Thoughts after a crazy once in a blue moon win for the Astros

By now it is no secret that the Astros did something incredible on Sunday. They were down three runs in the ninth with two outs and two strikes and no one on base and came back to win 5-3. Normally, I try to avoid using the first person in these posts, but what happened was very personal for all of us, so here is what I thought while this craziest of innings unfolded.

I think this was the most amazing comeback for the Astros in the ninth inning ever because of what was on the line. I cannot tell you how much up and down emotion I had in this one inning.
When Tucker got down two strikes I thought “Well there is always tomorrow”.
When he ripped an absolute no doubter HR I thought, “Good for the young man”.
When Springer had two strikes on him and barely fouled off a couple I thought, “He is going to whiff”.
When he lined one to right center I thought, “Oh boy”!
When I saw Calhoun closing on the ball I thought, “Oh crap”!
When the ball got by a diving Calhoun for a triple I thought, “Tying run coming up”.
When Altuve lined one to left center I thought, “They play him that way they are going to catch it.”
When his liner had a humpback in it and dropped in front of the fielders I thought, “We are going to lose 3-2 again”.
When Correa smoked one up the middle I thought, “The rally is alive.”
When Featherston made a tremendous play to stop it and popped up to throw to first I thought, “Oh crap”!
When he did not throw to first when he had plenty of time to throw I thought “What the heck” (well maybe not heck)?
When I saw the ball jammed half way through the webbing I thought, “This is meant to be”.
When Lowrie missed a high fastball right down the middle, I thought, “Oh crap”.
When the ump missed a pitch on the outside corner I thought, “They were owed one.”
When Lowrie lifted one down the right field line and started leaning while watching it I thought, “It is going foul”.
When Calhoun was closing in on it near the foul pole I thought, “Oh crap”.
When Calhoun jumped like he was me and missed the ball by a few inches I thought, “Wow, is Gene Elston’s ghost clinging to his ankle?”
And when I saw the whole team including Evan Gattis who was pinch hit for going bat crap crazy in the dugout I thought, “Good for the guys – this might be the game that saves the division title for them”.

So, what were your thoughts after a once in a decade or two win for this team?


90 comments on “Thoughts after a crazy once in a blue moon win for the Astros

  1. Not many teams win games when you leave
    11 men on base. THAT was the glaring Stat to me. Someone mentioned the fact that Kazmir did not field his position well. Wasn’t that the reason he lost the last time we played the Rangers in Arlington? The lineups posted have us all scratching our heads, but I don’t get the big bucks to figure those out. We’ve been very lucky this year, because they boys have been fairly healthy….so a small ingury is magnified right now. We still have a 1/2 game lead, but that could dissappear quick. We have one of our best pitchers on the mound tonight so let’s hope the guys behind him make the plays that don’t lead to a self inflicted loss.


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