First Feldman now Cosart, I’m liking this rotation

When you think you have enough pitching, go out and get some more pitching.

Scott Feldman was pretty crafty in the opener. And Jarred Cosart looked downright nasty Wednesday night.

Living in Minnesota and paying my $129 to, I’m able to watch every game (unless they’re playing the Twins or Brewers). Yeah, it’s cold in the winter, but the CSN Houston deal doesn’t bug me.

Anyway, I was able to watch both Feldman and Cosart. I know the big “Upgrade” to the Astros’ pitching was supposed to be the bullpen, but thus far, I’m impressed with the starters. I don’t know if it’s Strom or guys maturing or enjoying the change of scenery, but this rotation is looking good. … And we haven’t even seen the hot prospects (other than Cosart) contribute. Well, maybe Brett Oberholtzer was considered a hot prospect. But I don’t think anyone ever put that tag on Lucas Harrell or Dallas Keuchel.

And the quality of the pitching thus far (and I’m expecting Obie and Keuchel to give quality innings … for me the jury is still out on Harrell) has been great. Feldman went nearly 7 innings giving up zippo runs. Cosart went 5 innings. The last one was a bit of a struggle, though I question Porter pulling him for Jerome Williams–unless there was something wrong with Cosart–despite Williams putting up a goose egg in the sixth.

So, if you’ve been able to watch … or at least listen in, what have you thought?

  • It’s two games, but are you loving this starting pitching thus far?
  • I’m here to tell you, Cosart’s curve ball looked unhittable the first few innings. And while he ONLY struck out three, he didn’t walk anyone. That said, there were a lot of 3-2 counts on Yankees (spit!) hitters. If he can improve his control just a touch, what do you think Cosart’s ceiling might be?
  • I know this is all about our starters, but c’mon Kevin Chapman! Must you add to my gray hair collection?
  • I didn’t even discuss the offense here, but it goes without saying that everyone owes Dexter Fowler a debt of gratitude. The rest of the offense looked like a bad omen though. Are you worried or just chalking it up to a good outing by Hiroki Kuroda?

25 comments on “First Feldman now Cosart, I’m liking this rotation

    • I grew up in Omaha rooting for the Royals. Three straight years in the late 70s, they kicked KC out of the playoffs. I still can see Freddie Patek crying in the dugout. And I remember Billy Martin calling Larry Gura a “batting practice pitcher.”

      Then when the Yankees (spit!) faltered for a few years, Steinbrenner decided to spend his way to the World Series.

      Add to that the Yankees (spit!) being on TV ALL THE TIME, and it’s easy to see how my hatred developed.


  1. Managed to win in spite of Porter and Chapman. What is Bo thinking PH for Carter with the bases loaded with CORPORAN!!! And does Chapman understand that when he is brought in to face a lefty he is supposed to make him swing the bat? Echoes of Wesley Wright in 2013. Many kudos to Fowler, Cosart, Albers and Fields and it was sure good to see Dominguez go yard opposite field. Can we stop the season right now?


  2. The Astros are 2-0. The Yankees are 0-2 and now they get to face our young lefty.
    I’m jazzed
    So why the criticism? No need to go after Porter, Chapman or Carter. Not everyone on this team is going to be great every night. And Carter has a tendency to break out in games when you don’t expect it.
    Be Happy. I never thought we would start this good. Please,enjoy it.
    Our pitching staff has given up 3 runs in 18 innings. That’s wonderful. we’re undefeated even though we aren’t hitting a ton. That’s wonderful.
    See you tomorrow.


  3. More thoughts – I actually got to watch most of this game unlike the first game which I “saw” on the net….
    – Cosart at times seems to be channeling Kile’s curveball – nice. The big plus last night – 0 walks which he strruggled with last year. I like his Oswaltian bull doggedness, he does seem to be a bit like Bud Norris – effective, but uses a lot of pitches to get through the innings. I would have liked to see him get thru 6 last night.
    – I know you are not talking that much about the bullpen – but even with a little tightrope walk with Chapman – they did a good job last night. The Astros were terrible in 2013 when they scored 3 runs or less. This is a game they probably lost 3 out of 4 times last season.
    – I liked Albers fire last night and really loved his wicked slider – had the leftys swinging 6 inches above a pitch heading for their ankles. 4 K’s in 5 batters.
    – Fields came in and looked in control like at the end of last season and during ST. Threw strikes and got off the field.
    – Williams got into a bit of trouble (thanks to an ump who seemed to really squeeze the zone with Jeter up) but stayed calm and got out of it.
    – Offense stunk – but they won even with getting nothing from Castro Altuve and Carter.
    Fun game – hope the big O goes out there and gives them a different look and shuts the Yanks down again. The city of NY will go apoplectic if their darlings get swept by the Astros.


