Almost good is just not good enough for Houston

My friend Greg Lucas may have said it best: “Fans in Houston are tired of “almost good” in all three major sports. Someone (Astros, Texans, Rockets) need to do something to make their franchise a true power!”

You go, Greg! Couldn’t have said it better!

First the Astros were no good! Now, for the past few years they’ve been almost good!

It’s time to roll up the sleeves, ante up, not settle for mediocrity and do what’s necessary to make the Astros’ organization a class, top-of-the-league, good organization! One that’s in the driver’s seat at this time of the year rather than chasing the drivers!

Frankly, it may hurt. Honestly, it may cause you to cringe. But, without a doubt, getting to the next level will come with risks and gambles. It could mean your favorite player(s) or prospects may be playing in another uniform next season.

This much is certain. With as much talent as this roster presently carries and as much talent that was not in Houston when the season began, this is not a pennant-winning roster. Changes are required to get to the next level!

We’ve all agreed in past editions that Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman and Dallas Keuchel are part of the foundation. George Springer, Evan Gattis and Yulieski Gurriel?  Yes, probably so. But if Jeff Luhnow is going to upgrade significantly, it will not come without a cost. One of the above names — and/or probably others — could be on the chopping block soon.

The free agent pitching market will be thin this winter, possibly requiring a trade to upgrade. With several notable arbitration raises ahead, the payroll is likely headed above the $100 million mark sooner than later, so there’s that too.

We can discuss more as the season ends officially and other teams play on television while the Astros pack up and head home…again. But here are some key questions.

  1. Which of the so-called nucleus would you sacrifice for the right additions to the Astros’ 2017 roster?
  2. Are the Astros an overhaul away from a World Series? Or is it a matter of a tinker and a tweak?
  3. Finish this sentence: If the Astros make only one major change this winter, they must . . .
  4. Which player will be the big surprise of 2017? The big bomb?
  5. Is Gattis part of the nucleus? What other player will join the nucleus or foundation in 2017?

181 comments on “Almost good is just not good enough for Houston

  1. Things that make a girl happy:
    Altuve getting another A.L. Batting title.
    Virginia Rodgers husband gets to start his *first* MLB game tomorrow!
    Seattle Mariners get to sit home with the rest of us this post season. Take THAT Robinson Cano.

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  2. So Brad Peacock delivers a bad performance after the right fielder drops an easy fly ball that is in his glove and people say “same old Peacock”. How many times did Keuchel, McHugh, Fister and Fiers deliver a rotten performance this season?
    For that matter, is there any Astros pitcher who didn’t fall apart at least once or twice this season?
    Last night I was thinking about Luhnow’s escapades signing Jordan Schafer, Tyler Greene, Rick Ankiel and Colby Rasmus, after reading that the Cardinals would opt out of Matt Holliday’s contract. Jeff wouldn’t dare do this again, would he?
    Brady Rodgers is certainly well rested. I would love to see him “twirl a gem” in game # 162. It’s been a long time since I used that expression.
    I wonder what Turk Farrell would think about today’s game of baseball.
    I wonder what Colin Moran is going to be doing this winter.
    I wish Jake Marisnick could spend a month or so working with Teoscar Hernandez on the art of smooth fielding.
    It was very interesting to see the Astros broadcast team focus in on Springer’s girlfriend in the middle of a game Friday night. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that in all my days watching baseball.
    It will take me exactly one day to go from “tired of the 2016 Astros” to “pumped about the 2017 Astros!”.
    Doug Fister was 0-4 in September and the team lost all six of his starts.
    Collin McHugh was 4-0 in September and the team was 5-1 in his starts. The one loss was the game McHugh left with a lead and the bullpen blew the win.
    A win today puts us one game behind last year’s record.
    Mark Appel-Chris Bryant. Sigh. That is why I’m not a baseball scout. I was all for Appel. Sigh

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