Astros 2023: Not that you’ve asked

The last time the Astros played for real was almost five months ago, as they finished off the Phillies in Game 6 of the World Series on November 5, 2022. That World Championship clinching game rode on the back of two players, who are critical to the Astros’ 2023 success, Framber Valdez and Yordan Alvarez.

The Astros had won the Championship to take the shame of “IT” off their backs and out of the soul of all of their fans. And we all basked in the warmth of that win. But now the short off-season is over, and baseball moves on to its next chapter. What is to come?

Not that you asked, but this is what I think or sometimes know will happen….

The 26-man roster to start the season

  • Starting Pitchers (5) – Framber Valdez, Cristian Alvarez, Luis Garcia, Jose Urquidy and Hunter Brown When/if Lance McCullers Jr.returns, this could change, but for the time being, the four men who backed up Justin Verlander for most of the season, along with young Hunter Brown will be the 5 man rotation.  Note – in case you are concerned about the rotation getting tired, there are 4 off days in the month of April.
  • Relievers (8) – Ryan Pressly (Closer), Rafael Montero, Hector Neris, Bryan Abreu, Ryne Stanek, Phil Maton, Ronel Blanco, Seth Martinez                                                                                                                                       
  • Montero, Neris, Abreu, and Stanek will rotate through the seventh and eighth inning spots along with rolling into the closers roll when Pressly needs a day off. Maton will probably see a lot of 6th inning duty. Blanco, who was great in the pre-season and Martinez, who was very good in 2022 will be the multi-inning options and candidates for the next men up if another starter is needed.
  • Catchers (3) – Martin Maldonado, Cesar Salazar and Yainer Diaz                                                                    Like Florida Atlantic going to the Final Four, Salazar was the big surprise to make the Opening Day Roster as the thought was that a third catcher if chosen, would be Korey Lee. But Salazar better matches their idea of a backup catcher, which means that Lee might be their better idea for the starting catcher next season when Maldy probably is gone. Diaz gives them the flexibility of a third catcher, who also can play in the field and has a nice bat to use as a backup DH, while Michael Brantley is out.
  • Infielders (5) – Jose Abreu, Mauricio Dubon, David Hensley, Jeremy Pena, and Alex Bregman        Dubon can also play the OF, and Diaz can help out at 1st base, but the key here is to survive the loss of Jose Altuve until he comes back in a couple months (or so). If Dubon and Hensley are not up to the job at 2nd base or the team feels like the bench is too light with them regularly taking on 2nd base, they could look at bringing someone up, like Rylan Bannon or Billy’s kid Will Wagner. For now they hope the fact that they have such big bats at the other three positions in the infield, they can live with a lighter bat at 2B.
  • Outfielders (4) – Kyle Tucker, Chas McCormick, Jake Meyers and Corey Julks                                         The thought of most fans was that if the Astros kept a prospect OF with Brantley on the IL, that it would be Justin Dirden, who had an eye opening spring in both the field and the outfield. But Julks, was probably named because the team wanted Dirden playing every day in the minors and the fact that Julks has played some third base along with the corner outfield spots in the minors. Tucker will be in right field every day and we hope that Chas gets a call most days between LF and CF. Meyers, hit better this spring after not seeming to bounce back well in 2022. The outfield is an area where all eyes will watch whether Meyers or Julks will be sent down when Uncle Mike returns.
  • Designated Hitter (1) – Yordan Alvarez                                                                                                           Yordan will want to play left field. That might be limited as Brantley was supposed to share DH duties with him and he is out. Instinct would make you wonder if they are worried about him further hurting his hand while playing in the field, though it seems as though he hurt it hitting in the first place. The team needs him to play as often as possible, and he will certainly be the main DH this season.

What Will that Western Division Look Like

Team 2022 Finish 2023 Prediction
Houston Astros 1st – 106-56 1st – 95-67
Seattle Mariners 2nd – 90-72 2nd – 93-69
LA Angels of wherever 3rd – 73-89 4th – 87-75
Texas Rangers 4th – 68-94 3rd – 90-72
Oakland A’s 5th – 60-102 5th – 58-104

As I always say, I’m not taking my predictions to Vegas, so please follow suit.

