2017 World Series: Game 2 live blog

Major League Baseball is exploring ways to shorten games.

Clone Clayton Kershaw and Dallas Keuchel. Game 1 was an old-fashioned pitching duel. If it had been played in the ’70s or ’80s, both Kershaw and Keuchel would likely have pitched complete games.

You probably won’t see a shorter World Series game. Ever. Again. 2:28. In fact, when is the last time you’ve seen a baseball game — any baseball game — finish in under two and a half hours?

If we learned anything in Game 1, we found out that the Dodgers and the Astros are the two best teams in baseball. Clearly.

Tonight, Justin Verlander will help determine destiny for the Astros. He’s only 9-0 when wearing his Astros’ uniform and has run the gamut in performance from bulldog-to-dominant. It’s a pivotal game and the team has climbed on his shoulders.

Someone, though, needs to help spread the responsibility for destiny. Jose Altuve? George Springer? Carlos Correa? Yuli Gurriel?

Join in the conversation. It’s sort of a Gameday Free Blog. The only rules are to keep it clean, informative and respect the commentary of others.



183 comments on “2017 World Series: Game 2 live blog

  1. Lineups for tonight:
    1) Springer CF
    2) Bregman 3B
    3) Altuve 2B
    4) Correa SS
    5) Gurriel 1B
    6) McCann C
    7) Gonzalez LF
    8) Reddick RF
    9) Verlander P

    1) Taylor CF
    2) Seager SS
    3) Turner 3B
    4) Bellinger 1B
    5) Puig RF
    6) Peterson LF
    7) Barnes C
    8) Utley 2B
    9) Hill P


  2. George had a good at bat drawing a walk – then everyone else got suckered by the high pitches including the ump.
    JV better get those high pitch calls.


  3. On the negative…our bats looked like baked ass once again.
    On the positive…we have the best big game pitcher in baseball and so far he’s looking it like Kershaw with a human pitching delivery


  4. We really needed multiple runs there. He misplayed that ball into a 3 run deficit only to be saved by the cap. That’s the kind of stuff that if we overcome, we’re stronger going forward. Hill will get pulled soon.


    • Nah…it’s not Hudgens. These players don’t have the same swagger, and are playing stiff. You’d think the $18 million cheerleader would get them loose, though…


      • It’s amazing how this tm hitting seemed to crash and burn all together. And you’re right, little confidence and tight as hell


  5. I’m so d*mn mad I could spit fire. What in the hell is wrong with these guys??????????? It’s like they’ve never even SEEN a baseball. Oh Lord you should count yourself lucky not to be anywhere near me right now.


  6. Same score as last night…….I’m turning it off. I’m going to watch re-runs of American Pickers, at least their more entertaining. See ya.


  7. Hey friends, my middle son is celebrating his birthday today. He’s watching the game in Lafayette, Louisiana…wonder if someone may have a quick second to text him HAPPY BIRTHDAY…would love to light up his phone.

    His name is Jason: 225.337.2777.


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