Free Blog Weekend :The stats say it all

Today we return to a fabulous Chipalatta tradition of Free Blog Weekend. You can take the discussion anywhere you want as long as it is respectful and has some ties to the Astros or baseball.

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10 reasons not to panic about the 2019 Astros (Yet)

At the beginning of any season, wins and especially losses are magnified just like batting averages (.000 for Aledmys Diaz and Max Stassi or .462 for Josh Reddick) might be slightly unsustainable. It is easy to micro-analyze every outing, every at bat, every failure and start looking for call-ups, releases, trades, Dallas Keuchel signings or divine intervention. Here are 10 reasons not to panic (yet) about the Astros 2-4 start to the season and the cliché “It’s early” will not be used.

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Astros 2019: The week before, the week ahead

The week of 3-25 through 3-31 in review

The Astros began the season with a very solid 5-1 win over the Tampa Bay Rays. Justin Verlander struggled early and then shut the door as did the two-headed end of the bullpen Ryan Pressly and Roberto Osuna. Home runs from George Springer, Michael Brantley and Jose Altuve accounted for all the offense and the Astros were off and running. The final three games of the series played out a little differently, but each resulted in an ugly low scoring loss, 4-2, 3-1 and 3-1.

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2019 Baseball Predictions

Yes, the season has already begun, but if you make your 2019 predictions based on the first series of the season you may be sad puppies at the end of the year. So even a little late, the blog will throw out some categories with predictions with the proviso that if you are smart you will not use them for betting purposes, though you could put them aside for ridicule. Oh, and you are welcome to take your shot at these predictions yourself.

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