  • It is hard to not see the Astros regress a bit with Verlander gone and with what seems to be an improvement in the division, especially the Angels and Rangers. They do cadge a bit of a break there as they don’t have to play as many head-to-head games in the division. Still the team, if they don’t plummet into the abyss of injuries (ala 2020) is very good. They should be better offensively and they return almost everyone else back from a pitching staff that was excellent in 2022.
  • It feels like the young Mariners may be in line for a slight regression after it felt like they overachieved in 2022. But they will have Luis Castillo for a full season and have added some hitting help with the addition of Teoscar Hernandez, A.J. Pollock, Kolten Wong and Tommy LaStella (though the last three all need to bounce back a bit). And of course they have one of the best young players in the game in Julio Rodriguez. This team came within a few plays here and there of possibly knocking the Astros out in the first round last season and maybe the Astros closest competitors again this season.
  • The Rangers had everybody scratching their heads when they spent the big money before last season to bring in Marcus Semien and Corey Seager when everyone knew they really needed pitching help. The Rangers apparently heard the complaints as they added Jacob deGrom, Nathan Eovaldi, Andrew Heaney and Jake Odorizzi to the pitching side in this offseason. Now all those guys have injury histories, and Odorizzi has already gone down heading into the season. Still the Rangers should be quite improved this season, but after a 68 win season it is hard to see them improve more than the 22 games shown here.
  • The Angels may be underrated by your loyal scribe. They did go out and add both pitchers (Matt Moore, Tyler Anderson and Carlos Estevez) and position players (Hunter Renfroe, Gio Urshela and Brandon Drury) to their team. But this comes down to one question. Will Shohei Ohtani, Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon be healthy 90+% of the time this season? If not, they will struggle again and be looking at the playoffs from the wrong side of the window.
  • The A’s? Come back and ask about them in two or three years.

Who will lead the Astros this season?

  • AL MVP candidates – Tucker and Alvarez will both end up in the top 10
  • AL CY Young – Valdez and Javier will both end up in the top 10
  • AL Rookie of the Year – Hunter Brown will end up in the top 5
  • AL Manager of the Year – Dusty Baker only gets consideration if the Astros go undefeated. Even then, he would probably lose to Royals manager Matt Quatraro when his team wins 77 games
  • Gold Gloves – Jeremy Pena & Kyle Tucker repeat
  • Team Stat Leaders
    • Most Home Runs – Yordan – 41
    • Most RBIs – Tucker – 110
    • Batting Average – Yordan – .315
    • On base percentage – Yordan – .407
    • OPS – Yordan – .999
    • Stolen Bases – Tucker – 24
    • Most Wins – Javier – 16
    • Best ERA (Starters) – Valdez – 2.89
    • Most Saves – Pressly – 36
    • Best ERA (Bullpen) – Abreu – 1.77

How about the Playoffs?

To quote former Indianapolis Colts coach Jim Mora, Playoffs? Don’t talk about – playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs?” Well, yes. The team has been to the playoffs 7 of the last 8 seasons, to the ALCS the last 6 to the World Series in 4 of the last 6 and to the parade route twice. Playoffs are part of their DNA now. So, here is how this will go.

  • The Astros will meet the New York Yankees (Spit!!) in the ALDS. The Astros will sweep them again. One million more people will leave the city of New York (Spit!!) and move to Texas.
  • The Astros will meet the Seattle Mariners in the ALCS. In the first game. the M’s will take an 11-0 lead into the sixth inning, but Manager Scott Servais brings in three different left handers to pitch to Yordan Alvarez with the bases loaded in the 6th, 7th and 9th innings. He takes them all deep, and the Astros win 12-11 and go on to sweep the M’s after the team doesn’t let Servais on the plane for the flight back to Seattle.
  • The Astros meet the LA Dodgers in a return grudge match from the 2017 World Series. LA pulls out all the stops as they have the Los Angeles DA let all the felons out of their jail if they promise to attack the Astros’ bus. Luckily there are no felons in the LA jail and the plot fails. The Astros bang garbage cans on every pitch just to see the Dodgers’ pitchers flinch and sweep the team in blue and the ghost of Vin Sculley.

Well, I can dream, can’t I?

Now it’s your turn – how do you see the upcoming season for the Astros?


66 comments on “Astros 2023: Not that you’ve asked

  1. This bug-eyed optimist says the 2023 Astros will be better than the 2021 Astros that went 95-67 (also without Verlander) because our other starters and bullpen will be better. Our offense will produce about the same or better than the 2021 team, when Bregman was injured and only played 91 games. I think we will be closer to 100 wins.

