How do you solve a problem like Correa?

With apologies to Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II and in-house parody songwriter Mr. Bill …..

(A nun wearing Astros’ gear breaks into song)

He makes a slide and breaks his leg
His thumb has got a tear
He never can stay on the field
Seems like he might not care
And underneath his ball cap he has questions in his head
I even heard him singing wearing HEB red

He always misses time each year                                                                                                   But his penitence is real
Sometimes he’s rubbed the wrong way
And won’t sign an extension deal
I hate to have to say so
But I very firmly feel
Young Carlos will probably go

(Another nun wearing a Correa jersey takes a turn)

I’d like to say a word in his defense
Correa…is better than Hunter Pence

(A full chorus of nuns in orange and blue habits dances forth)

How do you solve a problem like Correa?
How do you keep a star whose New York bound?
How do you find the words that mean Correa?
A slugging shortstop! A spoiled diva! A clown!

Many a thing you know you’d like to tell him
Many a thing he ought to understand
But how do you make him stay
When the bright lights are far away
How do you keep a snowflake from melting on the sand?

Oh, how do you solve a problem like Correa?
How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?

The only thing odder than Carlos Correa’s IL stay due to a cracked rib stemming from a massage may be the standards against which his team contributions are judged. Carlos has been in the majors for almost 4-1/2 years, but in that time he has played in 521 games, a little more than 3 full seasons of games. And that is the rub. He is the ultimate tease as he produces so well, but not for very long.

It began in 2014 in the minors as he played 62 games before breaking his leg and missing the rest of the season. He was healthy in 2015 (called up to the majors for most of the season and winning the Rookie of the Year) and 2016, where he was good, but not great like in 2015. In 2017 he played excellently for 109 games with a torn thumb ligament interrupting his season. In 2018 a bad back held him to 110 games and likely hurt his contributions in those games he did play. Here we are in 2019 and it looks like another 110 game or so season with his over aggressive masseuse taking the blame.

He has two more seasons here after this with arbitration taking him through 2021 and then the feeling is he will go elsewhere. There has been a sense for a time that he is more about him than the team, maybe a chunk of that coming from his post-WS game proposal of marriage, which while unique seemed to take the focus away from the ultimate team win. Is that fair? Who knows, what is inside his heart, but there is a gut feeling that he is headed for the big city lights when things end here. There are thoughts that he can (and maybe should) be replaced by Alex Bregman and sent packing before he leaves of his own volition.

Some things to be aware of relative to young Carlos:

  • His 84 HRs and his 322 RBIs while playing SS are both career bests for any Houston SS ever, after only 489 games. His career .833 OPS is 50 points ahead of the next best team SS (Bill Spiers)
  • Correa has had the three best seasons of HR hitting at SS for the Astros with 24, 22 and 20 (tied with Dickie Thon) and four of the top six seasons.
  • He also has the top RBI season at SS (96) and four of the top nine seasons in Astros SS history.
  • His .811 OPS from 2016 is 2nd all time for Astro SS (behind Denis Menke) but if he had had enough ABs to qualify, he would hold the 1, and 2 spots for his 2017 (.941) and 2015 (.857) seasons.
  • Even with missing a good chunk of this season – he will again put up numbers that will be probably top 10 for all of the Houston SS seasons over the franchise history as in only 50 games he had 11 HRs and 35 RBIs and had put up a strong slash of .315 BA / .360 OBP/ .907 OPS.
  • Oh and he is a darned good SS, also.

So, do the Astros have a problem in Correa? By the end of this season they will have paid him about $7.5 million in his career and gotten back much more than that back in production. His arbitration number will go up the next two seasons, but will be toned down a bit by his injuries. He can’t be relied upon to play a whole season. He can be relied upon to produce at a high level when he does play.

Where do the Astros go on this?

  • Do they ride him to the end of control (after the 2021 season) and move on?
  • Do they look for a chance to trade him (some time between the 2020 trade deadline and the off-season after the 2020 season)?
  • Do they try to extend him while his salary numbers might be slightly depressed?


154 comments on “How do you solve a problem like Correa?

