BORING! 2014 Astros’ Spring Training

Folks you know that blogger Bo Weaver and I rarely agree (completely) on things. But Bo made this comment the other day, “Actually I am bored by the Astros spring training. There is nothing to get too excited about.”

I have to say I completely agree.

The ‘Stros are 80% of the way through spring training and they have given what’s left of the fan base next to nada to look forward to going into the season.

What we know:

– Barring last-minute changes the worst team in baseball will have no player making a major league debut heading into the season. George Springer, Jonathan SingletonAsher Wojciechowski, Delino DeShields Jr, Carlos Correa, and Michael Foltynewicz are either hurt or tucked safely away back in minor league camp.

– Nobody has stepped forward to take the closer role that would likely have gone to Jesse Crain if he were healthy.

– The back-end of the rotation will likely be filled with folks backing into those roles than those earning them. Actually the whole rotation has a bit of that going on as we end ST.

– The front office has picked up some decent pieces for the bullpen, but SS is a big hole, they gave puzzling big money to Scott Feldman, and no one knows whether Dexter Fowler can play at sea level.

So, heading into 2014, there is plainly nothing compelling about the probable 25 man roster for the Astros. There is little personality or excitement pulsing through the veins of this team.

Hopefully, the Astros will get  halfway through this season and the young folks will start climbing onto the 25 man roster. But for now – boredom seems to be the perfect adjective for this spring training.


27 comments on “BORING! 2014 Astros’ Spring Training

  1. I have to agree Bo and Dan. I watched the game yesterday like a B version of Ground Hog Day. Then I see Springers agent might be filing a grievance, like we need that from one of our future hopefuls. It seems that Mgmt pretty much had their minds made up on the 25 man roster before they got to ST. I hope I’m wrong, but slowly i’m starting to question Crane and Lunhow’s business sense and “The Plan” for the first time. I have fought hard not to jump on the haters bandwagon.. Stros; die hard.


    • I’m betting his agent is saying he is being kept down because he would not accept their extension.
      They are treading on a slippery slope.


      • Whether or not Springer’s agent has a case or not is besides the point. If the club has allowed the relationship with Springer, their highly touted number one pick to deteriorate, then it’s fair to say this organization is not functioning very well. Luhnow has to be accountable here. We can’t blame Crane for everything. oldpro, the conspiracy theory seems to be growing kegs.


      • I agree daveb – if I were Springer – at his age and with the stats he had in 2013 playing in this organization and I would be at the “why try” part of my career.
        I know you probably typo’d – but we might be better off with growing kegs instead of growing legs.


  2. The worst team in MLB has the #1 MILB system and not one of their top 20 breaks into the lineup because the team doesn’t want them to.
    I think Fowler is an improvement in CF.
    I think Krauss is an improvement over Wallace by default.
    I don’t think Feldman is an improvement over Norris.
    I don’t think Jerome Williams has proven better than… (fill in 5 starters from last year)
    Villar has played terribly. How can he stay in the majors? If Villar makes this team it will be a huge mistake. The SS position alone would separate us from the Marlins by five games.
    In conclusion, I don’t think Luhnow has done enough to keep this team from getting the 1.1 for the fourth year in a row. On the other hand, I think he has done enough to allow this team to get the 1.1 for the fourth year in a row. Do you see what I’m implying there?


    • Interesting point old pro – he does not want MLB stepping in behind the scenes to pressure the team – so he does enough things to point to if they ask. So you do just enough to keep the “Feds” off your tail while lining up the first pick again. Yikes!


  3. Haven’t seen a thing at this point to be excited about. It’s beginning to look like another 100 loss season. You can have the greatest minor league talent in the world but it doesn’t mean squat if that major league team can’t even be competitive after 4 years in the cellar. I’m beginning to think that Crane ain’t worth a hoot and holler as an owner. I believe I can speak for the majority of us that we’d rather see the young guys play and lose than see these has cast offs and 2nd stringers do the same. Maybe time for the fans to rise up and speak with their wallets and pocket books.


  4. Bases loaded by walks, two outs and Matty D. hits a ball on the ground.
    Please tell me this ain’t gonna be the preview of the 2014 season. UGH.


  5. i think Lunhow’s plan is missing one important thing. No matter what at the end of the day its about treating people right and building a franchise that people want to play for, trust the leadership, and be a part of Astro’s tradition. If Crane and Lunhow are about the Bottom line, and keeping the partners happy, please sell the team and invest in the stock market


  6. Well if you are wondering what Springer is playing for, he isn’t thinking about that. There is an incredibly curved sliding scale in future pay of good players, stars, and superstars. It’s unfortunate that he may be only playing for himself the next few years, but playing for himself will end up paying big dividends to the team when all is said and done.

    I won’t believe “fractured relationship” theories until I hear it from the horses mouth.


    • The problem I see Steven is that doing this the wrong way may have kept them from doing a preemptive signing of Springer later on.
      Yes I know if he plays for a big contract that will help the team. But you also don’t want to develop a big us and them attitude either.


  7. The man who should have been the Astros manager, Tony DeFransesco, has been diagnosed with cancer. Thoughts and prayers to him and his family.


  8. I think we also need to pray for Jim Crane who must have some type of mental illness as he said he is hoping for a .500 season this year. And yes he was talking about the Astros not the Texans.


  9. Unfortunately the best performer in spring camp this year was Marwin Gonzalez. He was just good enough to make the team and knock veteran Cesar Izturis out of a job. Problem is, Gonzalez will return to his old self by a month in and Izturis will be playing for some other team and doing quite well for a 35-year-old. Izturis could’ve helped this team over the course of a season. Also, Mike Foltynewicz was certainly good enough this spring to be a valuable bullpen piece. But, they just elected to open the season with little to be excited about. I’m going out on a limb here: I’m guessing 49-113 this season and that’s not even with 15 losses in a row to end the season. Porter will be gone at season’s end. Time for Biggio.


    • Good point Eric – though frankly if the spot is backup infielder – I would just as soon give it to the younger guy – Marwin – then to Izturis.
      I agree that Folty should have gotten a shot – but maybe they really see him as a starter and want to give him a season shining up his stuff in AAA.


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