    I don’t really see the Rangers improving by 22 games. I think they win about 80 and finish 4th again.

    In the ALDS scenario, do you really want New Yorkers moving to Texas?

    In the ALCS scenario, the Mariners currently only have two lefty pitchers on their team. Are they trading for Aroldis Chapman?

    And in the World Series, while it’s always great to beat the Dodgers, I think I prefer a return grudge match to the 1986 NLCS and sweep the Mets. Both the Yankees and Mets fans can leave NY, move to LA and they can all kill off each other there.


    • Do I want New Yorkers moving to Texas? No I don’t wish that on anyone – except California as you suggest.
      Or maybe the M’s can use the same lefty over and over ….or trade for Aroldis or Jose Alvarado
      I would be fine with subbing the Mets for the Dodgers – though shutting up the Dodgers face to face would be fun.

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  2. I’m happy with the roster because I am happy the way Yainer is going to be used. He won’t sit on the bench locked into the “backup catcher in case something happens in the 6th inning role” which means he can be used in a multitude of ways. I am still not optimistic that he will see 450 PAs but one can hope.

    Not that Maton is great but if your bullpen is so good that he is on the bubble of even making the team, well, the Royals are jealous.

    I’m always scared of predictions. I think yours are a little optimistic though Dan. I can’t see 3 teams winning 90 games in the AL West (and another at 87). If a division is going to do that it will be the East. If the West and the East are going to be that good flyover country is about to get walloped.

    I’ll say the Astros win 92, but it will be enough to win the division.

    I do concur wholeheartedly with your playoff predictions. The rules need to be changed so that Robbie Ray becomes the “designated pitcher” that gets to pitch to Yordan every time.


    • I may be overly optimistic on the division as a whole – it will be interesting to see how teams do playing less games within the division.


    • You are a true fan sir! I hope we do win 100. That way it is runaway and we aren’t playing significant games at the end of September.

      It’s doable. Their offense has a chance to be better (if healthy). The rotation cannot be as good without the guy that was 18-4, and their depth is less than this time last year, but again if its healthy the depth (or lack of) won’t matter. The bullpen still looks lights out.

      There was a lot of outstanding seasons. Framber won 17, Garcia 15, Urquidy 13, Javier 11. It’s hard to say they will ALL repeat. But if one or two don’t there is a shot one or two will actually be better. Brown is hard to guess but a .500 season wouldn’t be surprising, nor would 15 wins. McCullers is hurt yet again, but it doesn’t look as significant as last year. A lot will have to go right in the rotation to win 100, but it most certainly can happen.


  3. A couple of days ago I mentioned looking forward to Altuve, Brantley and Diaz replacing Dubon, Jake and Maldy in the lineup at some point. While it would not be an every night thing, when we get all those guys playing at the same time, it will be the scariest 9 at the plate in the league. Chas will then likely be our weakest bat. And who knows, Dirden might back in the picture too.

    The offense is another reason why we’ll still win 100.


  4. * I will be the most surprised fan if Diaz isn’t in the lineup most nights until Brantley is ready to come back. If he’s not at Sugarland and is on the bench in Houston it seems like it would be a waste of a roster spot and a potential solid bat.
    * I would think that winning the WS with Yordan Alvarez as the LFer would be a big factor in him spending at least half of his time out there.
    * Speaking of Alvarez, I think he has as good a chance at being the Astros MVP as anyone. The playoffs had to have been a major boost to his confidence in his abilities to be a star when the spotlight comes on.
    * I think Altuve’s injury could hurt the Astros in April, but I think his return will be a big in-season boost to the team. An improvement in Pena’s BA and OBP would go a long way to easing Altuve’s absence. It doesn’t have to be a huge rise, maybe 10 points or so.
    * Adding Abreu’s bat to the middle of the order gives the Astros something they were hoping to get from Mancini last year and didn’t. Instead, it was Pena’s bat which made the difference. Now they have Pena and Abreu.
    * If and when Hunter Brown and Yainer Diaz are with the Astros long enough this season, they will come off of the Top 30 Prospect list. The next four players in line on that list are left hand hitting outfielders and Dirden would be the fifth LH hitting outfielder in the Top 10 Astros prospects. I’m just pointing that out now, because this team might look different in a few years.


