2015 regular season predictions; So how’d we do?

Here is a look at how Chip, Dan and Brian’s predictions for the 2015 Astros worked out:




Astros wins in ’15







AL West Winner Seattle Oakland Los Anaheim
Astros’ finish Third Tie-Third Third
Most Wins/pitcher 15/Keuchel 16/McHugh 15/ Keuchel, McHugh
Gregerson saves 34 31 33
Most HRs Springer Springer 42 Springer
Most RBI Carter Springer 93 Springer
Surprise player Valbuena Lowrie Lowrie
Comeback player Feldman/Villar Castro Castro
MVP Springer Springer Springer
Altuve over/under BA .334 .330 .331
# players with 150+ Ks 5 4 4 (Rasmus is injured)
# players with 25 HRs 3 3 3
Most likely to be traded at deadline Oberholtzer Feldman Rasmus (if not injured)
Most likely to bomb by deadline Rasmus Hernandez Hernandez
Best Astros’ Rookie Wojciechowski Wojo Wojo
Trade deadline: Buyer or seller? Buyer Buyer Seller, barely

Well – based on this, do not go to Vegas on the happy trios picks, though it was not a total crash and burn.

  • All three were very close on the Astros final total of 86 wins.
  • All picked three different AL West teams to win the division, which did not include the two actual playoff teams, the Rangers and the Astros.
  • All picked the Astros third, which was two games from being true.
  • All chose Dallas Keuchel and or Collin McHugh for the most wins, but all three were below the 20/19 win marks.
  • Dan hit Luke Gregerson’s save total of 31 on the schnozz, while his buddies were close.
  • All genuinely loved George Springer for most HRs and RBIs (well Chip, picked Chris Carter on the RBIs)
  • Chip picked Luis Valbuena as the surprise player (which he was as he hit more HRs and less of anything else than expected). Dan and Brian chose Jed Lowrie, who was totally unsurprising as he missed more than half the season hurt – again.
  • Comeback players Scott Feldman, Jonathan Villar and Jason Castro will be lucky if they are invited to come back next year. (Just kidding Jason – no one wants to live and die with Hank Conger).
  • Jose Altuve was a bit under the .330ish BAs predicted, but his 15 HRs and .812 OPS were solid.
  • Only 2 Astros, Carter and Colby Rasmus exceeded the 150 K mark.
  • All predicted 3 players with 25 HRs or more and nailed it as Valbuena (25), Rasmus (25) and Evan Gattis (27) led the team. Nobody would have predicted eleven Astros with double digit HRs and 2 more at 9 HRs.
  • All picked the wrong three guys to be traded by the deadline, though perhaps not for lack of trying by the front office.
  • Rasmus did not bomb by the trade deadline, but Roberto Hernandez was gone by then.
  • The best Astros’ rookie was not Asher Wojciechowski, though truthfully none of us thought that Carlos Correa and Lance McCullers Jr. would leap from AA to the majors in time to dominate this season.
  • The Astros were a Buyer this trade deadline and not a barely seller.

If you want to check out some other predictions by our beloved commenters click on that link at the beginning of this article.



119 comments on “2015 regular season predictions; So how’d we do?

  1. I want the Astros to win, but any AL team that wins the WS is OK with the Yankees going home tonight.

    What a great, clean game. Never under estimate the importance of a great defense with a pitcher that is not a strikeout pitcher.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Yep. I am closer to Arlington than Houston. Used to live in Arlington. Just found the Astros team to be “more interesting” the past few years. Seriously I enjoy good baseball. I want the Astros to win with games like last night.

        There is something distasteful with teams like the Yankees, LAA, LAD trying to “buy” the title each year. Deep inside me is that 7 year old that sees baseball as a game. But mentally there is the old man cynic that knows it is a business.


  2. I’m getting grief here at work as I’m a Yankees fan, but having to remind everyone that I’m an Astros fan FIRST (Yankees are my 3rd team, actually)

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Kansas City here we come!!! And if Edison Volquez comes NEAR one of our guys with a ball inside….they have my permission to beat the crap outta him!!


  4. Calmest I have been all season. Watched the whole game with the Mrs and never criticized anything. This is like playing with house money.
    After the game I promised my girl she would not hear me say anything bad about the Astros during the playoffs because they have exceeded my expectations.
    It seemed like the Yankees had no answers tonight. We got great pitching, two homers and beautiful defense. That looked like a playoff team.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I was pacing the floor,starting in the 7th inning. I even took out the recyclables and trash to relieve stress. My wife was trying to find other chores for me to do since I was on a roll.

    I am so happy for this win. I wanted this so badly for this team and now I can relax, Anything else that happens from here is just gravy. I thought Hinch did a magnificent job with his handling of the bullpen and decision to have Villar pinch run for Carter. Speaking of Carter how about those 3 BBs? For a guy who strikes out a ton he also gets on base. Way to go, Astros!


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