Astros 2018: What’s happening Wednesday?

Here are some random Astro thoughts for today:

  1. So is Geoff Blum the poster boy for Less is More? His style is a lot less grating than (as Zanuda so aptly named him) Chatty Cathy / Mike Stanton.
  2. There is something wrong with you if the answer to the next question isn’t “Alex Bregman“.  Which Astro do you want hitting in the most crucial situations?
  3. There is something wrong with you if the answer to the next question isn’t “Almost Any Astro”.  Who do you not want giving base running tips to your local little league team?
  4. It feels like the September 1 call-ups will have more of an effect on the pitching than the hitting side of the team.
  5. Who bet on this? Bregman with 85 RBIs has a 14 RBI lead over the next highest performer on the team. And the next highest performer on the team (Evan Gattis) is not even playing regularly.
  6. Who votes for Collin McHugh being given a shot at closing?
  7. Is Carlos Correa becoming like a previous Astro CC, Cesar Cedeno? Tremendous talent, but may never become transcendent player in his case, due to injuries?
  8. The Astros are currently 11 games better on the road (47-21) than at home (34-30) – the next closest in the majors are the Mets, which are 4.5 games “better” or in their case less worse. What does it mean? Why is it happening?
  9. If the season ended today, there is no doubt that the best everyday Astro is Alex Bregman. The best pitcher? Is it Justin Verlander (13-9, 2.72 ERA) or Gerrit Cole (12-5, 2.85 ERA)? This is too tight to call right now.
  10. Who does A.J. Hinch trust out of the bullpen in a one run game? I don’t mean who will he use, because he uses almost anyone, but who does he feel confident about as he hands that ball over?

What do you, dear readers, think today?


200 comments on “Astros 2018: What’s happening Wednesday?

  1. – I have never seen Altuve in a slump this bad. But I have never seen him hurt before either.
    -The pitching is carrying this team, as it has all year.
    -Just how good is the AL West? I guess we’ll find out in the playoffs.
    -Times have changed quickly. It’s Pressley, Smith, Rondon and Osuna in the back of the bullpen.
    -In April, who saw Josh James and Framber Valdez as the two starters who would come up in late August to help out the Astros?
    – I guess we have to bite our tongues and thank Tony Sipp for his service and wish him well.
    – When Alex Bregman says that it’s going to be awesome when everything starts to click on this team, is he talking about this year, last year or next year?
    – Justin Verlander, canoeing, in the dugout behind AJ Hinch, during a live interview on national TV, in the middle of a game? How funny was that?


  2. The Astros top 5 minor league franchises, who are all going to the playoffs, have a combined record of 363-261. That’s 102 games over .500. They each have 1 regular season game left to play and those games are tonight.
    All five start the playoffs on Wednesday.
    By the way, the Quad Cities franchise’s pitching staff broke the all-time record for K’s by a pitching staff in a season. That is not just a team record. It is the all-time MILB record for all franchises. And they did it a week ago!

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