Perspective tough as Astros stumble down the stretch

It is easy to either panic or get depressed while watching the Houston Astros stumble a bit down the stretch of an unexpected playoff contending season. The obvious holes in the lineup expand to Grand Canyon size under the heat of a pennant race. The manager who has pulled elephants out of his hat, much less rabbits is being second guessed for every lineup change and every player day off given. When the bullpen loses one it is considered a choke not a loss.

But for perspective look at where this team has been the last few seasons on this date.


Record on Sept. 11 Games Back on Sept. 11





50-96 34.5




2011 49-97


2010 67-75



69-72 14.5
2008 80-67


Basically the fans and the team have not had a season where the last 3+ weeks mattered since the 2008 season, when the Astros were 3 games out of the Wild Card on this date. Unfortunately, a Hurricane named Ike and a $%^&* Commissioner named Bud sent the Astros the next day to “neutral” site Milwaukee to play the Cubs the and another hurricane named Carlos Zambrano no-hit the team and for all intents and purposes killed the Astros pennant drive.

So, be happy for the following:

  • The Astros as they enter the most crucial week of their season are 76-64 and 2.5 games up in the AL West.
  • Odds are they have the most likely AL Cy Young Award Winner in Dallas Keuchel, the AL Rookie of the Year in Carlos Correa and the AL Manager of the Year in A.J. Hinch.
  • Roughned Odor does not play for the Astros.
  • Josh Hamilton will not be playing for the Rangers down the stretch.
  • Jason Castro and his defense and pitcher handling should return soon.
  • The Astros have minor league talent at all levels bubbling towards the top.

What are you happy or thankful for relative to the Astros entering the final stretch of the season?


91 comments on “Perspective tough as Astros stumble down the stretch

  1. It is time for the Astros to catch a break or two, and get a couple calls to go their way. Plus (broken record here) some timely situational hitting would come in handy. Keep the faith. Finally, Tim, hide all the sharp objects in your home.

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  2. How do you beat the 2015 Houston Astros?

    1. Walk Carlos Correa any time he gets ahead in the count.
    2. Never throw a first or second pitch strike to Jose Altuve.
    3. If Jose Altuve gets on base, he does not watch the pitcher.
    4. If for some reason you can’t pick Jose Altuve off, have your catcher read to throw him out at 2nd. It is an Astros tradition, in the post-Bagwell era, for their hitters to be horrible baserunners.
    5. If for any reason your catcher can’t throw Jose Altuve out trying to steal, just walk a couple more guys to load the bases. The Astros cannot hit a lick with the bases loaded.
    6. Hit George Springer in the hand with a fastball. It will spell doom their season.
    7. When George Springer comes back let Jason Castro hit the ball in the gap and try to leg out a double. When he pulls up lame, you can have your way with their totally ineffective backup catcher, Hank Conger. Not only can he not throw, he jumps around so much the umpires can’t see when their pitcher throws a killer strike.
    8. If all else fails, leave a big bag of gummy bears on the bench of their dug out before each game. They are addicted to gummy bears. They will swing out of their shoes on every pitch trying to hit a home run, because on the rare occasions when they do, their teammates shove gummy bears in their mouths.

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    • I think this is a little harsh on Altuve. He is a good runner, but not fast. Last year and this year they have been pushing him to run and other teams are expecting it. Bagwell was a hair slower, but teams weren’t trying to stop him because he ran with less frequency. Altuve has never learned to pick his spots because as long as his success rate is high enough for Hinch he has the green light.

      Last year, Porter wanted Altuve to run often to get more fastballs for Springer and Carter when they followed him in the lineup.


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