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Astros need to get their offensive mojo back

Three games is really not a slump, but in a seven game series it can be a killer trend that needs to be reversed. And that is where the Houston … Continue reading

October 17, 2017 · 110 Comments

Astros must live in the present because Yankees win the past

Looking at baseball history is extremely daunting when¬†previewing the Houston Astros vs. the New York Yankees playoff matchup. The Yankees have made playoff appearances in 53 seasons. The Astros have … Continue reading

October 13, 2017 · 108 Comments

Astros: Foot on the throat time

This may seem like a Debbie Downer post, ¬†but despite the Astros wonderful, dominant 8-2 bookend wins over the Boston Red Sox, they have a lot of work to do. … Continue reading

October 7, 2017 · 213 Comments

10 reasons the Astros will beat the Red Sox

The Astros rarely have entered a post-season where they were favored in any series. But they sure should be favored to win this time against the Red Sox. You doubt … Continue reading

October 5, 2017 · 141 Comments

ChipalattAwards: September was full of promise

September (plus one game in October) was an interesting month for the Astros as they put up a very good 21-8 record during the month and fell short of holding … Continue reading

October 3, 2017 · 43 Comments

Astros heading into the playoffs: It just doesn’t matter!

In his first real starring role, back in 1979, Bill Murray goes out on a limb and plays a comical, slacker, non-conformance camp counselor in the movie Meatballs. At one … Continue reading

September 28, 2017 · 133 Comments

The Astros’ rotation: A reason they can go deep into the playoffs

In 2016, the Astros’ starting pitching had a 4.06 ERA which was fifth in the AL and 1.29 WHIP which was sixth in the AL. Their starters were pretty good … Continue reading

September 25, 2017 · 138 Comments

2015 vs. 2017 Astros’ playoffs: Two years is a long time

I’m at that age where I not only have forgotten more than most people know, I seem to forget every day most everything I used to know. Therefore it is … Continue reading

September 21, 2017 · 124 Comments

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