Friday thoughts on Cosart, Bedard, magic numbers and video tape

Hey, football season is getting close! How ’bout those Tigers? Or them Texans?! Wait, that’s an Astros’ logo on top of this entry. Wonder if the Astros could trade the rest of the season for cash considerations? Or maybe just a couple of series.

Seriously, there are only a few people who thought that the Astros might lose 110+ games, but I’m beginning to think that’s exactly where the team is headed. After 120 games, the Astros have a seven-game lead on Miami and the White Sox in the race to claim the #1 pick in 2014.  Guess we’ll need to start factoring the “magic” number.

Meanwhile, here are some other thoughts as the Astros head into the weekend in Anaheim. Could Bo Porter leave after one year to return to Washington and Mike Scioscia become the next Astros’ manager? Oh, nevermind.

Jarred Cosart for Rookie of the Year.

  • Okay, there probably aren’t enough games and innings left in the season. Still, this guy just keeps churning out shutout innings and the best pitching gems of an otherwise dismal season. Cosart is easily the brightest spot and freshest breath of air this year. Rookie of the Year? With 42 games left in the season, he’s likely to get another 7-8 starts, probably 40-50 innings. It would put him shy of 100 IP for the MLB season, but if he continues to pitch at his current level, it will at least generate some conversation in a AL ROY race that so far has been ho-hum.

The Erik Bedard conundrum.

  • Got to admit, it’s a little surprising that Bedard wasn’t traded at the deadline.  Even more surprising, he apparently slipped through waivers this month, even though he would have cost a team a few hundred thousand. While he’s been up and down, Bedard has provided some quality innings for the Astros. You’d think a playoff contender looking to patch up a rotation or bullpen would have kicked the tires or taken a flyer. Is he really all that bad? Since no one else is interested, would you spend $1 million to bring Bedard back in 2014?

Let’s go to the videotape!

  • No more blown calls, right? Don’t count on it, but the expanded replay system in 2014 could certainly change the game. Television — more specifically the slow motion video replays — have changed the way we all look at the game. There are many calls we see that, without the slide-by-slide-by-slide, no one would know the difference. It’s left a sour taste in most people’s mouths about even the best umpires. Now, a close play that previously could have gone either way may now go the other way. And change the game. I’m on the fence with this one and have lots of questions, but not sure it’s the best thing. Then, I think about Armando Galarraga. More next week, but I’m sure you have some thoughts on more replay.

The merry go round continues.

  • The Astros have used 46 players in 2013 and seem to be a cinch to break the team record of 50. Believe it or not, only seven players have stayed in Houston all season: Bedard, Lucas Harrell, Jose Altuve, Matt Dominguez, Chris Carter, Jason Castro and Carlos Corporan. The rest have been part of an unprecedented revolving door between Corpus Christi, Oklahoma City and Houston. Bet you can’t even remember the starting rotation out of spring training. I couldn’t, had to look it up, and was still surprised.

And then, there’s Nate Freiman.

  • You can fill in the blanks after the 4-for-4 day against the Astros Thursday.

24 comments on “Friday thoughts on Cosart, Bedard, magic numbers and video tape

  1. Indeed, Nate likes to hit against the Astros. He and Castro might make for a nice platoon at first with Stassi and Corporan behind the plate……with Lowrie at short. Never mind, too late for that!


  2. When I first saw your nomination of Cosart for ROY I immediately though, “Chip’s forgotten about Yasiel Puig.” 120 games in and I’m still forgetting in which league the Astros play.

    Bedard back for $1 million? I’d do it. Humber was signed for $800k and their careers would indicate Bedard has always been a better pitcher. At that price you aren’t out much if you decide to cut ties to give a starting spot to another pitcher, and being left handed you may find some added value putting him into a bullpen spot.

    Videotape – I feel as if MLB umpires get the calls right more often than NFL or NBA refs. If they change the video review process I’m on board with expanding the coverage. There is no reason for the umpires to head out into center field to disappear through a door to watch video. Have a batboy run out a smartphone, tablet, etc. directly onto the field. Start a 60 second countdown on the video board at the stadium when the umpire begins reviewing the footage.

    Merry go round – I’m looking forward to seeing us beat the record for players used. Maybe a few will stick next year. As to the rotation, I recall Norris, Harrell, Humber, Peacock and Bedard being the starters. I’m fairly certain that is correct, despite the fact Bedard came in and threw 3 innings of relief in the opener. I am certain Peacock beat out White before the elbow injury for the fourth spot in the rotation. Humber’s start to the season was the stuff of nightmares.

    It’s obvious in hindsight that Freiman could have provided every bit the production that Carlos Pena gave them. The question that can’t be answered is whether his clubhouse presence was worth the seven figures Crane paid him.


  3. I think Bedard is a good option at $1MM. He is a good veteran presence, he is versatile, and they will need pitching depth.

