In times like these, what really matters…

Yeah I’m like so many others in being upset that the Texas Rangers front office is not willing to sacrifice and be inconvenienced in this time of catastrophe in Southeast Texas. But it is time for personal perspective.

I hope the Astros do well. I hope they win the six games against that team to the north, and that playing them and the Mets in Tampa does not hurt their playoff run.

But what really matters:

  • We need the rain to stop soon and for a long time.
  • We need the levees to hold.
  • We need folks to be rescued and brought to safety.
  • We need the evacuated to be housed and clothed and fed.
  • We need no more deaths or injuries.
  • We need the hearts of those who have suffered losses to be healed.
  • We need the water to go down and not effect any more houses, people, cars, or pets.
  • We need the continued assistance of all the wonderful people within and without this area who have selflessly jumped into the breach.
  • We will need help from the sincere as we avoid the shysters who will flood the area to “help” us rebuild this wonderful city.
  • We need the continued prayers of everyone.
  • And we will need God’s continued blessings today, tomorrow and forever.



40 comments on “In times like these, what really matters…

  1. Yes, Dan. And since I don’t want it to be lost, people have come not only from Houston but from other states and have personally BOUGHT BOATs (by that I mean they went out and purchased boats) so they could go in and help. Because obviously we are overwhelmed. We do not have the resources. Please, everyone on here, forget yourself just for the next few days, maybe even forget the Astros for the next few days.

    And if we could hear from Chip and know that he still cares, that would be great.

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  2. As I sit in my comfortable, dry home in Texarkana and watch horrendous video footage and pictures from the very neighborhoods in which I grew up, I am once again reminded that there are many, many far more important things in life than baseball, business, or politics.

    I wanted our hometown heroes to absolutely massacre the Rangers every time we played them before Harvey hit. That hasn’t changed one iota. But I would gladly lose every game to them the rest of the season – and next – if it meant that one life could be saved, or the suffering of millions in harm’s way from the floodwaters could be taken away. Keep fighting the good fight, Southeast Texas! Keep being Texas proud, Texas strong, and Texas kind!

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  3. Could not have said it any better. I’ve ridden out multiple significant hurricanes down here, and have dealt with no electricity for more than a month at a time, but always had an warm ocean to jump into to feel clean again, or a place down the road cooking chicken and a guy with cold beer in the back of his truck. It’s easier in the tiny community here to find a helping hand, even with the fewer resources available on a small Caribbean island. We do have what we call the “coconut pipeline” though. Things get resolved.

    But I’ve been blown away by the scale of the catastrophe and equally the scope of humanity demonstrated over the past five days in Houston. I’ve got renewed hope for my homeland today.

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    • Do you have cable TV/Satellite down there? Are you able to watch the Astros? If so, how? I’ve always considered retiring to the Caribbean as a possibility, but only if I’m able to watch the Astros. How did you end up in the Caribbean? My apologies if this has been asked and answered before.


  4. I said a prayer of thankfulness that has, even for just a little while that it has stopped raining out here in Kingwood. My greatest fear is that once this storm has passed, we will have a lot more people that the flood waters have claimed. We lost a police officer who drowned trying to help, and a family of 6 who drowned when their van went into Greens bayou. You just can’t imagine… just can’t.

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  5. It was a dark gloomy morning when a group of my neighbors gathered at the playground, took each other’s hands and thanked God for sparing our subdivision.
    A few minutes later the sun came out briefly as if to let us know our prayers were heard. Since then the rain has stopped and the water is receding in the streets.
    We continue to pray for the less fortunate here and others in the future path of Harvey.

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  6. Beautifully written Dan. I’m from Oklahoma and an Oklahoma Sooner to boot. But Houston has a special place in my heart. As a kid I spent many a summer weekend in Houston visiting relatives. The Astrodome, Jose Cruz, and Astroworld are part of who I am. And I still have family there trying to brave their way through this awful disaster. In times like these Americans forget their differences and rally around each other. To all of you in Houston, our thoughts and prayers and best wishes are with you. Hang in there Houston, so many are with you.

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  7. This blog is my point of sanity – this is my joy – the folks here are my friends and my inspiration.
    I love this and love the conversations it triggers. And I love my friends on here.


  8. I have to admit, I turned it off long before it got out of hand. Just not important tonight.

    The bright spot of my day was a message from our son-in-law who is a Harris County Deputy Sheriff. He was working and dog tired. But had to laugh because of some good ole boys volunteering from East Texas. Wives came down to help guide their boats while the men got out and rescued people. One from Nacogdoches and one from Tyler told his sergeant “Red necks from East Texas get to come down and play with their toys, and help people, it just don’t any better than this.”

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    • Another question is, when are we going to start hitting and scoring runs again? Bregman seems to be the only player who is consistently getting hits. Everybody else is pretty sporadic. Think we need to change the order around for a couple of games to see if we can get things back on track. Maybe when Correa comes back we’ll have some fire going but right now we’re not even smoldering. And I can’t understand why we can’t hit left handed pitching. Every LH we face looks like Cy Young.


      • Yes the left-handers have handled us a lot, but tonight these guy’s hearts were somewhere else and Fiers and Gattis looked like death warmed over, as my Nana used to say.
        I watched most of it, but my heart wasn’t in it either. I was thinking about seeing the sun shining in Houston as I flipped to Fox News live. What a joy it was to see. Made a couple of calls to family and friends there tonight and they are exhausted. One has been on the job since Saturday night, taking care of a major Houston hospital facility.
        He was fixing to go to bed, at the hospital, because he can’t get home anyway. Houstonians stepping up!

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  9. Of 7 family units living in the Houston area – one has evacuated to Houston, one is at a hotel, two sets are living with me and one is hosting other evacuees.
    But people are doing what they must do to survive.
    I don’t know what the number of affected people is here? A million? Two?
    But I love that people help each other, help themselves and find a way.


  10. The rain stopped. The good guys lost by 10. That’s an okay trade off for me. There is still so much uncertainty going on, probably for a million people or more. It will take a long time before all have steady footing. The real work only begins now. Our baseball team will finally get home soon and hug their loved ones. They’ll be all right too.


  11. Gorgeous day out – hard to believe after what we have been through. Pray for the folks in Beaumont and Port Arthur who got like 26″ rain in 24 hours.


  12. OP….you COULD see it in their eyes, playing baseball wasn’t on their minds. I wish there was a way the organization could fly their wives and kids to meet up with them on this road trip. The big airport is closed, as well as Hobby, they both are flooded.
    Several guys wanted to drive to Houston yesterday but Keuchel and a couple other guys talked them out of it. I know Altuve is just one of the guys who is worried sick about his wife and baby girl. I have faith that their families are safe. Here we were griping about Mike Fires…..and I know I was guilty of dissing the guy, forgetting where his heart was. I apologize! What makes me angry about that despicable team in arlington, is their give a cr*p attitude like they portrayed tonight. If there’s anything I would tell our guys, is GET MAD….and beat the “you know what” outta them tomorrow and Thurs.!!! I’m getting storm fatigue something awful….just like the rest of you!

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