Cosart promotion: Telling move or beginning of the parade

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Let the party — and the parade — begin. The Astros called up top pitching prospect Jarred Cosart overnight.

Is this is a very telling move or just another step in the still-crawling Jeff Luhnow reconstruction project?

Think about this:

  • The Astros could have delayed the promotion by a couple of weeks, even if they intended to replace Lucas Harrell long-term in the rotation. By using a make-shift starter such as Brett Oberholtzer this weekend, the All Star break would have bought the time to give Cosart another minor league start and prevent the start of the proverbial time-served clock.
  • Is the promotion revealing of Luhnow’s hand and intentions to shake up the roster during the break? Is Bud Norris, Erik Bedard or even Harrell slated to be moved before the trade deadline in a couple of weeks? Perhaps, and this move provides Cosart with a bit of a cushion to get his feet on the ground before the revolving doors start spinning.
  • Or, it could simply be a one-start callup. Somewhat doubtful, however, that the Astros would waste that type of maneuver on one of the organization’s top pitching prospect, but it’s possible that Cosart comes up for one start, then back to OKC for more seasoning.

It’s the first major prospect to hit the big leagues under Luhnow’s watch. If he’s successful or sticks with the club, can George Springer or even Asher¬†Wojciechowski be far behind?

Thoughts on the promotion?

Thursday thoughts and a mid-week lightning round


9 comments on “Cosart promotion: Telling move or beginning of the parade

  1. Chip –
    It is kind of counter to where Luhnow has been headed – perhaps it signals that Cosart is considered good enough to promote, but perhaps not so good that they are worried about starting his clock. Last year I had pointed out that Cisneros was pitching as good or better than him at AA and was only 1 year older. This year Asher is out-pitching him.
    I think you are correct in that it signals that somebody is headed out in a trade. I know they would probably like to trade Harrell, but you have to think that Norris would bring more. Kind of a trade-off. Norris is performing much better, but the economic side is surely on Harrell’s side. I think Harrell’s immaturity has poisoned the well.
    I think the dam will burst on promotions – when they get to September. I don’t expect Springer before then – but I’d love to see him.


    • I suspect they are not worried about his clock because he’s a very likely candidate to sign an extension early with Houston rather than heading to arbitration and/or eventual free agency if he’s good. For what it’s worth, I expect they had the same feeling about Appel and will look to have him in the majors by mid-2014.

      As for Chip’s question, I think it’s likely a one start cup of coffee with the option to extend for more starts once Norris/Harrell/Bedard are moved. Keep in mind Peacock has been very good at OKC lately and I believe Porter is a big fan of his. As such, I’m surprised Cosart would be the long term call up rather than Peacock.


  2. I watched Cosart pitch a few weeks ago in New Orleans – he is the real deal. Also watched Wojo pitch the next night. Cosart’s “stuff” is much better, but Wojo was more polished then what I expect from a AAA guy.

    Oddly enough Cosart threw 6 scoreless without walking anyone, but he ran up it seemed almost every count on every batter.


  3. There are a number of contending clubs, the Rangers included, that need a Bud Norris so I think he will be gone. Harrell will probably stay because of an attitude problem, so I believe Cosart may stay. I just hope he isn’t like Norris in that he hits 90 pitches in 5 innings. I would love to see Springer, too. We need a bonafide hitter badly. I say all this as I watch the standings in the Rodon sweepstakes.


  4. “Telling move or beginning of the parade” – lets hope it is both. I must mention that I understand the concern for the clock starting but if the Astros are going to ever have a contending team again – you have to skip the clock. The club has to have several “good” five year plus veterans. We can not expect to contend with a team of league minimums.


  5. I’m thinking it’s a one start deal, but again, I was the one just this morning who said Wojoski would/should be the first guy up. Of course, if Cosart comes up and tosses a three hitter, then no way he gets sent back. So to some degree, he controls his own destiny.


  6. I think he’s here to stay. I don’t think Luhnow is the type to call up one of the better prospects for a 1 game cup of coffee. But I could be wrong.


  7. While I was really glad to Cosart pitch and pitch well but I understand why we won’t see Cosart again until late July or the September call ups. I want to see all of our up and coming talent but considering that this season was over in the 1st months, lets wait a while longer. I’d also like to see us get another top pick in the 2014 draft. There is reason to be optimistic.


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