  1. Yordan was hurting pretty bad last night after fouling one off himself and sounds like this might be the result. Why didn’t they DH him today after how he was yesterday


  2. Good way to forget about the game today. I think he’ll almost certainly be here at least into this coming off season, but I’m not sure if he hangs around until he becomes an FA. Thing is, we’re all guessing whether he’s a team player or not. Hard to say because we don’t have real sportswriters today. Personally, I think he lacks in that area and listens to the wrong person(s) at times.

    If Luhnow decides to take a real walk on the wild side though, we don’t have anything close to Correa’s value as it applies to helping us get immediate high end pitching help. Of course, that means we need a pretty good third baseman too.

    Either way, big things are going to happen and I don’t think we’re going to have to wait until the end of July. We can limp into the All Star break, but who wants to still be dealing with this stuff after the break?

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  3. I hope Carlos isn’t watching today. If he is, he definitely will not want to come back. This team has gone into a full-out tailspin.


  4. I forgot we had an early gm. Tuned to it and was miffed to see us losing 6-0 in the 4th. Now when I saw the Pirates batting order yesterday I was impressed with all those high avg from top to bottom. But I know their pitching sucks. Joe Musgrove, ‘REALLY’! We’re being stifled by JOE #*$&# MUSGROVE? Can we really afford to wait until the trade deadline to make a move?
    The position guys are gonna have to suck it up by lighting up these backend pitchers especially. Where’s the PRIDE?
    I know our pitching is in a quagmire currently but those bats don’t have to be so damned limp, like their heads hanging down.
    Sorry to be so hard on our guys but they’re better than this. Feels like they are defeated coming out the gate lately.
    I posted this on the previous post but decided to forward it here.

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  5. If the Astros are sure that they have a positive WAR MLB SS or 3B in their system they COULD consider trading CC. Would Correa draw a return that would offset the benefit he delivers over a potential replacement? I’m just not sure they have anybody ready to deliver plus level performance at either position as early as next year and I’m not sure you could trade CC for a player that would help you win the WS more than CC can.

    The silver lining is that CC cost himself millions in arbitration dollars last year and again this year by missing so much time. Total for the 3 cycles will probably exceed $10M, so he will be relatively cheap over his last 2 years.

    I would keep CC regardless of what we could get in return. If he is motivated by stardom, he will perform. If he is motivated by money he will know that he needs to have two monster seasons to rebuild/ maximize his value in FA. With two monster seasons he will be looking at Harper/ Machado/ Arenado money. Without he will be looking at much, much less. He should have extra motivation to build his value, cause I’m sure that if he leaves $100+M on the table in FA that little filly he shacks up with will break more than a rib.

    I say keep him as a cheap superstar and ride the wave as he over- performs to position himself for bigger money under the brighter lights.

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  6. I say thee nay. With CC it’s one of those darned if you do & if you don’t. Sorry, I couldn’t pay him superstar $$, not because he can’t produce, but if he can’t ‘BE’ on the field to produce. He has been an inj bug waiting to happen every season which is why I like your last option Dan. If he wants the really big bucks then I would trade before he hits FA. It’s possible he could go elsewhere & turn into the ALL WORLD SS we hoped he would be (I’m not optimistic due to inj). I’d rather see tm lock up Springer b4 CC, unless CC takes a discount beforehand (doubtful).
    Sorry, I like CC’s potential but I can’t trust his durability, esp paying major $$ while oft injured.
    Lastly, the Pirates has some of the most hittable pitching in the MLB (they can hit too). This tm kicked butt with backups while the core guys recuperated. It’s time to get the heads out your $&# and act like you want to win until more reinforcements, pitching comes!!!

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  7. I guess closed-door, players-only, team accountability meetings are a thing of yesteryear. We’re too sophisticated for that now, I am sure. And even if we weren’t, who on this prima donna team has the brass to lead it?

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  8. Correa is such a frustrating case. The talent is obviously there, and it’s proven talent. But not being able to stay on the field is huge, and the attitude is just so…who knows? But he’s bringing value compared to his cost at this point, so I don’t see any near term move by the Astros. And he may still grow up, be more durable and be a team leader. Of course, if they do make a move, the answer at SS is Bregman, so then you’re looking at someone for 3B, which is an easier spot to fill.

