A Thursday book of Astros’ lists

Believe it or not, virtually every Astros’ opponent this season is presently above .500. Here are a few lists on this Thursday, including (below) the complete list of 2014 Astros’ opponents and their current records.

“…players get better when they leave and new guys get worse when they come here.” Sandy.

Okay, here’s a list of players who have definitely improved after leaving Houston. The list isn’t exhaustive, so I’m sure you can add to it.

But, here’s a longer list, of players who have either not been as successful or about the same.

I’ve mentioned before the Astros can improve the major league team by adding just one prospect or veteran to the lineup a month. Here’s a suggested list:

The draft is June 5. In addition to the first pick, the Astros will also have picks #37 and #42. Here’s the short list of likely choices to become the third straight top selection for the Astros. Rodon may be the safest pick for Houston, but given the number of near MLB-ready arms in the system, the Astros could elect to go with one of the high schoolers: Aiken or Kolek. Who’s your pick?

  • Carlos Rodon.
  • Brady Aiken.
  • Tyler Kolek.
  • Nick Gordon.

As mentioned earlier, most of the Astros’ opponents this season have a winning record. Here’s the list.

  • Baltimore 20-18.
  • Detroit 24-12.
  • Kansas City 20-19.
  • Angels 21-18.
  • NY Yankees 20-19.
  • Oakland 25-16.
  • Seattle 20-20.
  • Toronto 20-21.
  • Washington 21-19.
  • Texas 20-21.

And, one final list, this one of May leaders.

9 comments on “A Thursday book of Astros’ lists

  1. Just got home from the game so some random observations. Great night with the roof open and a fine comeback. Springer’s homer was one of the hardest hit balls I’ve seen in a long time. This was actually one of the best lineups of the season. Fowler would seem to be miscast in the three spot but 3 for 3 with 2BB worked out pretty well. Hitting Springer #2 is working too but I still think he is our ultimate #3 hitter. I even agreed with most of Porter’s moves although I would have let Hoes hit instead of Marwin. Villar from the left side looks lost. Sipp has a clue. Comes in and throws strikes to leftys and rightys. Qualls looked like he was in complete command. Dominguez and Springer tied for the lead in average with runners in scoring position. Dominguez should not hit lower than fifth. Carter did not hit the ball hard enough to break glass tonight but at least one was well placed. He just cannot seem to put the barrel of the bat squarely on the ball. Please give me more games like this!


    • He really squared that one up. I think pitchers who work that lower, inside quadrant on him are going to regret it. I also want to comment on his HR from Camden Yards last wknd. He hit it a few inches south of the sweet spot but still hit a rocket into the seats. That’s tough to do…most ppl just aren’t strong enough. Between his strength and speed he has a lot of room for error. Imagine if he can refine it some.


  2. Drbill – I wonder what is the record for the fastest HR – the one that hits the seats the fastest? Springer’s was an absolute bullet and really fired up the team tying the game.
    Ok – this is not a list – but yesterday tied the Astros for their longest winning streak of the season – the 4th time they have won 2 in a row!
    Relative to most of the teams the Astros having played being close to .500 or better – that is how the AL is this season. Only the Astros (14-27) and the Rays (18-23) are more than 1 game under .500.
    Dan’s list of who I want at the plate – late and close…best to worst

    I would throw Albers on that list of adding players – probably June – he was pitching very well before he went down.
    After a putrid first 4 weeks – Krauss – the two weeks has hit an unscrub-like .308 BA / .471 OBP / .971 OPS


  3. Great info and thoughts Chip and Gang. I’m so giddy, I scared the hell out of my dogs when Domingo came threw. It’s funny how an Astro fan gets so excited on a 2 game winning streak. However winning a series against Texas sweet, for everything else their is Mastercard.

    Im knocking on wood but Sipp has looked awesome. On the draft I think we have enough good arms getting close, that i would go with Kolek, Slowly develop him and geez 100 mph fast ball.

    The best part of the game , seeing all the smiles in the dugout after Springer’s homer, Altuve rubbing his head, and in the 9th when Domingo was batting, Altuve, Marwin, and Villar all in an embrace giving Domingo Mojo.


  4. Lists? What can I list? So far, the things that are coming up in the garden: Potatoes and tomatoes, corn and okra, cucumber and chiiies, watermelon and cantelope, green peppers and beans. No luck with broccoli or cauliflower.
    1.1- Still Rodon for me. Lefty, major college pitcher, has proven he can go the distance(maybe a few too many times), best breaking ball in the draft( so he doesn’t have to develop one). Maybe he will hire a power agent who will tell Luhnow where to stick his tandem system. I hope they use their other high picks for a few corner infielders and outfielders.
    Stat of the day: The Corpus Christi Hooks are second in their league in BA, 1st in OBP, SLG and OPS. They also strike out less than any team in the league by a good margin. But they are only one game over .500. They really miss their pitching coach!


  5. I really enjoyed watching the last two games ( muted, of course).
    Wouldn’t it be great if a TV deal got done and management started promoting
    some of the kids.
    It just feels like we’re stuck in time ( i.e. Groundhogs Day ) same old players,
    No TV.


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