Astros’ fans: Whatchathink?

Today your writing servant is going to get your opinion on a few questions related to your favorite team. Well to qualify that statement, these questions are about the Astros, and they might or might not be your favorite team.

  1. Are you excited to see the 2021 version of the team, or do you picture having a 2020 hangover?
  2. What is the biggest need for the team in 2021?
  3. What grade would you give Manager Dusty Baker for 2020? For extra credit, you could write an essay analyzing his performance in depth.
  4. 2020 was a down offensive year across baseball and especially for the Astros. Do you think that was a one-off and they will bounce back big time in 2021?
  5. Did you follow the 2020 Astros less closely than previous versions? Are you ready to come back?
  6. If you could make a no-sign list for George Springer (5 teams that you don’t want him to sign with), which teams would you put on the banned list?
  7. Would you rather the Astros trade Carlos Correa before the season, at the trade deadline, at the trade deadline only if they are out of the race, or hold him to the end of the season and put a qualifying offer on him?
  8. Are there any untouchables on the Astros (major league or minor league players)?
  9. Of all the rookies that debuted for the Astros in 2020, which one surprised you the most?
  10. For local fans…..With the Astros moving their AAA team to Sugar Land, will you go check them out this year (provided anyone can attend)?

Have fun…..

Astros 2021: Areas for improvement

The 2020 regular season was a downer for the Astros, but due to an expanded playoff, they were able to sneak into the postseason and make some noise. But even with that, it is impossible not to stare back at those 60 game regular stats and say there are some areas where the 2021 Astros better improve.

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What a difference a year makes to arbitration

Last off-season, the Astros faced a rather large list of eight arbitration-eligible players. They cut ties with the injured Aaron Sanchez in December and avoided arbitration with Joe Biagini by signing him to a $1 million contract for 2020. Hey, Astros, next time you have a spare million you are willing to flush down the toilet, I know a volunteer Astro blogger who could put that money to much better use.

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The 2020 ChipalattAwards

It has taken a while for your loyal scribe to get around to giving awards for a season that was less than 40% long. It is not that folks don’t deserve to be recognized, but like everything else this season it is hard to get inspired to do anything. Anyways without further waffling and delay, here are the ChipalattAwards for 2020.

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