    • If you read the NY Post and Daily News this morning, they’re already standing on the ledge looking longingly at the sidewalk. The Post can’t seem to say “Astros” without mentioning 111 loses last season. They’re as bad as me and my (spit!) thing when I say “Yankees” … (spit!).


  4. In 2013, handing a lead to the bullpen for the last four innings petrified me. I like our chances in 2014 when we do that. As for pulling Cosart after five, I don’t need to see him grind out innings this early in the season. Kershaw did that in spring training and is now missing time.

    I hope Fowler can stay healthy and continue to swing the bat so well. I wasn’t a huge fan of the trade because it bumped he who shall not be played (or is it paid) out of CF. I’m willing to reconsider.


  5. Great to see this team get out to a 2-0 start. And certainly, the pitching has been excellent. But I think it’s a bit too early yet to be loving the rotation. Let’s check it out when we’ve been though all five guys three or four times.

    And to be realistic, I still expect the offense to struggle, especially against good pitching. On a team that has Altuve hitting 3 and 4, well, we’re not that good at the plate.

    But I’m also not prepared to get on my favorite manager yet, simply for pulling Carter for Corporan. I would have left Carter in, if only to let him know that he’s our big guy in that situation. I’m not sure if that move made Carter like Bo anymore than I do.


      • Actually, I spent my money on a lukewarm Bud Light with a “born on date” of January 14. I wonder where that bottle of beer was incubating from the time of it’s birth, all the way to April 1?


  6. I had to listen to the game last night, but I was *very* impressed when Villar just put the ball in his back pocket instead of trying to be Super man and get a difficult double play. Now……since Porter used Chapman, and Albers for two straight games, they probably won’t be available tonight, oh and……… Fields was OUTSTANDING last night!


    • I know I concentrated on the starters above, but I agree on Fields and would add that Albers was pretty wicked too. He closed the door in the seventh and worked around that lead off double in the eighth like a mature relief pitcher.

      We used a lot of arms last night but both Fields and Qualls are available tonight. As is Williams. And we haven’t even gotten to Peacock and Bass.


  7. I really appreciate Josh Fields’ effort last night – and kudos to him since the results were fantastic. And his post-game interview was inspiring as well. But I saw one thing that concerned me a little. Does he usually work that high up in the zone? I have the sense that a team with a little more patience at the plate than this year’s Yankees [all in unison please noisily expectorate] could have made that 9th inning look a whole lot different.


    • Bill, some pitchers can get away with high fastballs, especially with rising movement. Pitchers capable of 97-98 with upward movement can live up there because a lot of batters with uppercut swings think they can catch up to it but the bat angle doesn’t work.
      If Fields can get his other stuff down and occasionally get batters to chase that high heat he can be such an effective closer because he can face a team three straight nights and if the batting order or different parts of the lineup don’t get to see him he is fresh to them. If he closes against the middle of the lineup last night he could face the top or the bottom tonight and they wont get to see him again for months. They will remember that high heat next time and then he might freeze them with a curve or make them chase a slider. Rivera did it for 15 years because of his movement. His cutter just darted and batters never could get good contact.
      For years Wagner lived with heat up in the zone. and the slider at the ankles.


  8. “Astros 2-0 and Yankees 0-2. It is time to break up the Astros. They are ruining baseball.” (Now that is what I would love to post on some New York Sports sites)


  9. I did not see the game [hush now, it’s all been said], so I have a question about Brad Peacock’s night. He struck out four, but he walked three [way too many]. Was he getting squeezed by the ump, or was he just all over the place? And looking at the pitch counts, I gather the Yankees must have gotten the word about being more patient against Astro hurlers.


  10. And then Harrell pitches and squelches our excitement over the starting pitching. Oh well, I am hoping only about 2 more months of Lucas and he will be gone (once Folty’s service time is pushed back one more season).


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