WelcomeWelcome to Chipalatta! We hope you find some things here that will inspire, challenge, motivate or just make you laugh or think.

Over the next few weeks, as we populate the site, you’ll find entries from Chip’s books, as well as those about life, funny photos and quotes and, of course, plenty of entries about the Astros and sports in general.

No email lists to sign up for and no registrations. Just leave a comment and your calling card. We’d like to know you stopped by.

Welcome to Chipalatta.  To find out more about the name, click here.


8 comments on “Welcome!

  1. Good luck with the new site! I followed you and the gang at the Chronicle and I look forward to continuing on your new site and on Facebook!


  2. Good luck with the new site, keep writing about the Astros. I never commented on your Chronicle Blog, but I enjoyed it immensely.


  3. I wrote Nick Mathews a VERY sharp email, now he wants me to call him and “talk” about it. I think I *WIIL*!! I’ll let you know what I find out!


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