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  9. I’m the #1 Correa apologist on this blog. I’m not concerned with his quest for obscene salary. We get him in his early, fairly affordable years and need to take advantage. The important thing is having him in September. He’s not going to sign an extension unless he becomes damaged goods. I imagine Luhnow will kick the tires on a trade in Dec 2020. If nothing is attractive you do the same thing in summer 2021. If Correa makes it through the season you give him the QO and see if his demands for a long term contract make sense. If he can’t keep himself on the field for 150 games over 2020 and 2021 it will greatly diminish his bargaining position.

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    • I can say with certainty, that by the time Correa becomes a free agent MLB will have eliminated the QO. If Luhnow is as sharp as I think he is, his foresight into seeing that scenario as a possibility will add to the chances Correa is dealt.


      • If the QO is gone MLB will replace it with something else to alleviate the sting of small market teams losing players to the larger markets. Whether it benefits the Astros more or less will remain to be seen. I hope you’re right – it’s downright silly that Keuchel and Kimbrel had to sit out for so long because teams didn’t want to surrender the draft picks.


  10. Teams with quality pitching to deal must be salivating. Any and all leverage we may have had in negotiations has been totally lost over the past couple of weeks. We are going to have to pay, and pay heavily if we want to make a deal.

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  11. Here’s what I saw today:
    Peacock wasn’t pitching, he was throwing. The game was over in the first inning.
    Altuve came to play baseball, not sure what the other guys came to do.
    Joe Musgrove wasn’t “lights out” but he was efficient with his pitches and had the Astros guessing.
    Cy Sneed pitched about like you would expect a guy from AAA would, he held his own. Not good, not bad.
    Got to see Michael Feliz pitch….he still throws VERY hard!
    Yordan had a couple of real good plays in left, and I didn’t see him favor his left leg. Yuli got mowed down at 1st base, and HE WAS favoring his right leg.
    This team has given up 24 runs in less than 18hrs.
    The rotation is wondering who is next. Hinch has GOT to have another starter because Peacock can’t be counted on to hold a spot.
    Joe Smith was placed on the 60 day DL today.
    There are no arms currently on the farm that can help, they are pretty banged up too.
    I did something I’ve never done before…..I left in the 7th inning .
    Minute Maid was quiet today.
    The Astros only have a 41/2 game lead over the Rangers, and if they keep playing like this, they deserve to lose.
    Correa only cares about Correa. I won’t cry when he leaves.
    I’m probably not going to go back to Minute this year, the tickets are sky high and they don’t take cash (beer guy still does) and I don’t like using my credit card there.
    Hinch threw down the gauntlet last night when he had to use two position players to finish the game. Cy Sneed was the goat today.
    Get him a pitcher Luhnow, or risk your two ace’s revolt.
    It’s up to you Mr. GM, you want to play in October or not.
    *Hi ladies! Glad to see you back! Becky⚾

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  12. A pitcher or two is a must. But that ain’t our only problem. These guys have got to find a way to get runners home. 16 left on base in two games.

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  13. Well, I’ll add my two cents too.

    I felt a bit better about today. We only gave up a ten spot and it only took two guys to do it.

    If young 44 goes down with a bad knee, then the baseball gods are really giving us the business.

    Our club under this management stays away from controversial individuals. It’s certainly not by accident. That’s why I would not be shocked by Correa’s departure. The thought of having him go before this winter makes me a bit queasy though.

    Our hitters should be embarrassed.

    I’m looking forward to watching how Luhnow will mold this 25 man roster going forward in 2019.


    • Here’s my 2 cents to add to your 2 cents.

      Since Alvarez’s knee has been bothering him for some time and he tweaked it more on a sudden stop today, put him on the 10 day and make sure it is in good shape for the stretch.

      Call up Tucker and split DH/ LF ABs between him and Brantley. We need to see if he is the guy that can help us down the stretch. He has nothing left to prove at AAA. If they are going to carry 5 OF I would definitely rather see Tucker fill a spot than Kemp.

      Yuli has gone under the radar and avoided much heat, but he is not hitting like a corner infielder and his role as starter needs to be looked at. A healthy Diaz is probably a better option as a starter.

