Astros need to get their offensive mojo back

Three games is really not a slump, but in a seven game series it can be a killer trend that needs to be reversed.

And that is where the Houston Astros stand entering the critical fourth game of their series with the New York Yankees. They drilled the Boston Red Sox in four games with an offense that was the equivalent of having nine prime time Jose Altuves in the lineup. They are extremely fortunate to be up 2-1 in the ALCS as they have been hitting like they have nine Rick Ankiels circa 2013 in the lineup.

The Astros have squeezed out five runs in the first three games of this series thanks mostly to the power bat of Carlos Correa, the legs of Jose Altuve and the third game wildness of Dellin Betances. What do they need going forward?

  • They need to continue to ride Altuve and Correa as far as their hot streaks will take them
  • They need someone else to step up because through three games, Altuve and Correa have nine of their 14 hits and have scored four of their five runs and knocked in three of those.
  • Who needs to step up? Take your pick
  • Yuli Gurriel at 2-for-9 is the only player other than Altuve or Correa with 2 hits – we know what he can do when he gets super hot as in the ALDS.

The bottom line is that the Astros need to take the pressure off the Lance McCullers Jr. / Brad Peacock tandem they will likely use on Tuesday and get some folks not only on base, but all the way home. Their offense has been predicated on being deep and turning over. They need to take some pitches and take some pitches the other way and get back to what made this team the most fearsome offense in baseball.


119 comments on “Astros need to get their offensive mojo back

  1. Sure Glad Beltran has been our DH in this series I mean nada nothing Horrible, . lead off double nothing but weak grounders. You telling me Fisher could not do more than Beltran BS


  2. One last thing you know what pisses me off the most , that management cared more about showing respect to a 40 years old future HOF guy than going to the WS.
    Given away 4 outs every game cause he is a good guy is BS. Shame on them and shame on doing that to your loyal fans


  3. My biggest head scratcher of the series is Peacock going from 13 and 2 to garbage time in record fashion.

    I’m still not counting our guys out though. Two in a row at home can happen.


  4. I am amazed at how the umps are allowing the Yankee players the freedom to roam outside the dugout while a ball is in play! How often have we seen Frazier hop over the top rail while a ball was in the field of play?


  5. They are playing like a beat down team. With that kind of attitude they will be sitting on a comfy couch eating cheetos, and drinking a cold one watching the Y A N K E E S play the Dodgers in the world series. I have no idea how this team thinks anything different will miraculously change when they play on Friday. They have totally given up, and it’s a dam shame because they came this far just to give up. I’m sorry for them, but most of all I’m sorry for the fans who believed in them this year.
    No……there won’t be another chance next year, THIS was their year and they folded.

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    • Imagine how Verlander feels about now. I’m absolutely amazed at “The Collapse”. However, we still have another chance to redeem ourselves.


      • Verlander has been here before. He’s been the underdog and the favorite. Whatever he does on Friday, he’s been fantastic for Houston. However, momentum is real and fickle. The team from NY is riding high now, but JV knows one good night in the juice box evens the series and gives us the advantage.

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    • Sandy, I want to agree with you, but…….If it were just about Verlander winning one game, then sure, we’re still in it. But there’s that other game, and Keuchel’s already folded. So how do you put together a pitching staff for Number 7 ?


      • Diane, I feel pretty good about an all-hands on deck game to reach the World Series. LMJ, McHugh, and Peacock could all be used for a few innings. We all know Joe Girardi has at least one, crippling mistake in him for the series, so what better time than game 7? Let’s win game 6 and then see what we can do!


    • Devin, I respect your opinion and I hope you are right. We tried to put together a mongrel pitching staff the other day and it didn’t quite work. The “crippling” mistake might have been Hinch taking out McCullers. I have stayed positive so far and want to continue. It’s just I feel the past creeping up. Still, I hope you are right. I pray you are. Sandy, I hope you’re right too. I’ve not been commenting because it’s too daunting.


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