Astros 2019: The week before and the week ahead

The week of April 15  through April 21 in review.

The Astros roared into this week on a 9 game winning streak that they immediately stretched to a 10 game win streak with a 9-1 bashing of the Oakland A’s, which pulled them into a 1/2 game lead in the division for the first time this season.

They then floundered through a 1-3 end to the road trip that left them trailing the Seattle Mariners by a game and only 1/2 game up on the Texas Rangers. The first three games of the week featured excellent starting pitching by Collin McHugh, Wade Miley and Justin Verlander. McHugh and Verlander walked away with wins over the A’s and the Rangers, but Miley was saddled with a 2-1 loss by Oakland in the wrap-up of the two-game series. The Astros then got horrendous starting pitching out of Gerrit Cole and McHugh in losing the last two games of the Ranger series 9-4 and 11-10. The team turned a churning offense of more than 6 runs a game into a not so great 2-3 week.

The week of April 22 through April 28 

In the idiotic world of baseball scheduling the Astros have had 3 off days in the last 11 days, but now get to play 24 straight days without a day off. On the plus side, the Astros get to spend the next week in the comfort of their home base as they play 7 home games against the AL Central elite Minnesota Twins and Cleveland Indians. Considering the Astros are 6-0 at home and 7-8 on the road, this is an opportunity for the good guys to get their wheels back on the road.

The Twins are on a bit of a roll winning four of their last five games and seven of their last 10, though three of those games were against the putrid Orioles and the other seven against the so-so Blue Jays and Tigers. The Twins are 12-7 and in first place in the AL Central and have a couple familiar names with Marwin Gonzalez (not hitting so far, but look out) and backup catcher Jason Castro (not hitting and not likely). They are riding top three BA, OBP and OPS to top 5 in runs scored in the AL. Their pitching staff is smack in the middle of the AL in ERA.

The Indians are 12-9 and second in the AL Central and are 5-5 in their last 10 games. They recently swept the Mariners in Seattle and then lost a series at home against the Braves. Their hitting has been horrible: bottom 2 in the AL in BA, OPS and runs scored. Their pitching has been a mixed bag of good and bad with a few more on the good side.

The Astros need to re-establish their home dominance this coming week.

Player of the Week.

They had quite a few hitters putting up decent numbers last week including Alex Bregman, Yuli Gurriel, Michael Brantley and Josh Reddick. But the player of the week is George Springer. He slashed .310 BA/ .480 OBP/ 1.375 OPS with 6 runs scored, 2 doubles, 3 HRs, 6 RBIs and 6 walks. He was a real weapon on the week.

Recent History.

In the magical 2017 season, the Astros were 14-7 after 21 games, just a game ahead of their current 13-8 record. They would be 16-9 at the end of April and a steamy 38-16 by the end of May on the way to a 101-61 record.

Last season the Astros were also 14-7 after 21 games, but due to starting earlier (like this season) they were all the way up to 20-10 at the end of April and a solid 36-22 at the end of May on the way to a club record 103-59 for the season.

So ….any thoughts on last week, this week or any other Astro subjects.



109 comments on “Astros 2019: The week before and the week ahead

  1. Three left hand hitting outfielders for the Astros tonight. Brantley in left, Kemp in center and Reddick in right. Springer is the DH.
    Springer has great numbers this season as a DH:
    20 ABs, 3 HRs 5 runs scored, 5 RBIs, .350 BA/.409 OBP/.800 SLG/ and a beautiful 1.209 OPS


  2. Cole is making his life more difficult tonight than it needs to be. Already walked two guys in the first inning. JEEZE.😳 Is tonight going to be like his last start??
    At least he doesn’t have Stassi behind the plate to yell at. GOOD LORD😯


  3. I was watching with the sound off – looked like Correa hit one off his foot hopped up and down but somehow the umps called it a live ball and a double play that ruined a promising inning

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  4. I’d rather lose 10-0, than 2-1. Appears Garrett Cole righted the ship, and held the Indians in check. Much better start for him, maybe he will get run support someday.


    • Frustrating as it is Becky, at the end of the day a loss is a loss. At least we weren’t embarrassed. And yes, we’re making good contact with the ball, just hitting it right at the opposing players. A loud out is still that, a loud out. I’m optimistic. Glad Cole was back on his game.

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  5. As of this morning, every game the Astros have played is against a team that is .500 or better. The Rangers are a .500 team and every other series has been against a team that is over .500, including 4 on the road against the Rays who have the best record in the majors.


  6. Carlos Correa has to feel snake bit. Wednesday night at a critical moment in the game he reached down instinctively to try to stop a pitch thrown at his shoes, then fumbled it, and messed up a potential rally. Then, last night he tipped a ball and either thought it hit his foot, or which he perhaps, in a brain dead moment, just assumed would go into foul territory, so he didn’t run when it squibbed out into fair territory – resulting in rally-killing double play.

    Somebody spray some snake repellent on CC before tonight’s game, okay?

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    • Personally, Hinch should have gotten in the ump’s face big time. CC hasn’t taken acting classes so I suspect the ball hit his foot. Then the ball in the dirt that Chirinos was called out. Time to get fired up!


  7. We are going into town for dinner tonight, and then to my favorite watering hole to watch the game. LORD….I hope McHugh doesn’t lay an egg tonight!


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