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  14. I’m feeling you vewill1. Writers keep saying the Stros are having problems filling the #5 spot in the rotation. WRONG! How about 3-5 & some BP help? Pitching wise this tm has shot it’s bullets, missing the target while utilizing fill ins due to inj. Like you said, tms will be looking to exploit that weakness come trade time. I’m convinced Luhnow must bring in a solid #3, preferably with playoff experience. Same for a L RP. Then he can go to the garbage bin for an innings eater if need be, but absolutely not for that middle spot. It will be very interesting to see what Jeff is willing to part with to get this tm back on solid footing pitching wise.
    Why does this season feel messy currently?


    • I feel Wade Miley is doing a pretty decent job at the # 3 spot. Having said that I have no problem him becoming our #4 if we can lasso a much better #3. As for the 4th and 5th spots, that is another story.


      • I agree with your comments re: Miley, but he is going to be at IP that he has not been at since his first couple of years. At current pace he will be around 190 IP by the time playoffs come around. He has not hit that number since throwing 193 in 2015. He only had 80 in 2018 and 54, 157 in 207 and 54 in 2016. There is no guarantee that he can keep up his current pace and still be effective come crunch time.


  15. I didn’t watch yesterday’s game. Even if I had wanted to, I couldn’t because I had something to do. But, this morning I went on Gamecast and looked at every hit the Pirates got in the innings they scored and virtually every run they scored was off of a pitch that was belt high in the zone.
    The very first pitch of the game was a 91 mph belt high fastball on the inner half of the plate. The exact pitch the hitter was hoping for.
    There is a reason why they have these zone maps that show where hitters like the ball and almost every hitter in MLB likes belt high pitches and the Astros supplied tons of them yesterday.
    If you want to get guys out, you need to pitch to the places that they don’t like. The Astros didn’t do that.

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    • Great point 1OP. What I like about watching Cole and JV is that they regularly make batters look uncomfortable and guessing. Over the last few bad starts it appeared that hitters were very comfortable; to the point where they were the aggressors and attacked the pitches they were looking for.

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      • “they were the aggressors and attacked the pitches they were looking for”
        That’s something our guys ARE NOT doing. Hate to pick on TT but the first pitch is a strike in the middle of the plate (which a lot of our guys get). The second and third are sliders on the outside corner or off the plate and guess what? A big fat K.


  16. Last night Round Rock got shut out 3-0 by their biggest rival, San Antonio. The Express got one hit, by Josh Rojas, who wasn’t even in the game until he had to come in for Taylor Jones, who got HBP in the second inning.
    In the 3rd inning, with the score 0-0, Garrett Stubbs drew a walk and was picked off by the pitcher. Alex de Goti proceeded to draw a walk and was picked off of 1B by the pitcher to end the inning. SA comes in to hit, all jacked up by the pickoffs, and their first batter homers and that is game over.
    To rub a little salt into the Round Rock funk, catcher Jacob Nottingham singles after the home run and then steals second base off of Garrett Stubbs.


  17. I’m not ready to pull Peacock from the rotation one start after he gave up 2 runs in 6 innings and struck out 11. Can’t throw everyone down the garbage chute after a rough stretch or you won’t have anyone playing for your team.

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  18. The Astros are 50-32 which means they are on pace to win 99-100. However over the last 11 games, they are 2-9. So for the next 80 games, they are on pace to win 14-15 games and finish 30 games below .500 with 97 or so losses.

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  19. Just curious, so no hating or shaming please! But on a scale of 0 -10, with 10 being the most and 0 the least, how confident are you about each of the following:

    1. The Astros will win at least 2 of the upcoming games against the Mariners;
    2. The Astros will win at least one game in the upcoming 2-game series against the Rockies;
    3. The Astros will win at least 2 games of the upcoming series against the Angels;
    4. The Astros will still have a lead of at least one game going into the All-Star Break;
    5. The Astros will win at least 2 of the 4-game series vs. the Rangers that immediately follows the All-Star Break;
    6. The Astros FO will trade for a third play-off quality starter before the trade deadline; and
    7. The Astros FO will add a reliever to bolster the bullpen before the trade deadline;
    8. Kyle Tucker will play for the Astros MLB team before September 1;
    9. Forrest Whitely will pitch for the Astros MLB team before September 1;
    10. J.B. Buskaskas will pitch for the Astros MLB team before September 1;
    11. The Astros will win 100 games in 2019. and
    12. The Astros will win the AL Central Division Title in 2019?