    • It’s not an injury that is easily treatable. We’re all getting old. I’m always sore somewhere. And our value keeps going down. Maybe Verlander’s value is going down too. I might feel bad for the guy, but right now I’m too pissed off about Chas sitting. I sure hope he’s got the flu or something similar.


  5. As for predicting awards – Alavarez, if he plays 150+ games, will be sure fire MVP candidate. Tucker CAN be but taking that next step to compete with Ohtani, Judge, Trout, Vlad – thats a tough crowd. I’m going to sound crazy here – but if Bregman gets a tick back on his bat speed he has a better chance of getting back there than anyone else. Dude just kinda owns that strike zone and that is a rare trait.

    Cy – top 10 is a wide swath. Framber was 6th last year? I think so. There is a big gap between the guys that run away with it and the rest. I don’t think we have a talent that can compete for the ACTUAL award this year but I’ll say Framber and Garcia are candidates to be in the top 10 this year. Javier will win that award before he is done with his career. I feel so strongly about that I will throw out the Heyman line, “that’s not a prediction, it’s a spoiler.”

    Hunter Brown will NOT be in the top 5 of AL rookies. Yainer Diaz will be.

    The Royals and 77 wins is going out on a limb. This is the one I’m coming back to in October.

    Tucker is our only GG winner.

    Most Home Runs – Yordan – 34
    Most RBIs – Abreu – 108
    Batting Average – Brantley – .302
    On base percentage – Yordan – .420
    OPS – Yordan – 1.024
    Stolen Bases – Tucker – 18
    Most Wins – Garcia – 19
    Best ERA (Starters) – Valdez – 2.73
    Most Saves – Pressly – 31
    Best ERA (Bullpen) – Abreu – 1.25


    • I need to state that the Royals winning 77 games was just a bad joke – I was just trying to demonstrate that no matter what the Astros do under Dusty – somebody else will win that award and threw that out as a demonstration of the type of thing that happens every year.

      In some ways it always bugs me that the guy who leads the team to the best record never gets a shot at the Manager of the Year, because he has so much talent on his team. Its like saying “Mr. Judge, you are too talented so we are going to give the award to Player Z because he gets more out of his lower talent level than you do

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  6. I’ve seen the following lineup

    Pena SS
    Bregman 3B
    Yordan LF
    Abreu 1B
    Tucker RF
    Yainer DH
    Meyers CF
    Maldy C
    Dubon 2B

    Not thrilled by Meyers over Chas and Dubon over anyone

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    • Dan, I am not a Dubon fan because he doesn’t hit. His spring training look as far as BB/K is the only improvement I saw over last season.
      But, he did appear to me to be a very good fielder at 2B and Framber is model for ground ball pitchers. So, I understand the thinking.
      The first six spots in the lineup are A-OK with me.
      What the hell am I missing when it comes to Jake over Chas? The lineup that is currently up is not official and is subject to change.


    • I find it incredible that Chas sits today. He’s a far more well rounded baseball player today than Jake is. Whether regular season, post season or ST, he’s gotten the job done. He’s worked his ass off and paid his dues. He should be on the field today. And he’ll probably take the high road and decline comment, but I could not blame him for speaking up.


  7. – I think the pickup of Abreu is the biggest move any team made this offseason for 2023. I’m not sure whether we’ll be saying the same thing about 2024 and 2025 , but you know what they say about a bird in the hand. This greatly factors in how many starts I expect certain pitchers will make in their new homes.
    – I think the Dodgers making the World Series would be the biggest gamble from your predictions.
    – I’m concerned for our pitching health. I hope Dusty uses the entire bullpen and our starters don’t throw too many innings early in the year. I hope the LMJ comes back in a few months and is lights out.
    – I actually like Phil Maton quite a bit. We have lots of guys to use in the high leverage situations, but I think he’s one of those guys Dusty can utilize frequently to bridge the gap.
    – With Brantley and Altuve out a few guys are going to get a chance to show they belong on the roster and should be considered for the precious spots in the postseason. Hopefully someone siezes the opportunity and rises to the challenge.


