Saturday notes: Pinch me, I’m dreaming

Happy Saturday friends. You may need to help me this morning. I awoke and had this magnificent dream, but I had to shake myself to my senses.

Sometime in the middle of the night I needed a glass of water,  then went back to sleep.

I started seeing baseballs flying, and they were going a long, long way. First, Evan Gattis, then Jake Marisnick (this is when I knew it was only a dream), then George Springer.

I was smiling.

Quick flash to the mound and this guy named Sam Deduno was pitching. Suddenly, I wondered if this dream wasn’t a nightmare flashback to 2011 or 2012. What is Sam doing on the mound at the beginning of the game? Ugghhh.

Oh, and earlier I could see Kevin Chapman on a plane to Houston? Who? Really? Where was Tony Sipp and Joe Thatcher? Had they suddenly switched to become right-handed pitchers?

Then, ever so suddenly, the American League standings started to scroll across the top of my dream. No, not the bottom like ESPN, across the top like a weather bulletin. What? And, it was in red letters and was prefaced with a flashing BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

I just had to smile, almost laugh out loud!  But it was a nice dream, nonetheless.

Still laughing when I write this: The Astros have the best record in the American League. 16-7. Yeah, right!  16-7! And five games up on the field?

What a dream, right?

And, hey, behind the standings’ scroll, it said Houston is 14-0 when scoring first and 13-0 when scoring 4+ runs!  Houston has scored 4+ runs in 13 of 23 games? Come on!

Great, great dream, huh?

Oh, and then Luke Gregerson comes running in to save the day in the ninth inning and gives up two home runs. That guy! Wait, two home runs in the ninth and the Astros still win?!

Come on, pinch me!

Oh, well, I could go on…like there’s this one: The Astros had their best April since 1986. 1986? What are they trying to say? That the 2015 Astros are the 1986 team? Come on, man!

Pinch me please! Had any dreams like that? If so, what’s going on in your dreams?



88 comments on “Saturday notes: Pinch me, I’m dreaming

  1. A quick public service announcement….
    Astros brass – your team is playing darn well, but…. you keep rolling out a guy at SS and 3B who is not playing like a major leaguer right now. His BA is .160. He has 4 charged errors on top of some other plays that could have been called errors. This is when he has played about 25% of the Astros total innings and no one else has more than 2 errors.
    Please, please, please bring us someone, anyone who will give us a better chance to win than him. Anyone!!!!!!!!
    Thank you – now back to your regularly scheduled blogging….


    • I said this ALL last year, but you guys kept telling me to give the kid a chance.
      Well……..his chance has come and gone, but he STILL can’t play a clean game
      at short OR 3rd.


  2. Correa is 2 for 2 w/ a double and a walk today. After his double, he stole third. After his single, he stole second. After his walk he made it to third with nobody out and the bases loaded, Nash struck out and White hit into a DP. CC down 4-3 in the sixth.


  3. Lloyd McLendon is probably real glad to get on an airplane outta Houston today.
    Hinch played with fire, and Hernandez paid for it. I won’t say I told you so….but.

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  4. Hernandez will give you 5 or 6 innings of iffy ball, and then he turns into mush.
    Right now, or very soon Luhnow should be looking at getting another 3 or 4 guy
    to add to the rotation. Do you bring up Wojo again……or go out to find a proven
    starter? If we are waiting for Peacock, or Oberholtzer we might be waiting for awhile. Obie was hit HARD last week, and Peacock just isn’t in the future with this club. I’m sick and tired of seeing Jonathan Villar’s face……


    • I don’t know – Wojo and Peacock both showed a propensity to get knocked out before the fifth inning. Olberholtzer appeared to try not to pitch with the lead in 2015.


  5. Facing Detwiler and Wandy and Colby Lewis. Would love to see Springer and Carter hitting those lefty pitchers. We got a few good swings against Happ today.


  6. Brewers Pres and GM Doug Melvin fired manager Roenicke tonight after the Brewers won their first series of the year. Melvin said they’d name a manager Monday. Wonder if he will name himself. Maybe he will name Braun as player/ manager. Brewers deserve it. I hate the Brewers. I hate Bud Selig. I hate cheese. I hate any Wisconsin beer.
    I love JJ Watt.


  7. Went to Corpus yesterday and today to watch the Hooks in general and Correa in particular. Last night he was meh at the plate but solid albeit not really tested defensively. McCullers was very good. Gave up a hit and a 2 run bomb but showed really good pop and command. Telvin Nash impressed me with his bat speed as he just missed on two fly balls that must have been in the air close to a minute. Otherwise the team effort was pretty uninspiring.
    Today Carlos was much better offensively and showed why he can play shortstop on the big club right now. His movements to the ball are so smooth and his footwork superb. He handled a couple of nasty hops almost effortlessly. No panic, no deer in the headlights. The error (his first) was also on a ball that took a bad hop. Nash today was a mini Chris Carter. He got his bat into the center of one pitch and hit it high off the scoreboard for a 2 run bomb. But he came to the plate with the bases loaded three times and struck out all three. Once it came with no outs and was immediately followed by a DP. In the ninth he came up with two outs and was quickly ahead 3-0. He was given the green light but swung at ball four away! Took a called second strike and then swung and missed a slider away that finished a foot and a half off the plate. Guys like that make me crazy.
    After seeing Correa in person I can see that he can play at the MLB level right now. He is SOOOOO much better than Jonathan Villar. I still think the safe play with the roster is to put Lowery on the 60 day DL and bring up Correa. That way they don’t have to trade/DFA anyone and can hang on to Villar as deep insurance. Real deep insurance.

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    • A couple of things about Correa. His first error of the year still keeps him at .990 fielding percentage, because he gets a huge number of chances with his range at SS. Also, I had no idea he was second in the league in steals w/ 10, one behind the league leader. That is a phenomenal stat for a 6’4 215 lb. shortstop. He was on base four times in five plate appearances yesterday.
      That .371 BA is in Corpus Christi, too, bill. That’s a long way from the high altitude of Lancaster.
      They say Correa is the Astros’ SS of the future. That 18-7 record says the future is here.


  8. My comments on yesterday’s game. A. Springer’s throw will keep some runners on 3rd for a while that might score or taking the extra base. B. Marisnick backing up Colby on the double over his head tells me that JFSF plays every play. C. Villar has no need to carry a glove. It is no use to him. There has to be someone that is good enough at AA or AAA that you can “start the clock” and he will never play 6-7 years on your team. For God’s sake, we need a defensive replacement. He was directly responsible for 2 runs PERIOD. (Sorry Becky, it was my turn.)


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