    Answer all or any.

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  20. MLB Trade rumors is still linking the Astros to Marcus Stroman. The article said Stroman doesn’t “fit” the Astros concept of pitching, but Wade Miley didn’t either, but look where he is. I’m telling you, if Luhnow is REALLY serious about looking at Marcus Stroman, he better jump on it BEFORE the deadline because he’s on the Yankees radar, and they WILL out bid the Astros. I gotta tell you my heart was heavy when we left the game yesterday…..


      • daveb7…..go ahead, but he seems to be the only name being tossed around that’s available. If we do get him, he will benefit from a WEALTH of knowledge from Verlander and Strom!! I doubt it will happen, but this team won’t be playing ANYWHERE if they don’t get up off the mat.


  21. Well, since I don’t want to talk about Correa I will bite on some of your stuff.
    I think the Astros will lose two to the M’s and two to the Rockies and two to the Angels. I believe there is a good chance they would have at least a one game lead by the break.
    I think there is a 50 percent chance they split the Ranger’s series. Hah!
    Trading for at least a #3 starter is an 8 and trading for a reliever is a 5.
    I think Tucker may get called up before Sept 1st I give that a 5.
    That Whitley pitches for us before Sept, I give that a 2.
    That Bukauskas pitches for us before Sept I give that a 1.
    The Astros will win 100 games I give a 2.
    That they win the AL Central, I give that a firm ZERO.

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  22. With a full 40 man roster, here are the options AJ has:


    I think a couple of them have a few days left in the 10 day option and Valdez has 9.

    Martin can go to the 60 day IL and we can use a player to fill his spot while he’s on it, but that player must stay on the 40 man for a minimum of 60 days. Smith’s 60 day was retro’d so that he can return 1st week after ASB. Cy Sneed replaced Smith and he will have to be on the 40 man for 59 more days, so I assume they hold Martin’s spot to use when Smith returns.

    Only a trade or outright release will allow us to add options.


    • vewill1, thank you for noting that a new guy to the 40 man must stay there for at least 60 days. I never have followed the off field stuff very closely. That likely rules Jose U. out. I’d still like to see Armenteros get a start.


    • Here are my 14 players on the current 40 man that are either trade chips or risk being cut. The tier is how I perceive their trade value. Tier 4 is worth a cup of coffee and a box of donuts and not much more. Stassi is only safe because they need an experienced backup for Chirinos. I wouldn’t want to part with tier 1 unless they were added to a package that netted a tangible asset.

      Tier 1:

      Tier 2:

      Tier 3:
      Mayfield (only due to age and ranking – a rebuilding team could get great value)

      Tier 4:


  23. Well, indeed, the baseball gods really are giving us the business. But nobody is going to feel sorry for the Astros.

    Hopefully it is not something significant, but when is shoulder discomfort not significant? Have to look towards Jose Urquidy at this point, no? He’d be ready for Framber’s turn or Peacocks turn. However, he’s already thrown 76 innings after a total of 83 last year and into Mexican League ball over the winter. And I did not realize that he missed 2017. So he won’t be in a position to help deep into the season as a starter from an innings standpoint.

    On a positive note, a nice guy with a Cubbies shirt just walked off the pier a few minutes ago here to celebrate his first anniversary. It so happens that he’s an Ole Miss Alum. And he thinks the Astros are getting a very special shortstop in Grae Kessinger. Isn’t that a coincidence? He compared him to Bregman. I could not continue the conversation, because he brought his wife along on this anniversary visit, but I will chat with him further at some point and report back.


  24. We’re invited for dindin with the kids and we’re bringing frozen daiquiris. You all have fun. When two of your kids and their families live on the farm with you, you walk about fifty yards to their house. No designated driver necessary.