  8. Two mistakes on the game tonight. Maldonado gets a single in the 8th and they don’t run for him. Dubon swings away when he should have bunted. The result is a double play. Pressley didn’t have it in the ninth as all the announcers could se something wrong. Kudos to Dylan Cease as he was lights out. Framber was good enough to win but Cease was better. Bull pen was not lights out bet managed to get out of trouble. Try again tomorrow.


  9. Bullpen gave up all three runs and if Pressly is hurt – tomorrow may have to be a pieced together game from the bullpen side.
    I was griping about Dubon, but he did throw a Correa-like relay to cut down the guy at 3rd. On the other hand, Meyers hesitancy in the field allowed one of the Sox to get to third, but luckily Bregman cut him down headed to the plate on the next play.
    Framber was very good – Cease looked like a Cy Young candidate.
    Didn’t the Sox closer see the playoffs? You don’t beat Yordan down and in like that.
    Meyers had one of the few good cuts on Cease sending one to the warning track in center.
    Yeah – I was wondering why they didn’t pinchrun for Maldy. But I wonder about a lot of stuff.
    Well they only have 161 games left to catch up. (I stole that idea from my son Adam)


  10. Sheesh, not that I want to quibble for two posts in a row, but doesn’t :

    The LA Angels of Anywhere

    Trip off the tongue a bit better than ‘wherever’?


  11. After last night’s wake-up call I will just bite my chief cynic tongue. I don’t want to say things that I might later regret. I would, however, like to point out that Maldy is presently tied for the team lead in BA [that is not supposed to inspire confidence in anyone].

    It’s a long season. We can’t be last-night bad all year.


  12. Yes it’s early, but, we’re on course for:

    0-162 record
    Minus 162 run differential
    162 Blown Saves

    At least Yordan is on course for 162 homers


  13. Cease looked incredible.
    Framber pitched great.
    Pressly looked hurt. I google his name almost every time I use it because it is misspelled so often.
    Baker managed like he thought Batman would show up and save the team from defeat and it never happened. Do not confuse Batman with Bateman.
    I hate the WBC more than ever this morning.


    • What I am saying is that he did nothing to try and change the flow of the game in the Astros direction, No pinch hitters, no pinch runners, no subs and his final two relievers gave up the win with the closer out there shaking his arm after every pitch and nobody checked on him.


  14. I’m still stewing about Chas sitting last night. Looking beyond that insult, he should have pinch hitting for Jake with the bases loaded against the lefty. How can one overlook his career .910 OPS against them?

    In spite of being totally shut down against an excellent pitcher, the Astros still had the game in hand helped by two base running blunders and excellent defensive reaction. Bullpen gets a 1-0 lead and everyone assumes the outcome. But crap, Dubon has got to help manufacture a run with Maldy on first and the top of the order coming up. I don’t recollect him ever bunting, so maybe that’s not in his arsenal.

    Pressly throwing 97 two weeks ago! Don’t know what to say. It would rival anything our CC might come up with. But a couple of wins this weekend will sooth my annoyance. It’s a shame to be down on Dusty already though.


    • If it’s not in his arsenal it’s time for Crane to hire someone to come teach some guys how to do it. Even if he bunts it back to the pitcher and they force Maldonado at 2nd, putting Dubon at first with 1 out is still a better outcome. Our analytics guys must be asleep at their computers.


    • More than that – Chas should have hit in the 7th in place of Meyers, Julks should have hit for Maldy in the 8th (though Maldy did get a hit), and Hensley should have batted for Dubon. The score was tied at that point, put the guys out there that give a slightly better chance of getting on base. Instead Meyers strikes out to end the 7th with bases juiced to a lefty throwing 93, Dubon hit into a double play, and Pressly gives up the game.

      Is Pressly hurt or is Pressly just at the end of the road? Sometimes one is the other. He was lights out in the playoffs last year – but he didn’t seem overpowering, he just kept getting guys out. He is the closer, and should be until he earns losing that job, but really I think he is only the 3rd or 4th best reliever on the team at the moment.

      Neris worked himself into trouble and worked out of it without getting scuffed up. That high fastball on Vaughn was a clinic on climbing the ladder.

      Abreu didn’t quite have the command we saw in the postseason last year, letting a few sliders get away from him, a few pitches that were not almost balls but very balls. Very balls are just free pitches to major leaguers. But he still looked very solid and to me like the best bullpen arm on the team.

      My boy Yainer had two critical at bats and got struck out both times. Reyes and Cease are two tough dudes to hit.


