Free Blog Friday: What we don’t know far outweighs what we know

As per a Chip Bailey tradition, let’s go Free Blog Friday today. You can talk about anything you want Astro-wise, but a hunch informs us that trade deadline talk will dominate, so here are a few trade related nuggets to consider.

What We Don’t Know #1

It is easy to look at teams that are poor performers or are “out of it” and cherry pick the few good players that fill our team’s needs, but what we don’t know…..exactly which players are really on the market. Think

of it this way. Fly back to 2014 and the Astros were out of the pennant race and other teams would like to trade for one of our few good players – Jose Altuve (.341 BA/.830 OPS) or Dallas Keuchel (12-9 2.93 ERA) or Collin McHugh (11-9 2.73 ERA). And the Astros either said they weren’t interested in trades for those folks or set the bar so high other teams weren’t interested. Sometimes teams that are down want to trade one really good player for four “ifs” and sometimes they want to build around the good player.

What We Don’t Know #2

Fans don’t know a lot about our own team’s prospects. Oh yes, we see their rankings and we see their statistics, but rarely do we see them play and we certainly can’t “look” at them with the statistical tools that the team has in its tool belt. We don’t know how the team values its own prospects, don’t know what it projects them to grow into and don’t know how they value one position against another. When they look at Kyle Tucker and Forrest Whitley how do they value one that is 9 months younger than the other, that one is at A+ ball and one is at AA ball, that one is an OF and one is a pitcher? How do they value a potential five tool position player against a 4 pitch starter? Without knowing that, we can’t possibly know who really is untouchable in the organization.

What We Don’t Know #3

We don’t know how many moves ahead the chess players in the front office are playing. When they traded Domingo Santana (and don’t make yourself sick by looking at his 2017 stats) to the Brewers in July 2015, did they take into consideration that Derek Fisher was already rolling up through his 4th minor league level after a little more than a year in the system or did they think they had the future covered with the drafting of Kyle Tucker and Daz Cameron the month before?

What We Don’t Know #4

Fans don’t know the behind the scenes information relative to injuries. We know they value their medical staff’s opinions greatly. Their opinion led them to the embarrassing (at the time) Brady Aiken non-signing and the “re-negotiation” with Cionel Perez after medical issues were identified. How concerned are they with the recent injuries to Lance McCullers Jr., McHugh, Morton and Keuchel? Were they being overly careful with Keuchel especially considering how huge a lead they have in the division? Did the doctors say – “If you keep Keuchel out 4 weeks he has a 95% chance of recovery, but if you keep him out 6+ weeks, it is 100% sure thing?”

What We Don’t Know #5

We really don’t know what exactly the Astro’s front office is looking for out in the world and what value they place on different factors. Are they adverse to picking up a rental? Do they want someone with playoff experience? Do they want control for X amount of years? Do they think they can get better performance out of someone because of them coming to a better team? Do they want someone who has proven it in the pressure of a pennant race? How injury adverse are they? How burnt are they from the Scott Kazmir Experiment? Are they playing to win this year all-in or do they think they have enough horses to make it without a trade?

So…. you can write about whatever you want, but if you want to pick up the thread – what do you know and what do you not know?


102 comments on “Free Blog Friday: What we don’t know far outweighs what we know

  1. McHugh pitched well. Thought he lacked a little control but should have won it. Martes, and Devo didn’t have it. Gregerson let Upton take second uncontested and he later scored. Bullpen stunk.

    However, it was all Altuve’s fault because he didn’t get a hit.

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  2. It appears that Collin Mchugh pitched a great game, but the bullpen is starting to leak. Gregersen used to be a guy you could plug into the 8th and feel good about it, but since the beginning of the season he has struggled. And Devo is getting used too much. It was a gut punch putting Martes in to give up those runs…..a real shame for McHugh. I wonder why Harris didn’t get in there. Tomorrow should be an interesting Sunday.


  3. Offensively bad baserunning is the goat of the game. Took the steam right out of the team when they had the lead and had Boyd in trouble.
    Defensively, McHugh walked a guy with two outs and then the outfield was out of position and gave away that first run. Then a HBP and WP by Martes was responsible for the second run. Martes’s awful pitching to their weakest hitter gives them the third run and Devenski gives them the winning run and Gregerson not caring about the base runner gives them the insurance run.
    Basically, they gave the game away.


  4. When the Astros lose, I go to the minors for comfort:
    Aurelio Armenteros and Preston Tucker were real special in a 5-0 Fresno shutout of Omaha.
    Tri City got no-hit tonight by the Staten Island Yankees.
    Buies Creek won again.


  5. Sometimes Twitter comments are funny. Thought this one was worth a copy and paste with Beltre nearing 3,000 hits.

    “Odor turns an easy play into an error and is now one misplay closer to 3000 career errors.”

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  6. Psssst. Rogelio is my secret weapon in October.
    Harris doing another ten day stint might not be a good sign.
    If McHugh’s breaking ball keeps fallling off the table, that’s a good.sign.
    Dare Hinch give Altuve a day off? It would be well deserved.
    If big trades are going to happen, I hope they don’t happen in the middle of the night. Poker went on until 4:00 AM. I can’t stay up late two days in a row at this point in time.
    I just realized that Becky does not tell us when she looses.
    Francis came beck down to earth yesterday.


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