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  25. Felt like they were going to lose this one – especially with the disappointing 7th inning – where Straw screwed up by missing 3rd base and Altuve nailed it on a 3-0 count with the bases loaded right at the drawn in 3rd baseman. Thank God for great pitching and unlikely heroes Reddick and Gurriel!!

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  26. After the movie tonight(three generations howling at Goonies), we walked out on the porch and there stands Ranger up on the first step. He heard all the noise and knew that’s where his night bottle was gonna come from. We laughed because we had just talked about going to look for him to feed him and put him up for the night.
    Checked on the Astros and saw the two homers. Glad they won, but Texas won also. This ain’t going to be a cakewalk, much to my surprise and chagrin.


    • Should have put me up for the night. But heck, I think ours was an excellent win tonight. Bill, we’ll get that 2 of 3. That chagrin business 1OP, don’t be so hard on your self, it will be work and we’ll probably discover 4 or 5 guys for the 25 man that are not on it yet. And it should not be a cake walk. Let’s see how crisp our guys can be.


  27. I am plumb worn out. Went into town as we do on Friday nights for dinner and watch the game. I have NEVER been so excited about scoring 1 run in my life.
    Finally had to leave in the 10th to come home, and we had the radio on when Yuli FINALLY got a hit, and they got a walk off. I am worn out because these guys are sooo pitiful. This team should not be playing this bad. PERIOD.
    Is there a clubhouse problem? Are they angry with Hinch? *SOMETHING*
    has to give, and in a hurry, because letting the idiots up in Noth Texas catch up to us is UNACCEPTABLE. Night.


    • I guess I’m not very loyal, but when Tubby White finally becomes unnecessary, our team will have gotten better.

      Our run fast guy also must touch bases, otherwise he’s not really necessary either.

      Would have been a devastating loss, but we ended up with a big win.

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  28. The next pitcher to show up in Corpus will probably be Shawn Dubin. Shawn was the Astros 13th round pick in the 2018 draft. He has already moved thru the lower system and up to Fayetteville in his first year as a pro.

    After a few rough outings following promotion, Dubin has settled in nicely. His last 6 outings look like this:

    – 32 IP
    – 6 ER
    -9 BB
    – 41 K
    – .144 BAA
    – .778 WHIP

    His line from last night’s start was 7.0 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 9 K.

    Also, the was a Peter Solomon sighting last night. Solomon worked the 9th tossing 1.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 2 K

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  29. In his last 10 games, Kyle Tucker is 6 for 35, for a .171 BA. In those 10 games he has 0 HRs, 1 RBI, 1 BB, 15 Ks and 1 SB.
    Worst of all, his timing is bad because this is when he could have made it hard to resist his help.

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  30. dan, in my humble opinion correa is not a problem. speculation based on “feeling” is. this front office has its finger on every aspect of this team and they do not think correa is a problem. knee jerk reaction rears its ugly head again. let the boys play – they will be fine.


  31. -The Astro with the best numbers in his last 25 games is Yordan Alvarez. Of course he’s injured. This Mercury in retrograde stuff has lasted six weeks for the Astros.
    – I wonder if Solomon is returning to the system as a reliever or if last night’s appearances was just to get him started on an ever increasing
    -Say what you will about Altuve having the green light on 3-0 with the bases juiced. It didn’t work.
    -How does a guy who throws 75% sliders to right handed batters fool Bregman with two sliders?
    -Every time Tyler White comes to the plate they want to talk about his grand slam. Then they show a clip of it where White lunges horribly at the pitch, just like he has done for months and somehow manages to get a barrel on it and hit it into the first row of the easiest field in baseball to hit a HR. It is the ultimate blind hog/acorn scenario. Of course, he is still looking horrible at
    the plate, but the Astros announcers are feasting on one acorn.
    -I have been Yuli’s biggest supporter, but I always thought that as he got more used to major league pitching he would be more and more productive, but he hasn’t.
    -Round Rock first baseman Taylor Jones was injured by a pitch Thursday night and was not in Friday’s lineup. So, what does first baseman AJ Reed do in Friday night’s game? Gets himself ejected arguing balls and strikes and Tanielu has to come in and play 1B.

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