  15. Comments courtesy of me, Grampa Thee Mare
    Dusty waited on Batman again tonight and he finally showed up.
    Batman is not to be confused with Jake Meyers.
    More production out of 2B tonight.
    My MVP pick for the 2023 Astros is looking pretty good.
    Abreu looked more relaxed at the plate and at 1B tonight.
    What a play Bregman made on that infield chopper. Highlight reel.

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  16. Hmmm, where would we be without Yordan? Up the river? I think I saw this before…

    Swing low, sweet Alvarez
    Launching bombs to drive ’em all home
    Swing low, sweet Alvarez
    Launching bombs to drive ’em all home

    I looked over Yordan, and what did I see
    Launching bombs to drive ’em all home
    A band of leftys, coming after me
    Launching bombs to drive ’em all home

    If you run home before I do
    Launching bombs to drive ’em all home
    Tell all my teammates I’m coming too
    Launching bombs to drive ’em all home

    I’m sometimes pitched up, and sometimes pitched down
    Launching bombs to drive ’em all home
    But still my shots feel heavenly bound
    Launching bombs to drive ’em all home

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  17. Good game today. Only saw last 4.5 innings. The. Bull pen is not quite there yet but getting closer. Great late inning surges. Just need more. Let’s get 3/4 tomorrow.


  18. I don’t know where everyone went, but I’ll just keep talking to myself.

    I week or two ago I noted that I was dubious about Yordan being ready to start the season. Once again I was wrong, and thankfully.

    Diaz looks like a catcher, seems to be able to catch and block balls. No confusion with calling the game. Not sure about throwing guys out yet. And while he’s not hitting, he is at least extending at bats. I think it will come.

    The no shift rule is a real factor.

    Nice to see Chas get on the field. He also got on base three times. That would be a big help for the lower third of the order if he ended up getting a chance at being a regular.

    Pena keeps showing up on the bases too. He’s a pain in the neck for pitchers.

    I’m much happier when Hensley plays second. Let’s see if he can hold his own over there.

    Wonder who is going to pitch late today?

    Happy Sunday everyone!

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  19. Ok, here I go again.

    Gosh, what if Blanco turns into the Abreu of 2023?

    Tucker is going to price the Astros out of a new contract with his play this year.

    Maldy is going to wind down gradually throughout the season. He’s just not all that good at this point.

    When Bregman and Abreu start to hit, it will be easier.


  20. Sugarland opened their season Friday in El Paso and they and Austin Hansen and Joe Record got bombed, 14-3
    Saturday, Bielak started and did not have it. But, after Blake Taylor put out a 3rd inning fire, Jayden Murray threw 5 strong innings for The Space Cowboys and they won 7-3.


  21. Y.I.E. – but …
    In the first three games against the ChiSox:
    1. our Astros have been outhit 32 to 18;
    2. our Astros have given up 9 EBHs vs. 4
    3. we’ve struck out 32 times and our pitchers have only struck out 29
    4. Our team BA is .234 while the WhiteSox have hit .286 vs. us.

    We don’t yet have a hit from any of the following:
    Alex Bregman [0-12, 4 Ks]
    Jake Myers [o-6, 4 Ks, 1 GIDP]
    Mauricio Dubon [0-3, 0 Ks, 1 GIDP]
    Yanier Diaz [0-6, 2 Ks]

    I’ll take 2 out of 3 any day when those are the stat comparisons


  22. So far, in just 2 innings, Clevinger has hit Abreu and McCormick, and it is a miracle that Tucker avoided his fastball to the hands. After all his trash talk against the ‘Stros, is this guy declaring a one-man ‘jihad’ on us?


    • Well, I’m no Clevinger fan -to say the least. But will say this. Not one Astro was able to come anywhere close to making him pay for his attempts to hit our guys. He shut down our offense [such as it is without Altuve, Brantley, or Alvarez, and with Bregs worrying more about his salsa sales than his at bats] like it didn’t exist.


    • It’s just so hard for me to talk about it. Watching Astros RH batters flailing around like kids swatting at butterflies with minnow nets.
      It’s not just what Cease and Clevinger did to us, it’s also knowing what other teams saw and will do to us.


    • So they didn’t really hire him…just gave him a promotion in title without adding additional job responsibilities? Not a bad gig if you can get it.


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