No surprise, but Astros put a period after Wallace

The Astros have parted ways with Brett Wallace.

The move shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the official release puts a period at the end of what many had hoped would be a long tenure at first base in the tradition of Jeff Bagwell and Lance Berkman.

While he technically came to the Astros in a straight up trade for Anthony Gose, Wallace joined the organization as part of the Roy Oswalt trade with the Phillies. The Astros traded Oswalt for J.A. Happ, Jonathan Villar and Gose, then immediately flipped Gose to Toronto for Wallace.

At the time, it looked like a good, if not reasonable, flip. Now, the younger Gose looks like the better MLB contributor.

That leaves Villar as the only essential piece of the puzzle from that trade, unless you consider the Happ trade to Toronto last year a continuing “train” in the evaluation of trades.

Wallace was considered a long shot to make the team, but Jesus Guzman, Jonathan Singleton, Chris Carter and Marc Krauss are remaining front runners to secure the first base role.

The Astros could have kept him in Oklahoma City as a stop-gap or emergency backup, but to what end?  Especially with better options on the depth chart.

Still, to say that no other teams had interest since the Astros didn’t trade him may be misleading as well. Every GM knows which players are on the bubble with other organizations and the likelihood of a Wallace release was significant. So why use a trade when you could possibly sign the player as a free agent before April 1.

  • Thoughts on Wallace’s release?
  • Will Wallace be picked up by another team?
  • Who’s the front runner for first base now?
  • Can Asher Wojciechowski still “save” the Oswalt trade since Happ essentially brough the young pitcher to Houston?

9 comments on “No surprise, but Astros put a period after Wallace

  1. Happy. Though sad for him personally.
    Probably on a minor league deal.
    Guzman with Krauss nipping at his heels.
    Wojalphabet? What about Villar? He can save the Roy O. trade! Just kidding, it’s all on Wojo now.


  2. Thoughts – There were a few times when he would go on a streak and I thought – this guy is going to be OK. But too often the pitchers would exploit the giant holes in his swing and he never seemed to adjust. I did admire him for working hard and changing his body shape a bit – but it was not enough.
    Picked up? Yes – I agree with Brian T that someone will pick him up on a minor league deal. He is only 27 years old – somebody might pick him up to fill a need on the left side of the plate – he would be a platoon candidate for sure.
    Frontrunner for 1B – You would think it is between Guzman and Krauss with Carter picking up some reps.


    • Oops and as far as Wojalphabet – hey we also have a serviceable backup C – Carlos Perez – who may be used as a trading chip, David Rollins who put up an ERA below 4 at Lancaster (no mean feat) and a couple young pitchers who won’t likely do anything (Joseph Musgrove and Kevin Comer) also out of the Happ trade. So it ain’t over yet in the accounting phase….


  3. I think Wallace will sign a minor league Contract somewhere.
    I think the two guys who came to camp as frontrunners at 1B are gonna stay there, Guzman and Krauss are both going to be there, unless they pick up somebody cut from another team.
    Wojo can save the Oswalt trade easily because there wasn’t much to save. Oswalt wanted out and he played good for a stretch of ten starts for Philly, they lost out in the playoffs and he was done after that.
    I feel bad that Wallace couldn’t cut it in the majors. I think the Astros were not a good fit for a guy who was gonna struggle, because there wasn’t anyone to pick him up and get him straight.


    • You always wonder about guys – if they were in a different lineup with some protection would they hit more often and get their confidence up.

      Wallace just seemed to swing too often like a guy who needed glasses – too late and too much in the wrong place.


  4. I feel sad for the guy. I know, I know………he never could get it all together here, but I’m a mother…..and that part of my heart feels sad for him. BUT…..I’m soooooo over Villar it ain’t funny. Two more very costly errors AGAIN today. Grrrrrrrrr


  5. Wallace was an enigma for sure. I wanted him to have a chance to play – he got it – boy was I wrong. He looked “lost” at the plate, or “guessing” at the plate, or “lost guessing.” He could take a 3rd strike 85 mph straight pitch right down the center of the plate. He may be one that was over-coached, but whatever, he had all the chances he needed – so lets move on. If he becomes another C.J. for his next team (actually for C.J.’s second) I wish Wallace well.


  6. Springer with a walk-off hit one day. Correa and Singleton go to Swatsville back to back the next day. And all in Astro uniforms?
    Wake me up – I must be dreaming!


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