Top 30 Prospects, is hitting .317BA/.410OBP/.568 SLG/.978OPS this season with 28 doubles, 5 triples and 15 HRs. Best stat: 48 BBs and only 53 Ks.
    Those stats make him the #2 performer in all the minors, according to Roster Resources, behind pitcher MacKenzie Gore. Rojas has caught and passed Yordan Alvarez in their rankings.
    The big feather in Rojas’s cap is that he is doing it in AAA.


  3. Every Astros minor league team lost on Saturday and all six of them who played on Sunday won their games. Baseball is so weird.


  4. I may be counting wrong but currently, the 25 man is full and the 40 man is full plus LMJ and CC are not counted currently due to on the 60 day IL. Diaz comes back, someone comes off the 25 man. But when CC comes back, someone has to come off the 25 man and the 40 man. UNLESS a trade occurs that frees up a place or three.


    • You’re not counting wrong, but LMJ isn’t going to be added back to the 40 man until after the season. Corbin Martin could go to the 60 day DL, but this would have service time implications they are probably trying to avoid. I suspect Luhnow is planning to open some spots in a move to acquire a pitcher before the deadline anyhow.


    • What’s amazing is that AJ Reed could have such a rough time at Round Rock but somehow make it onto the White Sox roster. FWIW, I hope he turns it around too. I always liked him as an Astros prospect and was disappointed his stints with the big league club went so poorly.


  5. Interesting series with the Halo’s coming up as it looks like JJ and Valdez will get the call. Definitely an important junction in the season coming up. Hopefully help is soon to arrive.


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