Astros’ fans: This one’s for you!

The Astro fans have been under a cloud since January 2020. A dark cloud, not of their making, hung over them since IT occurred. There has been total frustration for nearly 3 years as we were unable to enjoy the first and only World Championship in Astros’ history. The fans have had to hear it from every other fan base, even those whose teams were not that clean themselves.

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Javier is all aces in Astros’ must win

There may not be any bigger difference in a seven-game series than a fourth game that could end up 3-1 in one team’s favor or all tied up at 2-2. Mathematically 3-1 is still doable, but there is no margin for error in having to win all 3 vs. playing a best 2 out of 3. Game 4 from the Astros side really was a must-win to not only even the series but to force the series to eventually move back to Houston and to take the wind out of the Philly sails.

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Flashback Friday and the World Series ahead

There already has been a bit of a buzz about how the World Series matchup between the Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies is a rematch of sorts from 42 years ago. There has been a lot of talk about Steve Carlton, Nolan Ryan, Mike Schmidt, Jose Cruz, Terry Puhl and all those players competing in that 1980 series and about how extremely competitive the series was, with four extra-inning games out of the five played. There are a few things that may not get mentioned but are critical to understanding that series.

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