    Freiman is Luhnow’s biggest mistake. Scratch that. His production is only marginally better than Pena’s despite a much higher BA. Still a promising hitter I’d have liked to hold on to.


  4. Bring back Bedard. IF we can find some hitters, who knows he might win 8-10
    games next year, besides he’s a calming influence on this pitching staff. Cosart for
    ROY……his name will come up in conversation, but I wouldn’t put any money on it.
    Hindsight is 20/20, and letting Freiman go through waivers was a BAD idea, BUT
    at the time, who knew Pena would be useless. Replay was going to be expanded
    as soon as they started reviewing HR’s, it will slow the game down even more. I like
    the way Corporan has embraced the role of cheerleader for this club, hang on to him. Have a good weekend everyone! Becky


  5. Frankly, ROY for Cosart will probably not happen, but – the fact that he is pitching so well is something that just gives me hope. I wish we had 4 more call-ups being that effective. His pitching has been solid, but his demeanor has been even more impressive.
    Bedard – yes I would pay the million for him – he has been a good innings eater and with better support behind him and at the plate could have been better record-wise. And you have to have a veteran presence somewhere on the club.
    Videotape? – Probably all done in HD on computers… I don’t want it for everything, but Jeez Louise I would like to see it for plays at bases (Galarraga) and for any play that Angel Hernandez calls anywhere on the field…
    Merry-go-round – I’ve never seen such a round and round mix – but it would be nice if we had a few more thoroughbreds show up (Cosart) and a few less recycle nags (Paredes).
    Freiman – I’m one of those guys who was real disappointed that we lost him and yes he has hit well against us – but this guy so far is not Lou Gehrig. So far he does not walk much, can’t hit rightys (OPS < .400) can't hit on the road and is a negative fielder….. OK he would fit in well here.


    • Dan, in defense of Freiman, (not his defense) his minor league stats, when playing everyday, suggest that he hits righty pitching pretty well. It’s got to be tough playing a whole season as a spot starter, almost exclusively against lefties. I still think, if given the chance, he’ll prove to be an everyday ML hitter. Or rather AL hitter.


  6. A bit surprised there are so many Bedard takers for next season. But then again, we still don’t have a full rotation from within the system that we can count on…….maybe mid season 2014. I can only wish.


  7. I’ve stated my opinion on replay before, and it is stupid. Not my opinion, replay.

    Anytime there is a controversial play they should stop rhe game and have a game show host come out (Richard Dawaon if he is still alive), and the fans can all pull their phones out, if they are not already, and text ” yea ump” if they like the call, or “boo ump” if they don’t. It’ll be fun.

    But really. Any play should be reviewable. There is a crew chief, and if he wants to go to the sideline and review the call, any call, it is solely at his discretion to do so.


  8. The Astros roster might not have a Kershaw, or a Matt Cain……..but we’ve got some dang good little pitchers who are starting to make a name for themselves! Brad
    Peacock was AWESOME last night, and even though we don’t even have 40 wins yet, I’m getting pretty excited about next years rotation. How long has it been since
    the Astros have had THAT problem!! Becky


  9. Cosart: He can pitch. That is all I care about, ROY would be an “extra”. Bedard: Sorry, but I just don’t buy all that “clubhouse presence” junk. If a player has been on a MLB roster for 3 years, he is all the leader you need. There will be at least a dozen guys that fit that profile. It would be different if Bedard was a closer, but he is a not so special starter. We have OKC and CC full of better potential. I am tired of signing guys like Bedard, Pena, Ankiel, Cedeno, Greene. If you are going to rebuild, then rebuild. Replay: Whatever! ! NFL does it from multiple angles, gets it right most of the time, misses some, and give the sponsors a bunch of wasted time to sell, and viewers more time to hit the potty. Freiman: He is like Veras, or Berkman. He does not play for us any more, so who cares about what should have been done. (See my remark about signing Pena above).


  10. Some the fans in Houston have been booing Chris Carter at MM this year, and that is so unbecoming of a baseball fan. I realize the kid is not hitting all that well……….
    the ONLY guy on this team who has 24 HR’s. Really? Classy fans don’t boo their
    players, we save those boo’s for the Umps. Carter has said he hears the cat calling, and boo’s and it really bother him. I have *NEVER* booed a player…NEVER.
    I have nothing but respect for great players, NO matter how many runs they get
    against the Astros. I hope the folks who boo some of our guys, will have something to cheer about next year……those guys are trying their best, and deserve claps
    instead of boos. I’ll step off my box now.
    I stand corrected…..they won their 40th. game last night, I’ll take it! Becky


  11. Can someone explain our rotation to me? Is it a six man rotation where a few of the guys occasionally pitch out of the pen as well?


  12. Luhnow finally signed two guys from the Mexican league, and one of them is
    a 6’4 320lb. first baseman! Man, I gotta SEE this guy! His name is Japhet Amador
    and he will go straight to AAA.


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