Hashtags On A Young Astros’ Season

I’ve been reading about this Twitter thing, and I think I might want to jump in before it’s too late. Share your thoughts. Reference topics. Do it all fast and short.

Yep, I think it’s time I start being a twit. I guess I need to practice and get used to those number sign things–hashtags–that I’ll need to use. So I think I’ll make some “hashtags” and try to describe them in 140 characters or less. If you like, you can comment on each “hashtag” down below.

Got it? OK, let the twa … no, that’s not right … tweeting begin.

#Bonehead. Day game after night, and you trot out the same closer for the 3rd str8t outing? #newmanager #TonyD

#Overswing. I get ur a rookie power hitter, but stop swinging 4 the fences when a single will do. #Springer

#NextUp. If he’s half as good in HTown as OKC, he’s twice the 1Bman as anyone we have. #Singleton

#Weaktea. Two Astros, just two, have an OPS over .700. Castro and Dominguez. #shockerOnThatLastOne and only Altuve and Marwin are hitting above .250

#Offseason. Fowler is stumbling after hot start. Feldman on the DL. Is Alex Presley our best move? #waiverwire

#ThankTheLord. If it wasn’t for starters, would we have two wins? Colin McHugh is just the latest in the rotation with an ERA under 3.50 #FiveGuys

#MatterOfTime. Villar finally muffed a grounder. Still he’s been amazing in the field. Now if he can just start hitting consistently. #BestOfBothWorlds

#SentPacking. Off to Oklahoma City with you Lucas Harrell. Will you ever get 2012 back? Adios Japhet Amador. We hardly knew ye.

#Waiting. In addition to Singleton, Austin Wates looks ready. Add to that Max Stassi, Gregorio Petit and Ronald Torreyes. #WhoWeNeedMost #RakingInOKC

So, what hashtag will help turn this tweeting team around? Do you have your own hashtags to add? Anything to help this Twitter thing catch on, folks.

24 comments on “Hashtags On A Young Astros’ Season

  1. Great job – fun piece –
    I’m liking this challenge Brian – you know me – why limit myself to 140 characters where 140 words would do?

    # Bonehead – Can’t get TV deal done – Offering contract to Grossman – Bad lineup choices – bad running blunders #boneheadowner/GM/M/players

    #Overswing – Saw the same thing out of Singleton in the spring #600ftswingw/0ftresult

    #Next up – Singleton’s BA and OPS (.325 / 1.158) are more than Carter’s (.156 / .604) and Krauss’s (.149 / .529) combined. #whatarewewaitingfor

    #Weaktea – Mendoza would have a higher BA than 6 of the Astros on the 25 man. #cananybodyhitaroundhere

    #offseason – Best move of the offseason would be Feldman if well, but is Albers – 0.90 ERA in 8 appearances. #hometownboydoesgreat

    #ThanktheLord – The starters have given up a cumulative 7 runs in the Astros 7 wins. #noroomforerror

    #MatterofTime – At the rate he was piling up errors last season – Villar should have 6 errors already. #Goodnews

    #Sentpacking – Harrell got a second chance and literally threw it away / Amador showed up late and fat. #themaninthemirroristoblame

    #Waiting – Anyone who can hit above .250 and OPS above .700….#thefutureisnow


  2. Kept those posts short Dan P, or no one will let you twit anymore. ;^))

    Kevin, good hashtags on Carter. #underperformeroftheyear #horriblestart


  3. I don’t twitter, but I’ll try to do my best……#thismanagerisanidiot.

    How did I do??!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. #havetostopwatchingbeforeipunchsomeone

    The A’s are killing us again. Just killing us. They score runs. We strand runners. They turn double plays. We bobble the exchange from glove to hand (#VillarStrikesAgain) so the runner at first is safe.

    They will win … again. We will lose.


  5. No hashtags right now……….but Paul Clemens just punched his ticket back to OKC
    after this game, and this is the worst played game in *YEARS*. When was the last
    time you saw this team make 5 errors before the 6th. inning. Heads are going to roll
    when this game is over. NOTHING like burning through your bullpen to start a 4 game series……..#Boporterispi$$edofftonight.


  6. Sandy……..Bo Porter didn’t make 5 errors tonight, or get his pitcher thrown outta the game for intentionally hitting Jed Lowrie. These guys did that ALL BY themselves.


      • Yeah Devin, I question that move too. I sure wouldn’t put it past Bo.
        I’m tired of making excuses for this team. If Crane wants these prospects to reach their potential he’s going to have to put together a top notch coaching staff.
        I’m starting to have doubts about Luhnow too.


  7. I agree Becky. But he SHOULD have control of his clubhouse.
    You wouldn’t see that happen when Dierker or Garner were in charge.


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