The Astros ChipalattAwards for the July

The Astros had a 13-11 record for the month of July. Looking at the offensive numbers for the month that almost seems like a miracle. But there are some folks we do need to celebrate or lament, so it is time to give the Chippy Awards for the month of July.

Starting Pitcher of the Month. Dallas Keuchel. This was not even close as the other four members of the rotation fell off to one extent or another. DK was 4-1 with a 1.65 ERA and a 1.010 WHIP over 32.2 IP in July

Runners-up. Gerrit Cole and Justin Verlander. Both GC and JV did not have much to show for very solid months. Cole was 1-1 with a 2.73 ERA and a 1.180 WHIP. Verlander was 1-2 with a 2.70 ERA and a 1.00 WHIP. They both deserved better.

In June – It was Gerrit Cole followed by Lance McCullers and Charlie Morton.

Everyday Player of the Month. Alex Bregman.   Alex pulls a repeat as he led the team in most categories for the month. Bregman hit for a .300 BA/.407 OBP /.985 OPS slash and put up 20 runs / 6 HRs / 18 RBIs.

Runner-up. Tyler White. In only 28 ABs he was very productive with a .286/.394/1.001 slash including 4 runs / 3 HRS/ 4 RBIs. It is a sign of how poor a hitting month it was that White earned this in 1/3 of a month.

In June – It was Bregman with Evan Gattis as the runner-up.

Relief Pitcher of the Month. Collin McHugh. He did not allow the All Star Game snub to slow him down as he had a 2-1 record, 1.15 ERA and a tiny 0.442 WHIP in a bullpen leading 15.2 IP.

Runner-up. Tony Sipp and Joe Smith. The left and right of the ‘pen had impressive Julys as they were used in higher leverage situations after earning A.J. Hinch‘s confidence. Sipp did not give up an earned run for the month and Smith only one run. Smith had a 1.00 ERA / 0.556 WHIP and 0 HRs. Sipp had a 0.00 ERA and a 1.043 WHIP.

In June – This award belonged to Chris Devenski (how things change) with McHugh and Brad Peacock as the runners-up.

Biggest Surprise (Positive). Tony Kemp. Everyone has been waiting for TK to fall off, but he had another solid month with a .271 BA/.397 OBP/.834 OPS slash. When a guys is getting on 40% of the time he needs to get to the plate a lot.

Runner-up. Smith and Sipp. A little lazy choice, but not a bunch to choose from.

In June – It was Tony Kemp backed up by Joe Smith.

Biggest Surprise (Negative). Ken Giles. Giles has had his ups and downs, but his total meltdown both performance-wise (18.00 ERA in only 2 IP) and with mouthing off to Hinch led to a demotion and eventually a trade.

Runner-up. Kyle Tucker. I know he did not get enough ABs to write off, but I really thought he would do better than he did – .156 BA/ .240 OBP / .462 OPS and 0 HRs.

In May – George Springer followed by Dallas Keuchel

The crazies stats award. Justin Verlander. Verlander struck out 15.33 hitters for every walk he gave up in July. That is insane. He only walked three hitters the whole month. However with the hitters knowing he would be around the zone, he gave up 7 HRs…more than the other four starters gave up together.

The surprising stat award. Hector Rondon. Even though he had a 0.960 WHIP, and gave up only a .188 BA/.235 OBP/ .579 OPS slash – Rondon also posted a very high 5.40 ERA, which makes no sense.

The stats that might have shown an injury was coming award. Chris Devenski. and Lance McCullers. Both of these pitchers struggled mightily in the month of July (Devo – 23.40 ERA / LMJ – 6.53 ERA) and are currently on the DL.

Do you agree with these awards?

Want to propose awards of your own?


127 comments on “The Astros ChipalattAwards for the July

      • It has occurred to me that we should all be concerned about Giles. And the DM outcome was exactly what prompted the concern. Not to mention yesterday’s news about JV.


      • I know when I said earlier this year he wasn’t playing with a full deck, it came out harsh , but I don’t get a good feeling about him. He seems troubled

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  1. i notice white is the DH tonite. time to show what you can do for your uncle dave, tyler.
    kevin i dont believe altuve had any surgery, just rest and rehab.

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  2. I feel you VW. I don’t question AJ often but this so called aggressive baserunning has only succeeded in running into more outs than extend innings


    • Absolutely.. Gattis has to sit against NL teams. White hits at least as good and can flex to 1B to even 2B/ 3B in a pinch. To me this is more valuable. I like White. And he’s about $5M cheaper than Gattis.


  3. This is my take, Hinch wants his team to be fresh down the stretch. And, by “inventing” a little boo-boo, he can get them rested for the playoffs. I might be COMPLETELY WRONG, but it sure looks like a “resting DL”.
    I’ve got to tell you a sweet story:
    An elderly lady was living in the 9th ward in New Orleans when Katrina hit.
    She got as far as Houston, and she has adopted the Astros. She watches EVERY game and is usually the first caller on the 10th inning show. She has a gravely voice, and she absolutely LOVES THIS TEAM! She had never been to a home game, because she is very limited on money. Matt Thomas told her she was going to be his “date” last night, and she FINALLY got to see her guys play in person!! I just love her! She got to go see the radio guys, as well as the T.V. guys.
    I wanted to share this with you tonight, because it seems our country has kind of lost her way. I pray every night for those who are going through health problems….and for our president and our beloved America. I’m not trying to be political, it doesn’t matter who the president is, and neither does the Lord.

    Tony Kemp is playing his way onto this team!! Good for us, and good for him!


  4. Here we were presented with an opportunity to knock Seattle out of playoff contention. Instead we are throwing out the welcome mat. Hey how about that Dereck Fisher guy since he was called back up. 3 for 3 ( 3 AB’s, 3K’s) worthless! The guys (save for a couple) looked very lackluster out there last night. And was it my imagination that Correa looked like he didn’t even want to be there. Another GIDP last night and 2 for 8 RISP. After an inspiring 6 -2 road trip, we comeback and play uninspired baseball again at home. Texas swept us before we left and it looks like Seattle is going to do the same unless something changes. Poor execution on the bases by Marwin last night although kudos for his hitting. We still look like we’re looking for the home run pitch instead of the “maybe go opposite field for a dbl or better. I know I sometimes get too critical but I know we can play better baseball than this.

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